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Indoor navigation system for people with visual disabilities (2020)

The system helps blind or visually impaired people navigate indoors. The main function of the system is route navigation using voice prompts.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Information technology


EKCELO real estate data collection and markup service (2020)

Marketplace of services for collecting and processing data about real estate objects. Applies to purchases, sales, mortgages, concessions, and public private partnerships. It is provided under the terms of SaaS on-demand model.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Information technology


Import-substituting production of ship VSAT (2020)

Development of serial production of marine satellite antennas (marine VSAT) for the Navy on the basis of design and technological documentation developed on an initiative basis at the expense of the enterprise's own funds.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Transport and communications


Platform for basic digitalization of CIS (corporate information systems) (2020)

"A computer program that displays social communications within a Corporation (enterprise, organization, institution) in terms of the collective behavior of employees in the process of working with data. Allows you to consistently implement the concept of management by goals, where the primary goal is a separate management task, and the corresponding business process is considered as a means. At the same time," business process" is understood as an elementary act of behavior (indivisible without loss of meaning), which is described by answering the questions "Who", "What", "When", "Where", "How", "Why" and "Why".

The semantic content of the answers to these questions "workplace", "management task", "time factor", "input data", "processing method", "output data", "control effect".

The behavioral approach at the metadata level fully corresponds to the part of the CIS dynamics that is "navigation" (input, output, storage and transmission of data). At the level of actual data ,the "processing method" can only be present for reference. With this approach, the digital display of data in the CIS is sufficient to describe the corporate behavior of individuals without the need for simultaneous automation of processing processes, which makes it possible to mass and complex digitalization of the CIS in the foreseeable future.

The proposed Platform, due to its independence from the content (data content), can be implemented on corporations of any industry, scale and form of ownership in a period of several weeks to several months, which are spent on training employees of the customer Corporation and consulting support at the beginning of operation.

Added: 04.12.2020"

Field of application: Digital technologies


Service for automating rental and rental companies-Rent in Hand (2020)

"Cloud ERP system for rental and rental businesses.

The service is ideal for different types of businesses that rent and rent any inventory: from bicycles to construction equipment, from cars to real estate. And in fact, it is a platform for the development of sharing projects.

The service includes convenient mobile apps for employees and a powerful web dashboard for managers.

Our solution is useful, accessible and understandable for both experienced businessmen and novice entrepreneurs, as well as allows you to launch a rental car literally from scratch.

Thus making a significant contribution to the modernization of the production of rental services and positively influencing the development of small and medium-sized businesses as well as youth entrepreneurship.

Added: 04.12.2020"

Field of application: Services


SaaS-solution for organization and remote control of the full life cycle of creating design and survey documentation (Product Lifecycle Management, PLM) (2020)

Organization of remote work on projects, reliable professional reputation of specialists, safe partnership and time control, a tool for increasing personal efficiency, balanced prices, the ability of project organizations not to keep a large number of PIR specialists on staff.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Design and survey work


Development of a pyrolysis reactor for waste containing hydrocarbons with a liquid metal coolant (2020)

Until now, the problem of tire recycling has not been effectively solved in Russia.

Today's pyrolysis plants are characterized by: waste of heat, a lot of manual labor and dirty pyrolysis products.

The goal of the project is to create an energy-efficient pyrolysis reactor of the 3rd generation with a liquid metal coolant (PYROTRON), which allows to conduct environmentally friendly production, improve the quality of pyrolyzates, reduce the pyrolysis time several times, and significantly reduce labor costs.

Will give such results, first of all:

1. The continuity of the process of pyrolysis;

2. Significant reduction of heat loss;

3. A qualitatively different type of coolant - liquid metal with direct heat transfer.

4. Pressure control in the reactor;

5. pyrolyzate Stay in the active gas environment.

Enterprises with waste tires and RTI, waste oils and plastics (PE, PP, PS), processing them, will receive marketable products with a high income.

The PYROTRON is the first reactor to produce limonene, a valuable hydrocarbon for various applications.

Achieving this goal will provide processing enterprises throughout Russia with innovative technology for waste disposal and obtaining high-quality secondary raw materials and fuel for various thermal installations.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Processing and disposal of household and industrial waste


Personal diagnostic system for early diagnosis of the arterial system and heart. Development and production. Implementation in Russia and abroad. The creation of a user's network of users. Creating a new social Network "Healthy heart "(2020)

In the group of non-communicable diseases, the most common and dangerous are diseases of the cardiovascular system. The number of these diseases is increasing, which leads to high rates of disability and mortality. To solve this problem on the basis of modern technologies of microelectronic equipment, computer equipment and means of information transmission, it is necessary to create a new type of medical equipment called "Personal Diagnostic Complex" (MPC). In each apartment and in each office, a human user will be able to independently monitor the functional state of the arteries and heart of their own body. It is known that the absolute majority of diseases of the cardiovascular system begin with a deterioration of the arterial system. Existing methods of diagnostics of blood vessels and heart in medical institutions based on ultrasound and ECG methods do not allow detecting deterioration of the arteries at an early stage. As a result, a very large number of patients bring themselves to a state of advanced disease, which leads to heart attacks and strokes, to an increase in disability and mortality. The way out of this situation is to create technical means for individual preventive proactive monitoring of the state of the cardiovascular system in an apartment or office. Specifically, it is proposed to create a new type of medical equipment called "Personal Diagnostic Complex" (MPC). I am ready to develop and organize the production of the mentioned MPC. A small enterprise scientific and production enterprise "Medical intelligent systems" LLC, a mass subscriber network of owners-users of MPC and a new social network "Healthy heart"will be created. Subscribers users will be in Russia and in foreign countries. The production of MPC will give large profits and reduce disability and mortality. There are no competitors in Russia and abroad: there is no such approach and there is no such medical equipment. Moreover, after the creation of the MPC, the mentioned small enterprise will also create a high-precision Professional Medical Diagnostic Complex for early diagnosis of the arterial system and heart, which will be designed for use in medical organizations. The amount of necessary funding is 2.6 million rubles. The term for performing research and development work and setting up production is 12 months.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Healthcare.


Digitalization of the agro-industrial complex (2020)

We want to create a new innovative market for sales and sales of spare parts for agricultural machinery.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Agriculture / IT development


Automated correction of vulnerable cryptographic protocols (2020)

Helps automate the process of correcting cryptographic protocols.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: information technology Security


Task book with time optimization (2020)

Task book and planer for each day with notifications and statistics of completion.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Information technology


Solar air conditioning (2020)

The solar air conditioner unit is designed for Autonomous cooling of indoor air and preparation of hot water for the needs of consumers ' hot water supply. This installation is especially important for remote and hard-to-reach areas where there is no connection to the power grid or the amount of electricity produced is insufficient, as well as for consumers who want to reduce the operating costs of traditional air conditioners. Solar air conditioning works on the principle of an absorption heat pump from the heat received from the Sun, no other energy is needed except solar for its operation.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Renewable energy


Unmanned aerial vehicle with radial rotary propulsion (2020)

the project Goal is to develop AND manufacture UAVs with radial

rotary propulsion(RRD), for use in: monitoring, search, exploration, communications, transport, agricultural work, advertising, entertainment, etc.

The use of a radial rotary engine on the developed UAV

will provide:

- high efficiency of creating thrust by the engine;

- possibility of non-aerodrome based UAVS;

- no danger from exposed moving parts of the engine;

- reduced noise level;

- precision control capability;

- reduced drag when driving in the air flow;

- no drop in the efficiency of the engine in the incoming air flow.

These qualities will allow you to create a high-speed UAV for vertical takeoff and

landing, improve the flight characteristics of the UAV, and reduce costs when

operation, to explore new areas for use of UAVS.

Consumers OF UAVs with RRD can be customers in traditional areas of UAV use, the range of WHICH can be expanded by reducing operating costs.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: UAVS with vertical takeoff and landing can be operated as a carrier of various target loads and used in the following areas: 1. remote sensing and monitoring 2. Agriculture 3. Transport and transportation 4.Search and rescue 5.Defense and security


Sorption material for water treatment from agricultural waste (2020)

The sorption process is a universal method of water purification and regeneration, since it can be used to remove organic substances, inorganic and biological pollutants that are soluble and insoluble in water, and has the potential of 99% removal efficiency. Activated carbon (AU) is a common name for carbon adsorbents, which are usually non-hazardous, have a porous structure and a large internal surface area that can adsorb a wide variety of substances. Rice straw and rice husks are a serious problem in environmental pollution due to the lack of productive recycling technology-straw and husks are simply burned. However, it is established that these wastes have a structure and properties that allow it to be used as a sorbent.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Biotechnology


ZRENIE 2.0-augmented reality ecosystem (2020)

The ZRENIE 2.0 software package reproduces the logic of wide-profile tools from foreign authors of SDK systems with its own ecosystem based on native plug-ins, which allows you to use the flexible computing capabilities of personal mobile devices to visualize rich AR content, excluding the use of third-party software. Over the next 18 months, a comprehensive ecosystem consisting of four elements will be developed: (1) a mobile app that functions as an AR browser, and (2) its extension, a web interface; (3) web editor for creating AR using the "DRAG-and-DROP" method»; (4) a unified information architecture for storing content and distributing it among site operators connected via the REST API of mobile applications based on the native "ARKit" and "ARCore"databases.

The proposed technology aims to increase the economic potential of mobile products based on native code, eliminating dependence on third-party AR operating systems. This approach directly depends on the hardware and software capabilities of mobile devices running on iOS and Android SOFTWARE, which is already a given of the modern mobile industry in the current conditions of the international oligopoly of the personal gadgets market.

The "ZRENIE 2.0" project solves the problem of the lack of a universal AR ecosystem for creating, managing and distributing cross-industrial content, which provokes stagnation in the development of both the domestic AR industry in General and applied AR practices in target industries in particular.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: New Media Technologies


VideoStake-a video portal where viewers get paid for views (2020)

The key task of the VideoStake video portal is to implement the principles of "reverse economy", which offer the distribution of advertising revenue in real monetary units among all participants in the advertising chain: portal, blogger, audience, advertising aggregator.

Revenue distribution is implemented through a blockchain system represented by smart contract algorithms. Information about viewing a video clip is assigned in the block with an electronic digital signature for each" subscriber " of the content maker. The private key for verifying each transaction is fixed inside the system, but the content maker has access to the dedicated functions of the block (using the public key). This approach will allow bloggers to determine the terms of one-time or regular payments for their audience.

Each user receives a share of the advertising budget of the content viewed in real monetary units, rather than tokens provided by exchange activity. In comparison with analogues, the proposed approach is more adaptive, from the point of view of users who are not familiar with crypto-currencies and the presence of nuances in the domestic legal field.

Over the next 12 months, the project will present a prototype implemented as part of the "smart GUY" program.

Added: 04.12.2020

Application field: distributed registry System


VROOM-mobile APP for VR conferencing with user positioning system (2020)

Against the background of the current pandemic, the public demand for accessible and effective communication tools for educational, corporate and creative tasks is clearly expressed. Standard Zoom / Skype communication methods do not give the necessary result of "immersion", since communication is a "talking head", which negatively affects the qualitative and quantitative results. Multifunctional solutions require headsets that are not available to most ordinary users – the price per unit starts from$300. Also, there are no domestic VR communication solutions on the market, while among foreign ones, a course has been set for the development of mobile tools that duplicate their own versions for headsets by reducing the ability of users to move in space on mobile versions.

Over the next 18 months (as part of the UMNIK program), a software package will be developed to provide VR conferencing on iOS and Android mobile operating systems. The key component in solving these problems is the creation of a user positioning system in the VR space through the use of both hardware sensors of a mobile device and switching with external sensors of the "Nearbles" type (BLE Protocol).

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: telecommunications


ARGOS-web editor for creating AR content based on the principles of DRAG-and-DROP (2020)

The goal of the project is to develop a web editor for creating custom AR content (bypassing writing program code for the AR scene) and distributing it through mobile applications based on native code. An AR scene refers to the display of video or 3D graphics in accordance with one of the possible scenarios: on top of an image, a 3D object, a face, or in free placement mode.

Content created on the portal (based on DRAG-and-DROP principles) is processed by the back-end component in accordance with the dual logic of native plug-ins, so connected mobile applications must process batch data using native code.

Such applications are operators of the system for distributing user-generated AR content.

Over the next 18 months (as part of the UMNIK program), a software package will be developed as a subproject of the developing ecosystem of ZRENIE 2.0, a regional augmented reality operator.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: New Media Technologies

Robotic complex for applying pesticides, herbicides, herbicides and fertilizers point-by-point, using plant recognition technology (2020)

Savings of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are provided (according to preliminary calculations, 10 times less is required than with traditional methods); the level of negative impact on the soil and environmental damage and risks in General is reduced; fractional application of nitrogen fertilizers, leaf fertilization, as well as differentiated application of fertilizers based on agrochemical soil survey is fully implemented; these functions are performed automatically in accordance with the task being formed at any time of the day; ability to equip existing sprayers with a recognition system and bring their functionality to the possibility of intelligent plant processing.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Agriculture


Fpxi-2512 EOP/OEP Converter (2020)

Conversion of optoelectric and electro-optical radio signals by ultra-low SPMFS as part of measurement complexes based on PXI standard modules.

Main advantages and innovative features:

Input analog signal -120 MHz 0 +20 dBm/-155 dB/Hz at 10 kHz.

The output optical signal is 1550 nm / +5 dBm.

The input optical signal is 1550 nm / 0 +10 dBm.

The output analog signal is 120 MHz - +16 dBm/-155 dB/Hz at 10 kHz.

Power/control-PXI / LabView.

Conversion of optoelectric and electro-optical radio signals by ultra-low SPMFS as part of measurement complexes based on PXI standard modules.

Main advantages and innovative features:

Input analog signal -120 MHz 0 +20 dBm/-155 dB/Hz at 10 kHz.

The output optical signal is 1550 nm / +5 dBm.

The input optical signal is 1550 nm / 0 +10 dBm.

The output analog signal is 120 MHz - +16 dBm/-155 dB/Hz at 10 kHz.

Power/control-PXI / LabView.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: "FPXI-2512" is designed for electro-optical and optoelectric conversion of a radio signal with a frequency of 120 MHz


The concept of smart energy-efficient energy-saving environmentally friendly housing construction (UEEED) (2020)

Technical advantage:

The energy load is covered by heat pumps, solar hot water collectors, photovoltaic panels and electric storage devices.

Possibility of using renewable energy sources.

Independence from centralized networks.

Automation of basic energy processes.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Design and construction of low-rise residential buildings


Autonomous energy technology complexes for waste processing (2020)

As the basic technology for energy utilization of municipal solid waste, the oxypyrolysis technology is chosen – high-temperature pyrolysis in conjunction with the gasification process.

The technology makes it possible to completely recycle MSW after waste sorting lines. Residues of processing in the form of an ash product in the amount of about 10% can be used in the production of building materials.

The complex with a waste capacity of 150 kg / h and an electric capacity of 30 kW has a container design. The fuel used was waste sorting under the brand "RDF fuel".

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: waste Processing (MSW)


Cascade heat pumps (TN) with increased energy efficiency (2020)

Use of renewable energy sources.

The principle of operation is based on a new thermodynamic cycle of the vapor compression type.

Additional expansion of the temperature range and a higher degree of thermal and mechanical energy recovery.

A cascade of two fuel PUMPS in a single housing allows you to carry the main heating load, working in low-temperature mode with a high energy conversion coefficient (COP), and also makes it possible to provide a high (up to 55 °C) temperature in the hot water circuit.

Air conditioning can be performed in either single-stage OR two-stage mode, which expands the control range.

High average COP (not less than 4) in the entire range of cascade TN operation.

Compact and modular principle of construction of the structure TN.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: heat Supply of public, industrial and residential buildings


Vortex electromagnetic homogenizer (VEG) as a system for manufacturing sorbents for water treatment (2020)

VEG uses magnetic agitators and rotating electromagnetic fields. Allows to obtain a homogeneous mixture of coal for the "plavanie" of water. The absence of liquid cooling simplifies the use of VEG.

It has a high speed and uniformity of mixing (processing cycle of 2 minutes, power factor of 0.87).

overall dimensions (850x800x1600 mm).

Economical power consumption – supply voltage 380V, phase current 10A.

The process of processing substances in VEG does not have a negative impact on the environment.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: utilities, water utilities – use in wastewater treatment plants.


Equipment for the manufacture of non-cohesive composite insulation (shredding plant, fluff plant-aeration of components "mixer-dispenser", device for monitoring the thermal conductivity of the mixture at a temperature range up to -45 0C) (2020)

As an incoherent composite insulation material is used, similar in its characteristics to the down of waterfowl-goose, duck, eider and goose.

Production using the technology "wool-down", "down-synthetic", "down-wool-synthetic" allows you to get up to 1 ton of loose composite insulation per month.

Using this equipment will reduce interference with wildlife.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Light industry-production of high-tech super-warm clothing with the possibility of using it at temperatures from -40 0C


Non-diaphragm electrolyzer for water disinfection by direct electrolysis (2020)

Reagent-free water disinfection by direct electrolysis.

The service life of the electrodes is up to 5 years.

High energy efficiency of electrolysis – 80-200 W.

It does not require the use of special reagents (acids, alkalis, salts, etc.).

It can be used in the existing technological scheme.

Service life without maintenance is up to 2 years.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: water Supply (from individual to large enterprises)


Industrial air regeneration system based on an Electromechanical dust suppression device (2020)

Non-contact air aspiration.

The absence of mechanisms of regeneration.

Effective blocking of dust flows-over 80 % (for speeds from 0 to 2 m/s).

99.9 % (for speeds of 1 m / s).

Increases the efficiency of industrial enterprises by reducing the level of air pollution with suspended substances.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Industrial enterprises


Smartbox transformer container (2020)

SmartBox has the following advantages:

- equipped with an information system for remote administration.

- scenario management and mobile apps.

- identifies the customer.

- tracks the location of cargo.

- creates conditions for caravan traffic in an urbanized environment, reducing time and reducing the proportion of empty vehicle runs.

- organizes online orders.

- makes settlements with consumers of transport and logistics services.

- perform online monitoring of the container location, both through the web interface and through the mobile app.

- to automatically identify the cargo type (breakbulk, bulk, liquid) and mass-dimensional characteristics.

- remotely perform remote administration.

- with the help of built-in sensors, the system measures the following parameters: weight and volume of cargo, temperature and humidity inside the container, opening/closing of the container, light penetration, indicating depressurization in the daytime.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Transport and logistics services in an urban environment


Multichannel systems for direct contactless monitoring of gas turbine operating parameters (2020)

The accuracy of measuring the radial gap and vibrations is 10 microns with a resolution of less than 5 microns.

Ability to post-process the recorded signal.

Measurement of oscillatory processes in real time with the ability to analyze instantaneous values of movement and speed.

The ability to detect abnormal deviations at the stage of origin, their identification and observation of the dynamics of development.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Control of gas turbine installations for various purposes


Vehicle safety system at railway crossings "ZAGRADITEL-T "(2020)

The system uses intelligent analysis of the road scene based on methods of structural adaptation of traffic models.

Functionally, the ACUP consists of the following nodes:

Sensor block (2 PCs.).

Switching Block.

Decision-Making block (2 PCs.).

interface Block.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Intelligent vehicle safety systems at railway crossings


Hardware and software complex "Smart telematics transport insurance" (2020)

It consists of two modules M1, W5, and a specialized telematics platform (software) component.

Remotely collects, evaluates, and analyzes information from vehicle systems.

Collects data from the vehicle's built-in sensors and CAN bus (via the OBD-II connector) and transmits it to the server of the telematics platform, which performs additional processing and transmits it to interested recipients of information.

It does not require integration and configuration of a Russian-made car terminal.

Voice transmission via an FM headset.

Added: 04.12.2020

Field of application: Remote accident reconstruction, automated emergency call, driver insurance risk assessment.


String technologies

Brief description: Innovative transport system

Developer contacts: Gostev Mikhail Nikolaevich 8-918-850-59-47

Industry: Transport

Thematics: Transport


Development of a method for molecular genetic examination of breeding animals

Brief description: The study and conservation of the genetic resources of farm animals are of international importance and are closely linked to the sustainable development of agriculture, food security and the development of agricultural production systems. The main task of livestock breeding in the Russian Federation is to increase the number of highly productive livestock in the agricultural sector. animals in breeding organizations, with the subsequent provision of agricultural producers with high-quality breeding material, in order to produce high-quality products that are competitive on the world market. According to the order of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation of 19.10.2006 N 402 (ed. from 02.08.2010) , all breeding plants, reproducers and gene pool farms are required to pass a genetic examination to confirm the origin of animals.

Currently, molecular genetic methods are widely used in studies of the gene pool of various breeds and populations, establishing their genetic structure, and evaluating similarities and differences. Despite the obvious advantages, these methods are not fully used.

The novelty of the work is that for the first time, DNA markers will be developed for molecular genetic examination of the gene pool profile of domestic breeds of farm animals.

Developer contacts:

Bakaev Nekruz Farhadovich 8-909-405-95-52

Romanets Timofey Sergeevich 8-961-312-30-61

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry



Brief description: Technology of new building materials.

Thermoprelit is a cement-perlite slab with reinforcing, water-repellent additives and plasticizers intended for interior and exterior decoration.


- Improved performance by eliminating certain finishing steps;

- Special equipment is not required and the number of workers is reduced, only one specialist is required;

- The lack of seasonal dependence;

- High heat and sound insulation properties.

Developer contacts: Dmitry Borisovich Ivanov 8-988-578-18-56

Industry: Construction

Thematics: Construction


Development of super premium pet food for cats and dogs

Brief description: Creating the marketing programme for the launch of the national food for cats and dogs segment superpremium. Development of food that fully meets the physiological needs of carnivorous domestic animals. Product promotion on the retail channel of specialized trade.

Developer contacts: Krivorotova Elena Yurievna 8-988-583-87-73

Industry: Pets

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Universal electronic compact software-controlled touch devices

Brief description: The Internet is getting deeper into our lives, and along with this, the popularity of all kinds of mobile devices is growing. Classic laptops are too bulky, and tablets do not always have the necessary functionality, so there are more and more miniature laptops with touch screens.

One of the main ideas of the device is not only to combine a tablet and a laptop in one small device, but also to make the touch screen as close as possible to the keyboard and, accordingly, to the user.

The device has a very similar scheme of transformation into a tablet by moving and lifting the display relative to the keyboard. The screen mount is not fixed, i.e. the display position can be adjusted. The tilt angle varies from 110 degrees up to 180 degrees, which is very convenient. When tilted 180 degrees, the keyboard moves under the screen, resulting in a heavy tablet. On the side there is a capacitive stylus, on the outer panel there is a pencil case for the stylus.

Developer contacts: Jobs Velislav Vladimirovich 8-928-611-56-20

Industry: IT

Thematics: Information technology


Highly efficient and environmentally friendly technology and equipment for agricultural wastewater disinfection

Brief description: According to the world health organization, one of the most dangerous sources of environmental pollution is wastewater.

The most serious danger is represented by the effluents of agriculture of pathogenic microflora. Unfortunately, the decontamination methods used are not sufficiently environmentally friendly, so creating a method to solve this problem is an urgent task.

The essence of the proposed method is a complex physical and chemical effect on the decontaminated effluents of an electromagnetic field and a chemical reagent.

Competitive advantages of the technology and equipment are: high reliability, environmental safety, low specific material and energy consumption, compact size.

Developer contacts: Limarenko Nikolay Vladimirovich 8-989-709-15-95

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Sowing machine with function-driven supply of seed

Brief description: the Essence of the idea is to create a seeding machine for a row drill, which is able to supply one seed at the signal of the control unit.

This function will significantly expand the functionality of seeders equipped with this seeding device, thanks to the introduction of modern information technologies and positioning systems in the seeding process.

Developer contacts: Yatsenko Pyotr Leonidovich 8-906-428-69-66

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Device for protection against leakage currents and monitoring the insulation resistance of networks with an isolated neutral voltage of up to 1 kV

Brief description: the device under Development is designed for selective diagnostics of insulation resistance and protection against leakage currents. Relevant for protection of the valve-inductor drive.

Developer contacts: Konakov Pavel Andreevich 8-951-527-91-26

Industry: Energy

Thematics: Energy


The action potential of plants

Brief description: to get the maximum possible productivity of plants, it is necessary to continuously monitor the processes occurring in it and adjust the external conditions to better match them.

The fundamental factors in addition to the nutrient medium are: the energy of light radiation used by the plant, temperature, and gas environment.

The complex of biopotential registration opens up wide opportunities for monitoring these factors in the conditions of technogenesis, and allows us to move on to the task of optimizing the living conditions of green plants.

The biopotential removal device consists of electrodes, an electrometric amplifier and a biopotential recorder, and does not require special operating conditions and highly qualified personnel.

Developer contacts: Molchanov Ilya Nikolaevich 8-928-164-37-04

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Ecological modular house

Brief description: one of the most acute problems of megacities around the world is the uncontrolled growth of slums. We offer a complete solution for modular construction in order to ensure environmental, sanitary and aesthetic cleanliness of social construction.

Developer contacts: Ermachenko Pavel Andreevich 8-988-992-73-45

Industry: Construction

Thematics: Construction



Short description: VisualData Platform

Developer contacts: Linsky Alexander Grigoryevich 8-918-506-17-57

Industry: IT

Thematics: Information technology


High-efficiency heat accumulator

Brief description: In individual heat points, in the vast majority of cases, heat storage devices are used. In the heating system this is done so that the boiler operates in the nominal most economical mode: the boiler at rated power heats the storage tank (buffer tank) from which the heat is extracted by the system in the amount in which it is required, and the boiler is periodically switched on to heat the tank. Modern heating devices such as Underfloor heating and fan coils have proven their effectiveness over radiators. Therefore, modern heating systems operate with the most optimal temperature for these devices of 29-35 C.

Developer contacts: My dad's Vladimir Putin 8-904-441-06-48

Industry: Construction

Thematics: Construction


Development of technology for storing DNA-containing plant material in a wide temperature range

Brief description: the goal of the project is to develop a technology for storing DNA-containing plant material in a wide temperature range. The end result of working on this project will be the creation of an easy-to-use technology that surpasses existing analogues in its characteristics, allowing you to quickly and easily collect DNA-containing plant material, store it for a long time (more than 10 years) with a low degree of degradation of nucleic acids, in a wide temperature range, and this technology will also allow PCR research without additional DNA isolation procedures. The product is intended for long-term storage of plant genetic material, which does not require special conditions, for subsequent use in molecular genetic analysis. This technology will be used to create a DNA Bank of collectible plant samples. The genetic material will be stored on paper media impregnated with a specialized buffer solution that gives stability to the DNA molecule during long-term storage.

Developer contacts: Khachumov Vladimir Arturovich 8-905-428-82-11

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Working name "Modular manipulator" (the commercial name is issued by the IP)

Brief description: Modular manipulator with adaptive structure

Developer contacts: Maxim A. Avtonomov 8-906-423-10-70

Industry: Construction

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Manufacture of innovative drug achromycin

Brief description: the Goal of this project is the production of an innovative drug, drought resistance of agricultural plants. The main active ingredient is a substance known as SkQ, developed by the famous Russian academician V. p. Skulachev, on the basis of which anti-aging drugs are produced. In our project, we adapted the formula of the drug for plants and obtained excellent indicators for wheat drought resistance

Developer contacts: Corinthian Svetlana Alexandrovna 8-988-572-33-79

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


The switched-reluctance drive

Brief description: Organization of production of VIP and generators.

The transition from an unregulated electric drive to a regulated one is the main trend in the development of many serious technologies related to energy conversion. The valve-inductor electric drive is characterized by simplicity of design and high reliability and maintainability, it has high energy and mass-dimensional characteristics that are not inferior to traditional electric drives.

The use of a microprocessor element base allows you to solve complex technical problems in the field of electric drive control, which provide energy savings.

Scope of application of VIP: Autonomous vehicles (tram, trolleybus, railway transport, etc.); Metalworking, woodworking, oil refining equipment; creation of new types of machine-building equipment ; household appliances (separators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.); electric power generation (hydropower, wind power, etc.).

Developer contacts: Sanin Vladimir Kirillovich 8-928-213-88-01

Industry: Energy

Thematics: Energy


Underwater optical-ultrasound-visor

Brief description: development of technology and creation of a software and hardware prototype of a technical vision system for underwater robotic systems and divers based on a complex optical-ultrasonic method operating in conditions of different transparency (turbidity) of the water environment

Developer contacts: Merezhin Nikolay Ivanovich 8-928-172-98-36

Industry: Diving

Thematics: Science and scientific service


Import-substituting technology for suppressing frictional self-oscillations in the interaction of mechanical surfaces at railway sorting complexes.

Brief description: A device for applying a noise-canceling composition to the side surface of a car wheel, for suppressing friction self-oscillations (screeching) that occur when the side surfaces of wheels interact with the brake tires of a car moderator at railway sorting complexes.

Developer contacts: Mikhail Shestakov 8-960-453-15-43

Industry: Transport

Thematics: Transport


Magnetic positioning system for neurosurgery

Brief description: an Urgent task in neurosurgery is the development of magnetic positioning systems. Neuronavigation helps the surgeon during the planning and execution of brain surgery, and allows you to determine the location of the surgical instrument in the patient's body and create an accurate anatomical map. A magnetic positioning system was developed for experimental research. The positioning system based on magnetic induction contains a group of transmitting coils (transmitters) located permanently outside the object under study, and one receiving coil (receiver) located directly inside the object under study. Transmitters generate an alternating magnetic field of a known shape. The receiver receives a signal from each transmitter and when the position or orientation of the receiver changes, the magnetic flux density in it changes over time, and in this case, voltage pulses u are induced in the receiver. Based on the magnitude and nature of the induced voltage pulses U, the measuring unit of the system calculates the position and orientation of the receiver inside the object under study.

Contact developer: Gerken Elena Alekseevna 8-950-863-49-73

Industry: Healthcare

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security



Brief description: Chatzilla is an intelligent service that tells about the relationships and dependencies within your data in text form.

The service allows you to simplify, reduce the cost and improve the quality of scientific research through automatic data processing. Usually, a specialist scientist in their subject area is not an expert in statistics and is forced to order data processing services. Statzilla allows you to automate data analysis, eliminating the need for a third-party specialist in 80% of cases.

The main target audience is Russian scientists: doctors, biologists, psychologists, sociologists, engineers, etc.who conduct experiments (clinical trials, tests of technical means, etc.) or other types of research and need to process the collected data: assessment of significance, associations, and prognosis of conditions. It is possible to enter foreign markets by choosing an unoccupied niche.

SAM market in Russia - 1436 million rubles per year

SOM market in Russia - 287 million rubles per year

The beta version of the product is already in operation.

Developer contacts: Zarutsky Svyatoslav Aleksandrovich 8-960-443-02-43

Industry: IT

Thematics: Information technology


Development of functional food products with the addition of components of plant and animal origin with increased biological value

Brief description: we have developed functional meat products, bakery products that will include plant components such as crushed sprouted wheat, kelp, etc. The resulting products will have an increased content: amino acid composition, micro-and macroelements, biological value, as well as with a reduced energy value. this will allow the resulting products to be classified as functional, and possibly as a group of dietary products.

Developer contacts: Kozheurov Olena Volodymyrivna 8-988-581-07-70

Industry: processing of agricultural raw materials

Subject: Food industry



Brief description: Mobile personal wearable complex for predicting the occurrence of adverse health conditions of people. Development and practical testing of a prototype of a personal wearable device for predicting the occurrence of adverse health conditions. Conducting clinical studies in order to clarify the correlation between common pathologies of human health and characteristic geometric images of the dynamics of relations between the measured processes.

Developer contacts: Evgeny Karpov 8-918-512-40-96

Industry: Healthcare

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Centralized body for creating and controlling the brand of the Rostov region

Brief description: Due to the "Territorial matryoshka" effect, when branding a region, it is necessary to take into account and consider not the brand of the regional center, but the totality of brands of cities in the region (territory, Republic, etc.), as well as the totality of sub-brands of the territory. The purpose of such branding is to attract investors, reduce migration of the population outside the region, as well as the development of external and internal tourism. To support and develop tourism both inside and outside the region, it is proposed to create an educational, historical and Patriotic program: excursions of students, schoolchildren, and preschoolers to significant historical places in the Rostov region.

Developer contacts: Shabelnik Lilia Sergeevna 8-928-183-61-34

Industry: Media

Thematics: Communication



Brief description: system for individual selection of digital equipment.

Online electronic equipment selection system that will help you choose exactly what the customer needs by answering just three questions: device type, type of activity, and pricing policy. This system helps you choose a technique at least 6 times faster.

Developer contacts: Pireverdiev Karlen Ernestovich 8-918-852-59-36

Industry: IT

Thematics: Information technology


Programmable constructor

Brief description: diol's Programmable robot constructor

Developer contacts: Goncharova Yulia Sergeevna 8-928-603-51-49

Industry: Automation

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Photocatalyst based on copper (II)oxide nanoparticles

Brief description: the Authors of the project proposed a cost-effective and simple method for obtaining CuO nanoparticles with high photocatalytic activity. The main advantages are the high purity of the obtained powders and the reduction of synthesis time.

Developer contacts: Anastasia Novikova 8-928-191-74-13

Industry: Chemistry

Thematics: Science and scientific service


Production of inulin-containing products

Brief description: Priorities and activities

1. Growing:

- millet, oats, barley, lentils, peas, rye;

- Jerusalem artichoke, marshmallow, chicory;

- amaranth, soy "Daurskaya", chufa, soflor;

- ginger, licorice, carrot, parsnip;

- turmeric, cumin.

2. Storage.

3. Deep processing:

* production of inulin-containing products (4 types);

* production of food and medical vegetable oils;

* production: bread mixes (flour), cereal flour, pancake mixes, baking mixes (cakes, muffins, biscuits, loaves), dry cereals, cereal flakes, oat flakes, flakes with additives;

* production of "bio-feed" for cattle, sheep, poultry;

* food production "Bioproduct»;

* production of sugar substitute-saccharin;

* production of beverages, balms, herbal tea;

* production of honey platters;

* production of complex bakery and confectionery products;

* production of dairy products - "Bioproduct".

Industry: Food industry

Subject: Food industry


Aviation system security and rescue works

Brief description: the Technical solution refers to aviation systems and complexes for providing rescue operations used to save people from fires in high-rise buildings, in areas of earthquakes, man-made accidents and catastrophes. The aviation system contains a manned aircraft for vertical take-off and landing. It is formed by a group of vertical take-off and landing aircraft with the possibility of their hovering. The aviation system includes a manned vehicle with tunnel propellers and unmanned "flying platforms" with detachable rescue equipment attached to each of them. The "flying platform" is equipped with homing equipment that uses correlation - extreme algorithms for pointing, mooring and self-fixing to an emergency object with devices for disconnecting from the delivered rescue equipment and the ability to leave the disaster zone.

Industry: Instrument making

Thematics: Industry


Construction materials using innovative technologies

Brief description: now there is no need to dispose of construction waste in the process of construction or road reconstruction at landfills.

This product is not inferior to natural crushed stone, but wins in the cost of costs.

Industry: Industry


Automated street lighting control system

Brief description: Development stage-R & d, pilot production

Scientific and technical description — Software and hardware complex for automating the operation of outdoor lighting networks. The complex of technical means consists of a network of control points (control cabinets), equipment and PCs of the Central dispatching service (including software).

Industry: Thematic section-Energy, resource-saving technologies

Thematics: Industry


System for maintaining the viability of an amputated organ

Brief description: Currently, measures to maintain the viability of an amputated organ/limb are to place it in the cold. The idea is to place the amputated organ / limb in a special chamber, in which a complex of conducting hoses and catheters is supplied to this organ/limb with nutrients and oxygen while maintaining a constant temperature. In this way, it is possible to extend the lifetime of the amputated organ/limb separately from the body for a much longer time than by placing it in the cold.

Industry: Medicine

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Ground bitumen storage tank with electrical heating system

Brief description: The goal of the project is to increase the efficiency of bitumen preparation in bitumen storage facilities.

Project objectives: reducing the cost of heating bitumen, reducing the heating time, improving the convenience of operation.

The patent for the invention was obtained in 2009. In 2010, the electric heating system was implemented in the ground storage of the state unitary enterprise "Tselinskoe DRSU". Production of heating elements and their installation was carried out by the DRSU under the author's supervision.

Industry: Road construction


Resource-saving technology of bitumen preparation

Brief description: The goal of the project is to increase the efficiency of bitumen preparation at the ABZ.

Industry: Road construction

Thematics: Construction


Complex of software and hardware tools for monitoring materials and products by magnetic properties

Brief description: The goal of the project is to create software and hardware complexes for monitoring workpieces and finished electrical products at all stages of the production process. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve the problems of developing devices for monitoring: sheet electrical steel, formed billets from it, assembled magnetic wires, and finished electrical products.

The use of these devices will allow you to create high-quality miniature electrical products.

Product description: Existing analog devices have either a narrow range of controlled parameters, or low monitoring performance, which is insufficient for use in process conditions. The developed set of devices is devoid of these disadvantages.

Industry: Electrical industry

Thematics: Industry


Piezoelectric ceramic material

Brief description: The project will develop materials and pressure sensors that are effectively used in ultrasonic flaw detectors and thickness gauges; in flow meters and level meters of liquids and gases; in systems for monitoring processes occurring in various industrial power plants (internal combustion engines, turbines, compressors). Main areas of technology: ship, automobile, metallurgy, Geology. The market for the proposed product is primarily determined by the presence of large ship, automobile, aircraft and repair companies.

Industry: Electrical engineering

Thematics: Energy


Reclamation of irrigated agricultural land (chernozems)

Short description: Agricultural producers are offered:

- agromeliorative methods and techniques for increasing fertility, implemented at the stage of consulting services and practical seminars;

- sorbent-ameliorant for inactivation of heavy metals in the soil, used for reclamation of land contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides;

- composition of structure-forming materials to combat water erosion of soils;

- composition of moisture sorbents to protect soils from water erosion, in particular to compositions and methods for combating water erosion of soils.

Industry: Agricultural

Thematics: Agriculture


FACTORY-factory-made Cottages

Brief description: Pick up a cottage in the store and move into a new house in a few days? Easy!

Factory will present a new house-building concept based on modular construction of cottages.

The modules are manufactured at the factory and delivered ready-made to the site where the final stage of work is carried out. The amount of work on the construction site is kept to a minimum.

For more information, visit our website:

Industry: Cottage construction

Thematics: Construction


For meat processors.

Brief description: There is a new way for meat producers to EARN money. You do not need to buy new equipment, you only need to buy a certified info - product for processing tripe (tripe of any kind). Result?! Tripe snow-white, without unpleasant smell, fat-free and most importantly to prepare 7-10 minutes. A new way to earn money without changing anything in your production. Info-product from Italy spec .translation for Russian meat producers. Ask,write.

Industry: Meat processing plants.

Subject: Food industry



Brief description: I propose the idea of inventing a counter that will limit the use of" unnecessary " electrical appliances at the moment.

Industry: Energy



Brief description: Reducing heat flows through the walls of the refrigerator Cabinet to increase

energy efficiency of the refrigerator

Industry: Light industry

Subject: Food industry


Project management information system

Brief description: The capabilities of this project are not limited to the HR functions only. This project allows you to monitor the progress of tasks, offers communication opportunities, and maintains a profile of employees.

Industry: Personnel

Thematics: Information technology


Project management information system

Brief description: The capabilities of this project are not limited to the HR functions only. This project allows you to monitor the progress of tasks, offers communication opportunities, and maintains a profile of employees.

Industry: Personnel

Thematics: Information technology


Washing water saving module

Brief description: saving water in the household in the "SMART HOME" program.

Industry: household


Production technology of energy-saving double-glazed Windows

Brief description: The Interglass space of the double glazed unit is filled with ARGON gas

The interstitial space is vacuumed and sealed

Industry: industry

Thematics: Industry



Brief description: To COOL the surface of the CONDENSER, a LOW-POWER fan IS USED, WITHOUT HEATING ENERGY from the NETWORK, the Fan is powered by a thermoelectric generator based on the Seebeck Effect, ONE JUNCTION is COOLED IN the EVAPORATOR, the OTHER JUNCTION is HEATED ON the surface of the COMPRESSOR

RU PATENT NO. 2 468 307. Publ. 27.11.2012 Byul.№33

Industry: BVT

Thematics: Energy


Sailing wind turbines

Brief description: Production of small-and medium-power sailing windmills that produce twice as much electricity as their counterparts and whose performance properties ensure efficiency, reliability and safety

Industry: Wind Power

Subject: Industry


Valve-inductor electric drives (VIP) of various modifications of small series

Brief description: General purpose electric drives

Industry: Electrical equipment

Thematics: Industry


Production of inulin-containing products-substances and ingredients

Brief description: The project was created for the production of innovative pharmaceutical products and promotion to the Russian, Euro-Asian and European consumer markets

Industry: Pharmaceuticals, agro-industrial complex, Processing industry

Subject: Food industry


An innovative multi-functional device for education

Brief description: The device is a computer combined with a projector and a video camera in one case to display multimedia content on the screen

Industry: Computer technology

Thematics: Education


Project for the production of a prototype of a rotary device and a combined electric heater "KEN-5"

Brief description: During the project implementation, a prototype will be developed and implemented, which can be used in the restoration work of collectors and steam pipelines of thermal power plants

Industry: Heat And Power Engineering

Thematics: Energy


Development, production and maintenance of patient monitoring equipment, ECG equipment and spirographs

Brief description: Medical devices: electrocardiographs, patient monitors, spirographs, and stress systems

Industry: Medical equipment

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Construction of multifunctional superstructures

Brief description: Organization of a new Parking space that allows you to solve complex problems related to car Parking in actual traffic areas in any locality

Industry: Construction

Thematics: Construction


Polygraphic biology simulator for independent work and laboratory work of high school students

Brief description: in school lessons, the structure of animals is taught using wet preparations, models, drawings, tables, textbooks and workbooks. These manuals do not give an idea of the anatomical method (in particular, autopsy, section) by which the structure of animals is studied. Polygraphic simulators allow students to perform actions similar to anatomical dissection

Industry: Educational institution

Thematics: Education


An innovative multi-functional device for education

Brief description: The device is a computer combined with a projector and a video camera in one case to display multimedia content on the screen

Industry: Computer technology

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Development, production and maintenance of patient monitoring equipment, ECG equipment and spirographs

Brief description: Medical devices: electrocardiographs, patient monitors, spirographs, and stress systems

Industry: Medical equipment

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Transonic jet technologies

Brief description: The operation of the devices is based on the phenomenon of increased compressibility of homogeneous two-phase flows

Industry: Energy

Thematics: Energy


Creation of a plant for the development and implementation of scientific developments in technical areas

Brief description: The project allows us to produce mechanical components and parts of complex geometric shapes, which gives us the opportunity to produce samples of new equipment of any complexity.

The project is based on attracting financial resources to realize the scientific potential of Russia, study the issues of commercialization of projects and creation of prototypes of new products

Industry: Industry

Thematics: Industry


New technologies for processing sugar-containing raw materials

Short description:

The new sugar production scheme provides for the division of a single sugar production into separate separate complexes for processing raw materials:

Complex 1 - for growing sugar-containing raw materials;

Complex 2 - reception and primary processing of sugar-containing raw materials for pulp and syrup;

Complex 3-processing sugar syrup into dry sugar, fructose and


The new freezing (gas hydrate) technology for sugar production consists of the following processes:

1) Extraction (option 1) or extraction (option 2) of sugar from sugar beet chips, pressed sugar sorghum pulp;

2) Concentration of sugar solution from 15% to 60% (by freezing);

3) Purification of 60% sugar solution from non-sugars by adsorption on gas hydrates, concentration of sugar solution from 60% to eutectic concentration of 66-67% and crystallization of sugar by formation of gas hydrates (hot ice), separation of sugar crystals from gas hydrate crystals in a saturated sugar solution, separation of sugar crystals, drying and removal of sugar as a product;

4) juice Extraction from the pulp, sugar extraction from the pulp.

Industry: Sugar industry.

Thematics: Industry



Brief description: Gas hydrate thermocompression is the formation of gas hydrates at low pressure, their melting at high pressure in the mold at low pressure

Industry: Gas pipelines, gas storage facilities

Thematics: Industry


Diagnostic and rehabilitation system

Brief description: The method is based on a new information technology for analyzing cardiorhythmological heart rhythms "fractal neurodynamics". the latest achievements of Biophysics, physiology and clinical medicine are used, on the basis of which new highly informative indicators for assessing the functional state of the body are developed

Industry: Medicine

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Panels made of polycarbonate plastic and plastic transport pallets.

Brief description: Structured (cellular, cellular) polycarbonate, which is a translucent panel, the layers of which are connected by longitudinal stiffeners

Industry: Industrial construction, agriculture

Subject: Industry


Underground multi-level Parking-warehouses

Brief description: Due to unique design and technological solutions, using available labor, it is possible to produce highly efficient underground multi-level Parking warehouses, the wide distribution of which will help in solving the city's transport problems

Industry: market for mechanized car Parking (MAS), both aboveground and underground

Thematics: Construction


Extra large mobile greenhouse

Brief description: the ultra-Large mobile greenhouse is designed for agriculture, and is able to cover large areas of land

Industry: Construction, agriculture

Thematics: Agriculture


Deep complex processing of coal mining and coal enrichment dumps

Brief description: It is proposed to consider man-made deposits as an object for complex development and deep physical and chemical transformations and the basis for the organization of valuable and high-tech products. It is planned to introduce unique technologies and world-class developments. The main types of mass production can be valuable metals and alloys, special types of ceramics, sorbents, pigments, building materials

Industry: Elimination of accumulated environmental damage, creation of high-tech industries

Thematics: Science and scientific service


Installation for mining of ore gold and other minerals

Brief description: Installation in automatic mode, conducts a channel to the Deposit, extracting ore in the designated place.

Thanks to the improved design, the installation is several times cheaper than an ore combine

Industry: Extraction of minerals

Thematics: Science and scientific service


Nanotechnology for manufacturing energy-efficient, environmentally friendly construction products made of artificial stone (fibropen concrete).

Brief description: Production of automated process equipment and a wide range of products made of high-strength cellular concrete, the operational properties of which ensure efficiency, reliability and safety of construction projects during their construction and long-term operation

Industry: Construction (construction industry and mechanical engineering).

Thematics: Construction


Ultra-pressure chamber for extra-large diamonds

Brief description: Chamber overpressure is large-scale production of a large diamond, its structure is identical with natural diamonds and higher quality structures, as well as large-scale production of new composite materials, other gemstones, a large volume (emerald, garnet, etc.)

In addition, the manufacturability of this setup allows you to make a finished part from diamonds, composite materials and other artificial precious stones.

Industry: mechanical engineering, aerospace, jewelry production, nuclear engineering, machine tool construction, production of ferrous and non-ferrous rolled products, production of tools and abrasives, production of electrical equipment, electronics

Thematics: Science and scientific service


Innovative design that performs preheating before repair welding of the prepared section of the boiler drum of steel 16 gnm

Brief description: A preliminary design of a prototype KEN-5 with a rotary device for preheating prepared sections in the shell of the boiler drum to 200 degrees, for accompanying heating when the metal cools, and for thermal recovery at 200 degrees*From within 3 hours.

Industry: Heat And Power Engineering

Thematics: Energy


Technology and equipment for increasing the hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance and anti-friction properties of working surfaces of parts and tools

Brief description: The technology is based on the principle of alloying metal surfaces by plasma transfer of alloying elements from the electrode to the surface of the workpiece as a result of an electric discharge. Electrical discharges are created by pulses of process current generated by the generator. As a result of using different electrodes for alloying the surfaces of parts, various properties can be obtained, such as increased wear resistance, hardness, heat resistance, and a given working life. In this case, the entire main array of the part can be made of ordinary inexpensive metal.

Industry: mechanical engineering and repair production

Thematics: Science and scientific service


Highly efficient and environmentally friendly technology and equipment for disinfection of liquids.

Brief description: the Essence of the technology is a complex physical and chemical effect on the process material of a rotating alternating electromagnetic field with ferromagnetic bodies moving in it.

To carry out disinfection, a device is used, which is an inductor in the working area of which ferromagnetic bodies move under the action of a rotating alternating electromagnetic field, which themselves become magnets under the influence of the field.

Industry: Water supply, treatment facilities

Thematics: Science and scientific service


Highly efficient and environmentally friendly technology and equipment for obtaining decontaminated highly dispersed systems

Brief description: The technology consists in a complex physical and chemical effect on the process material of a rotating alternating electromagnetic field with ferromagnetic bodies moving in it.

The device is an inductor in the working area of which, under the action of a rotating alternating electromagnetic field, ferromagnetic bodies move, which themselves become magnets under the influence of the field. As a result of complex physical and chemical effects on the process material, its disinfection and mixing of components occurs

Industry: Food, pharmaceutical and processing industries


Two-stroke valve engine without purge cycle and gas distribution shaft with auxiliary cylinder

Brief description: Two-stroke internal combustion engine, where the auxiliary cylinder, having a volume of 2 -2.5 times more than the volume of the working cylinder, supplies the working cylinder with a combustible mixture. At the same time, there is no combustion of the fuel mixture in the auxiliary cylinder, its main purpose is to feed the fuel mixture to the working cylinder

Industry: Automobile, aviation, water and railway transport, tractors, road and agricultural machinery, stationary specialized installations

Subject: Automation/Robotics



Brief description: Technology for creating a new class of high-strength structural materials based on a natural composite with a dual ferritic-martensitic structure for use in the production of armor plate.

Creating a high-strength natural composite with a dual ferrite-mantensite structure in relation to the technical requirements of the armor plate, as well as determining and justifying non-trivial thermal hardening modes, including in the rolling mill scheme

Industry: military-industrial complex, mechanical engineering, industry

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Organization of a highly efficient and environmentally friendly technological process for obtaining heat and electricity for the disposal of solid household waste

Brief description: Conversion of chemical energy from landfill gas to heat and electricity

Industry: solid waste Landfills

Thematics: Ecology


Construction of a highly efficient and environmentally friendly technological process with complete equipment for the purpose of obtaining heat and electric energy in the joint disposal of pesticides and oil-containing waste

Brief description: A special feature of the technological process is the mixing of hydrocarbon fuel with toxic chemicals, which is subjected to hydroconversion in the toroid, which leads to a sharp intensification of physical and chemical processes

Industry: Chemical industry

Thematics: Industry


Explosive gas monitoring device

Brief description: The device is designed for continuous monitoring of the level of gas contamination with explosive gases: domestic and industrial premises, mines, tunnels, underground workings

Industry: • in residential apartment buildings of urban type and individual buildings; • in warehouses for storage of paints based on acetone solvents; • In premises, laboratories, production of explosives, solvents and extractors



Innovative technology and means of mechanization of processing agricultural waste into a quality product for animal husbandry and poultry farming

Brief description: Processing of agricultural waste - straw raw materials, in order to obtain high-quality cost-effective bedding material for the needs of poultry and animal husbandry

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Electrophysicochemical regeneration station for filter elements of air and oil supply systems

Brief description: The unit is designed for cleaning and regeneration of filters for air and oil supply of vehicles, ventilation systems and production technology of non-woven synthetic materials

Industry: The environment, transportation, microelectronics, mechanical engineering

Thematics: Ecology


Acoustic synthesis station for hydrocarbon media

Brief description: it is Intended for obtaining high-quality fuel and lubricants (gasoline: AI-80, AI-92, AI-95, AI-98; diesel fuel with an increased citane number; fleet fuel oil, oils, etc.) by acoustic compounding of octane-raising components into a hydrocarbon base

Industry: Chemical industry, ecology, transport, energy

Subject: Industry


Mobile robot for testing Autonomous navigation and control algorithms/Android robot

Brief description: The robot is a training tool for students. you can use it to solve problems of controlling robots and robotic systems, and check the effectiveness of the developed control algorithms

Industry: * Demonstrations, exhibitions, robot competitions • * training of students • * Debugging algorithms for solving industrial automation problems

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Electronic expert-an expert system for technological adjustment of harvesting equipment and Troubleshooting based on a PDA

Short description:

"Electronic expert" is designed to support decision-making on maintenance of complex cleaning machines during the cleaning period:

• when setting up grain and forage harvesters of any type;

• when adjusting technological adjustments, when an external sign of a violation of the cleaning process appears;

• when Troubleshooting hydraulic, electrical, and automated control systems of combine harvesters

Industry: * Rural producers • * Machine-processing stations; • Technical centers engaged in service and maintenance of agricultural machinery

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Mobile power plant

Brief description: It is a mobile or stationary power station with a vertical axis of rotation.

Technical specifications: Average output – 3 kW / hour;  rated wind speed-3-12 m / sec;  Operating voltage-220 V; Dimensions-2000x2500 mm

Industry: Energy resources

Thematics: Energy


Development of methods for predicting tribolic and operational properties of carbide cutting materials

Brief description: Production of CNC Metalworking machines, carrying out repair and restoration, commissioning and restart of equipment, machine maintenance

Industry: Industry

Thematics: Industry



Brief description: The device allows you to measure heading angles with the possibility of correcting the spatial position of the built-in inertial module

Industry: Moving objects

Thematics: Industry


The torque sensor

Brief description: The device allows you to measure the torque and power directly on the vehicle right during its operation

Industry: Research organizations, manufacturers and organizations that operate equipment for various purposes

Thematics: Industry


Extra large mobile greenhouse

Brief description: The ultra-large mobile greenhouse is designed for agriculture, and is able to cover large areas of land

Industry: Construction, agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry




Ultra-pressure chamber for extra-large diamonds

Brief description: Chamber overpressure is large-scale production of a large diamond, its structure is identical with natural diamonds and higher quality structures, as well as large-scale production of new composite materials, other gemstones, a large volume (emerald, garnet, etc.)

In addition, the manufacturability of this setup allows you to make a finished part from diamonds, composite materials and other precious artificial stones

Industry: mechanical engineering, aerospace, jewelry production, nuclear engineering, machine tool construction, production of ferrous and non-ferrous rolled products, production of tools and abrasives, production of electrical equipment, electronics

Thematics: Industry


Extraction of hydrogen sulfide from the depths of the Black sea, separation of hydrogen sulfide into ultra-pure sulfur and hydrogen, production of electricity and heat in an environmentally friendly way

Brief description: Extraction of hydrogen sulfide from the depths of the Black sea, separation of hydrogen sulfide into ultra-pure sulfur and hydrogen, production of electricity and heat in an environmentally friendly way, thanks to a floating or underwater station. Prevention of a natural disaster when the black sea basin is overflowing with hydrogen sulfide.

In this field, there are options for selling hydrogen sulfide:

1) Separation of hydrogen sulfide on a floating station into ultra-pure sulfur and hydrogen. At the same time, hydrogen is converted into electricity in the floating station's thermal power plant and sent to the consumer via cable. Continuous shipment of extracted sulfur to transport vessels;

2) Production of hydrogen sulfide, at an underwater station, followed by transportation to the consumer, through a pipeline, on land, where the installation continuously separates into ultra-pure sulfur and hydrogen, which then goes to the CHP to give electricity and heat;

3) Production of hydrogen sulfide, on a floating station, followed by transportation to the consumer, through a pipeline, on land, where the plant continuously separates into ultra-pure sulfur and hydrogen, which is then fed to the CHP to give electricity and heat, in an environmentally friendly way

Industry: Mining, chemical industry, electric power industry


Installation for mining of ore gold and other minerals

Brief description: Installation in automatic mode, conducts a channel to the Deposit, extracting ore in the designated place.

Thanks to the improved design, the installation is several times cheaper than an ore combine

Industry: Extraction of minerals.


Mathematical modeling of the dynamics of an unbalanced rotor and its use for creating computer technologies for balancing and balancing equipment of a new generation

Brief description:

During the project implementation, it is assumed

1) development of an original generalized mathematical model of a rigid rotary unit that provides a high degree of adequacy to real objects;

2) development of a scientifically based methodology, technical tools and software for ECM to identify rotor imbalances during low-frequency two-plane balancing;

3) development of a generalized mechanical and mathematical model of unbalance of a non-rigid rotary unit and a technique for its low-frequency multi-plane balancing;

4) classification of rotors according to the "flexibility" criterion»;

5) development of a new generation of balancing equipment (balancing machines, balancing kits) with a digital measuring system;

6) development of new computer technologies for balancing the rotors of civil and MILITARY vehicles, both in their production and on-site repair in operation

Industry: production of balancing equipment


Development of a highly efficient and environmentally friendly technological process and equipment for converting chemical energy from carbon fuel into thermal and electrical energy

Brief description: Technology for converting the chemical energy of a hydrocarbon fuel (for example, methane) into heat and electricity

Industry: industrial enterprises, private companies fuel and energy companies, EMERCOM of Russia, Ministry of agriculture of Russia, Ministry of defense of Russia


Formation of a technological process for separation of oil-containing wastes for their further utilization with ensuring efficiency and environmental safety, justified by the modernization of equipment.

Short description:

A number of chemical, biological and physical methods are used for water disinfection.

The basis of the chemical method is chlorination (complexity in the technical structure, adverse effects on wildlife).

The basis of the biological method is biological processes (difficult reproducibility, period duration).

The basis of physical methods is ultraviolet, electroimpulse, ultrasound, radiation, HDTV (technical complexity, high energy intensity, low reliability of the disinfection process).

Industry: Treatment facilities.


Media Park Southern Region-DSTU

Brief description: Creating a universal platform that unites the University, media industry enterprises, and cultural and entertainment facilities

Industry: Information products and services, media content, educational services



Brief description: the bezyznosnost Project is a complex of research works aimed at finding, developing, researching and optimizing the functional properties of lubricants that implement the bezyznosnost effect in the friction units of machines, mechanisms and special-purpose devices

Industry: production of mobile interfaces of military equipment


Housing made of TRK materials

Brief description: Application of heat-dissipating composite (TRC) materials as raw materials for the production of led lamp housings for street and main lighting

Industry: Electrical and lighting engineering


Conservation and restoration of small steppe rivers in the southern Federal district

Brief description: Creating an effective technology for mechanical cleaning of riverbeds from source to mouth, which reduces the cost of their implementation by ten times in comparison with currently used technologies

Industry: Nature management


Methods and devices for rapid forecasting of corrosion processes

Brief description: Rapid control of the composition and corrosion resistance of metals and alloys based on local electrochemical analysis techniques, which allows you to speed up the conduct of corrosion tests

Industry: Chemical industry

Thematics: Chemical industry



Brief description: The tracktachograph is a software and hardware complex that allows you to: Monitor the physiological state of the driver before and during the trip; Identify "borderline" States; More effective use of modern measurement tools; Minimize the "human" factor; Optimize control of the driver's operating mode; Control on other types of transport (railway and AIR).

Industry: Transport

Thematics: Transport


Fertility ameliorant

Brief description: A unique bio-agrotechnology that, through accelerated humus formation, will create an industrial-scale soil mass for annual compensation of losses from erosion (water and wind) and dehumidification

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Electric Bike "Photon"

Brief description: Electric bike "Photon" for individual use in urban and rural environments. A unique spatial frame was designed and manufactured to withstand the specified loads, and an improved energy recovery system was created (returning part of the energy to the battery during braking). Currently, the possibility of using piezogenerators built into the wheel is being tested, and a universal programmable sine controller is being designed - that is, work is underway to create modules and components for next-generation electric vehicles

Industry: Transport

Thematics: Transport



Short description: a Payment service that allows online businesses to easily and automatically accept and configure online payments via direct debit. Customers (merchants) can receive money directly from their customer's Bank account without using Bank cards.

Industry: IT

Thematics: Information technology


Resource-saving, constructive and technological solutions for group drinking bowls for turkeys

Brief description: Saving group autodrinking to automate production, which will improve the quality of the process of autopore birds, to reduce non-productive water consumption, to reduce the expenditure of energy to maintain a given temperature of potable water and labor costs at production and maintenance of appliances.

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Carousel wind turbine with vertical axis of rotation with automatically controlled sails

Brief description: Carousel wind turbine with steerable sails. Uniform and high efficiency over the entire range of wind speeds. Does not have a power limit, does not create noise during operation

Industry: Wind Power

Thematics: Energy


Unmanned utility platforms

Brief description: Universal utility platform with machine vision system for cleaning sidewalk areas, squares and roads

Developer contacts:

Mikhailov Georgy Grigoryevich


Industry: housing and utilities



Electric vehicles and charging for the city

Brief description: Replacing dirty and expensive petrol transport with environmentally friendly and cost-effective electric transport.

Ways to achieve the goal:

- Sales of ready-made electric vehicles from Europe, America and Asia;

- Sale of electric vehicles, their components and conversion kits (petrol - > electric);

- Organization of your own workshop for the Assembly and production of electric vehicles and their components;

- Service, retrofitting and modification of imported or converted cars.

Developer contacts: Denis A. Ivanov 8-904-440-00-30

Industry: Automotive

Thematics: Transport



Brief description: The scales are designed for weight-by-weight weighing in the movement of railway transport of any configuration. Scales determine the mass of each car, the mass of fragments of the train and the mass of the train as a whole, the range of axial speeds, wheel and axial loads, and rail temperatures. Types of cargo: dry bulk, solid, and liquid with a kinematic viscosity of at least 59 mm 2/s.

Field of application-enterprises of various industries, agriculture and transport. Scales are recommended for monitoring the weight characteristics of railway transport in order to detect violations.

Thanks to the high-tech technology, the VRT-200-2 is installed by the adhesive method on the operated (native) rails in the interstitial space while preserving the original state of the upper structure of the track, without stopping traffic during the work shift.

Developer contacts: Fedorov Igor Igorevich 8-928-762-95-37

Industry: Transport

Thematics: Transport


Remote control for video editing

Brief description: Remote control for video editing

Developer contacts: Tarasov Sergey Andreevich 8-952-576-44-93

Industry: Media

Thematics: Communication


Creating a cost-effective vertical take-off and landing aircraft

Brief description: A vertical take-off and landing aircraft has characteristics (power consumption) similar to those of a helicopter, while in horizontal flight all characteristics correspond to those of an airplane.

Developer contacts: Taranukha Igor Ignatievich 8-920-450-65-45

Industry: Aircraft Manufacturing

Thematics: Transport


The shepherd 2.0

Brief description: The project of the automated system "Shepherd 2.0" is intended for use by livestock enterprises engaged in the cultivation and free grazing of cattle. The project's tracker collars are designed for individual wear by animals and represent individual "fences" with the ability to monitor the location of each animal and assess its physiological state. As part of the project, prototypes of collars with the function of a microshocker were made.

Developer contacts: Golubchikov Dmitry Mikhailovich 8-906-421-85-97

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


NeuroLink & NetSphere

Short description:

Cloud platform for individual and team profiling of social network users based on a network of wireless wearable sensors and neurointerfaces-NeuroLink.

Sensor network for smart cities based on multifunctional mobile devices in the form of a sphere-NetSphere.

Developer contacts: Litovkin, Roman V. 8-917-333-99-96

Industry: Social networks

Thematics: Information technology


Horizontal-axial wind turbine competitive in terms of cost of electricity with power supply companies

Brief description: Personal power systems LLC plans to launch Its product on the markets of Western Europe, North and South America, and Southeast Asia with a total capacity of $0.8 billion, which is growing at a rate of 19.5% per year.

The product is an intelligent wind turbine with a unique output, competitive in terms of electricity price with power supply companies. it is created as a single platform for 2 and 10 kW models.

Developer contacts: Zhestkov Yuri Nikolaevich 8-863-218-90-24

Industry: Energy

Thematics: Energy


Angel's Knock

A device consisting of:

- vibration-sensitive sensor (4 sensors)

- circuitry that converts an analog signal to a digital one and transmits data to a personal device

- battery's.

Ergonomically designed and invisible under clothing.

Allows you to hear the fetal pulse outside of analogues in the perinatal period from the 12th week.

Autonomously, it does not perceive external noises, thereby providing 24/7 monitoring of the current state and trends in fetal development. It also involves out-of-patient use with possible data synchronization with the supervising doctor.

The first tests were conducted in the Rostov-n NIIAP/D and research Institute named after Kulakov MSK.

The results are positive.

The market potential was evaluated.

There are 2 strategies for entering the market.

Developer contacts: Braitsev Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich 8-928-192-17-21

Industry: Healthcare

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Breeding and hybrid center for pig breeding

Brief description: Creation of a modern highly efficient breeding pig breeding complex in the Rostov region

Developer contacts: Ivan svinarev 8-909-411-31-11

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry



Brief description: Design, manufacture, and installation of aeroponic and hydroponic modules for growing plants. Aeroponics and hydroponics are methods of growing plants related to the technologies of progressive crop production. Modules are used both for growing crops and for plants in interior and exterior decoration. Special designs for growing plants (indoor and outdoor flowers) on the walls of a room or building are developed and produced for interior decoration. The technology of growing plants on walls is called "vertical gardening Technology".

Developer contacts: Savchenko Sergey 8-909-434-56-72

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agriculture


Hybrid technologies for mixing and pre-sowing seed treatment based on a device with an elastic working body

Brief description: The process of mixing and etching seeds is similar in nature. When etching, as well as when mixing, it is necessary to mix the components until a homogeneous state. The main difference between the technologies is that when preparing the mixture, the components are mixed in the entire volume of the mixer, and when etching seeds, pesticides-etchants must be distributed over the surface of the seeds. The purpose of creating a hybrid device "Intelligent mixer-mordant with elastic working bodies" is to intensify the process of mixing and etching (improving the quality and productivity of the process), with the possibility of inlaying seeds to avoid damage to seeds by working bodies and the harmful effects of mordant preparations on the service personnel, while simplifying and reducing the cost of the design without additional power costs. The proposed devices with an elastic working body are designed in such a way that they protect the environment and humans from the harmful effects of toxic agents, since they exclude any possibility of contact with toxic chemicals.

Developer contacts: Maya Sukhanova 8-928-755-11-21

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


High-power lithium-ion batteries for passenger cars

Brief description: Currently, alkaline iron-Nickel batteries with a voltage of 110V (for VHF cars) or 50V (for cars without air conditioning) are mainly used for power supply of passenger cars. This type of battery has a number of full charge-discharge cycles up to 1500 times, a buffer operation period of up to 10 years, but they cannot be charged at temperatures above 45°C, require maintenance, and have a specific capacity of about 100 kWh / kg. This project involves the use of a lithium-ion battery (LIGB) combined with the device control and balancing of LIGB for power supply of passenger cars, because the number of cycles of LIGB coincides with the iron-Nickel battery, the life of LIGB in standby is more than 15 years, the power density of LIGB is to 500Втч/kg, in addition, they are maintenance-free.

Developer contacts: Anatoly klenushkin 8-928-155-32-24

Industry: Transport

Thematics: Transport



Inertial navigation systems based on advanced multi-axis micromechanical gyroscopes-accelerometers

Brief description: The project will develop and manufacture an original element base for inertial systems: promising multi-axis micromechanical gyroscopes-accelerometers, signal processing devices. The project is aimed at implementing import substitution programs in the field of high technologies.

Developer contacts: Igor Lysenko 8-918-511-65-75

Industry: IT

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Horizontal axial low power wind power plant optimized for efficiency and noise

Brief description: The project of a low-power horizontal axial wind power plant optimized in terms of efficiency and noise is presented. Optimization is carried out by improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the wind wheel blades.

Developer contacts: Nadezhda Afanasyeva 8-961-320-56-24

Industry: Ecoenergy

Thematics: Energy


Bike transportation

Brief description: Website:

Delivery in large cities is quite long and expensive. There is no convenient service for the delivery of small-sized cargo

For small businesses that do not have their own courier service it is quite expensive to maintain couriers with a minimum of orders

Citizens do not have the ability to create orders for delivery and courier services. Difficult to combine conditions

The bike messengers movement is widespread in the West and in Europe . For many cyclists working in this field, courier service is not just a job, but a way of life . This is a whole subcultural movement that unites young people and girls who have left their "fixes" from the expanses of the underground to the streets of cities. In Russia, the movement of Bicycle couriers is only gaining momentum and is becoming popular among modern youth. For senders, this is a great way to quickly deliver the necessary goods and documents within the city.

Developer contacts: Gusev Dmitry Vladimirovich 8-903-406-77-28

Industry: Trade

Thematics: Transport


Technology for obtaining drinking water from the air without energy or fuel costs.

Brief description: I have developed a completely new technology for obtaining drinking water from the air. With its help, fresh water can be obtained even in a completely waterless desert and in almost unlimited quantities. The process of obtaining water occurs without using any traditional and familiar energy sources, only due to the interaction of solar energy and The earth's electromagnetic field.

This technology is very simple, not expensive, and very effective. It is based on the principle of reverse diffusion of gases when artificially creating a dew point. Everything is done simply, reliably and cheaply. The principle of condensation of water from the air is well known and has long been known. I managed to increase the speed of this process many times.

The installations that I am currently creating on this principle are simple in design, do not have movable components and aggregates, which means there is absolutely nothing to break, and most importantly(!), they do not use any fuel or electricity for their work. "Solar panels" or batteries are also not needed. There is a working model.

Industry: according to OKVED-Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water

Thematics: Ecology


Laboratory switchboard for measuring signals

Brief description: The switch is designed for connecting the measured circuits to the measuring equipment. It was originally designed for measuring the characteristics and calibration of resistance thermometers as part of a laboratory stand based on national Instruments measuring instruments. It can function in manual, automatic and controlled modes (USB connection). It has the following input configurations: 32 channels on 2 lines, 16 channels on 4 lines. Digital control, display-LCD indicator.

Developer contacts: Belyaev Alexey Olegovich

Industry: IT

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Improving the design of the working body for layer-by-layer soil treatment

Brief description: tillage is the main operation in preparation for the cultivation of crops. Layer-by-layer soil treatment is one of the most significant operations carried out during soil preparation. This is confirmed by the fact that layer-by-layer processing contributes to the accumulation of moisture inside the soil layer, the division of the layer into layers, and the reduction of soil erosion. But, despite all the advantages of this technological process, it has a number of disadvantages. In particular, the design features of the working bodies used, and more specifically:

- no multi-operation – performing one operation in one pass of the unit;

- imperfection of the design in the area of a combination of shallow and deep loosening;

- reduced maintainability of the main elements of the working bodies.

Authors: Bozhko I. V., Parkhomenko G. G.

Developer contacts: Bozhko Igor Vladimirovich

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Development of technology for obtaining and applying biochar from agricultural waste in order to eliminate pollution and increase soil fertility

Brief description: Agricultural enterprises of the Russian Federation produce about 1-2 million tons of sunflower husks annually, which is equivalent to 60% of the total production of mineral fertilizers in the country. However, this huge potential is used by no more than a third, which is due to the lack of effective technologies for preparing agricultural waste as fertilizers and chemical sorbents.

Thanks to the introduction of technology for the production of biochar from sunflower husks, it is possible to almost completely dispose of waste to obtain a biosorbent-a fertilizer with high sorption properties. The resulting biochar will be non-toxic in relation to plant products, will increase soil fertility and crop productivity by up to 15%, and also reduce the toxicity of pollutants in chemical contamination of soils. Currently, methods and pilot devices are being developed for obtaining biochar from plant waste, which will be transferred to pilot production in the future. The developed equipment will provide the ability to scale for processing up to 100 tons of sunflower husks per year. The developed technological process allows you to create highly profitable low-tonnage production.

Developer contacts: Burachevskaya Marina Viktorovna

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Gold electroplating equipment

Brief description: At the beginning of 2017, our team received financial support from ERCIR. Installation is the result of this support. Our equipment takes into account the experience of operating laboratory installations at jewelry enterprises. At the end of December - beginning of January, testing of equipment at the potential buyer's enterprise is scheduled. For more information on equipment and presentations for different audiences, please contact Dmitry Agapov

Developer contacts: Sparrows Gleb Nikolaevich

Industry: Jewelry industry

Thematics: Chemical industry


Development of a control system and algorithm for the operation of a twilight lighting object

Brief description: The subject of the design is an art object of twilight lighting. The result of the work is the creation and technical and design development of the design concept and production technology of lamps for residential premises, as information and advertising objects. The layout of the lamp is made in its natural form using plexiglass.

The use of plexiglass makes it possible to produce transparent, durable, safe to use, scattering elements with high technology of engraving on the surface. Due to the use of individually controlled LEDs, many operating modes are achieved, which has a positive effect on the psychological state of a person.

Developer contacts: Stus Anastasia Gennadievna

Industry: Light engineering

Thematics: Energy


Distributed system for measuring and monitoring soil parameters

Brief description: Currently, automation affects more and more areas of human activity, in particular, agriculture. An urgent task is to create a system that allows remote monitoring of humidity, acidity, temperature, and other soil parameters that directly affect productivity.

Since the standard box has a heterogeneous soil structure, and can also be divided into plots sown with different crops, it is necessary to build a distributed measurement system and control (Riic) soil parameters, which are a set of spaced measuring points (sensor units) that transmit the measuring data via a wireless communication channel (COP) to the Central device, providing the processing of the received measurements and performance data by the end user. Existing solutions are targeted narrowly focused closed developments.

Developer contacts: Gorshenin Nikolay Olegovich

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Wind farm

Brief description: The project of an energy-efficient wind power plant on the Darya helicoid rotor is a product produced entirely by digital modeling and a developed manufacturing method using additive manufacturing technology on own-developed production facilities. The helicoid rotor is an orthogonal wind generator with a vertical axis, the blades of which are twisted along the bearing axis, which significantly increases the service life of the entire structure, since it provides a uniform load on the bearing and mast from all sides. But this solution has a drawback - it is difficult to manufacture twisted blades in normal production, and hence the extremely high cost of such a vertical windmill. We have found a solution-we have created new additive manufacturing technologies that are used in the project, which allowed us to reduce the cost of manufacturing such technologically complex blades by orders of magnitude and get a cost lower than the cost of conventional wind turbines. The current state of the project is pilot operation of test samples.

Developer contacts: Igor Grinchenko

Industry: Energy

Thematics: Energy


Installation of intensive seed preparation for germination

Brief description: The purpose of the development is to provide research on the interaction and influence of the external environment on the development of seeds of various plants. The research is aimed at implementing automated systems in agricultural production. By controlling the photoperiod, lighting spectrum, temperature and humidity, it is possible to accelerate germination and increase the percentage of seed germination.

Management and monitoring is provided by a microcontroller control system with the ability to log and transmit information to an external computer.

Developer contacts: Donskoy Danila Yurievich

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Installation for measuring the dielectric permittivity of materials in a wide frequency band on the basis of an H-waveguide

Brief description: The development of science and technology, in particular, the use of new types of composite and intelligent materials, opens up new opportunities for improving the characteristics of microwave devices. Placing a sample of such material in a waveguide can significantly change its electrodynamic characteristics: structures of electromagnetic fields, critical frequencies, and propagation constants [1], which makes it possible to effectively use waveguides with piecewise layered dielectric filling in the structures of filters, generators, and other new-generation microwave devices.

Developer contacts: Donchenko Alexey Vitalievich

Industry: Materials Science

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Inertial navigation systems based on micro-and nanomechanical multi-axis sensors

Brief description: The global freight market is worth billions of dollars and is constantly growing due to the rapidly developing trade and economic ties between countries and continents. Every day, tons of cargo are transported over vast distances by air, water and land. And it is becoming more and more urgent to solve the problem of tracking the location and condition of goods, their safe, high-quality and inexpensive transportation.

The goal of the project is to create an inertial navigation system based on micromechanical sensors designed for land, sea and aviation navigation. This system will be able to determine the position of an object along three axes using a single sensor element, i.e. it will provide basic information about a moving or moving object: orientation, stabilization, and alignment. Thus, to register linear acceleration and angular velocity along the three sensitivity axes, 1 sensor is needed, not 4 or 6. This will increase the degree of integration and reduce the weight and size characteristics of the device being developed, and therefore reduce the cost of the output product.

Developer contacts: Ezhova, Olga Aleksandrovna

Industry: Navigation

Thematics: Information technology



Brief description: Our online lending service allows you to increase the revenue of an online store by selling on credit. At the same time, the buyer can issue any product on credit without leaving home. Due to the fact that we cooperate with several banks, customers get the best loan processing conditions

The service is integrated into the site in just one click. After that, our "Buy on credit" button appears in the product card.

We will select the best loan terms, get the Bank's approval within 20 minutes, and bring the loan agreement to the buyer for signing. The store will only need to deliver the product.

Developer contacts: Anton V. Ivanenko

Industry: Finance

Thematics: Information technology


Feed grain disc shredder

Brief description: The feed grain disc shredder is designed for grinding cereals and legumes.

A disk grinder with minimal energy consumption makes it possible to obtain a product of various grinding modules that meets the maximum animal requirements. The specified fraction is 85-96%, and less than 1 mm - up to 6.8%.

The machine is powered by an electric motor N=1.1 kW;

n=1500 Rev/min. The type of impact of the working bodies of the machine on the crushed product is disk.

Developer contacts: Vyacheslav V. Ivanov

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Import-substituting robot constructor VOLGODONSK-deep

Brief description: The goal of the project is to create a Russian robot designer for industrial production from affordable and inexpensive parts for the development of real-life educational robots, with which any child, as well as an adult, can start learning the basics of radio electronics, robotics and programming.

Currently, two versions of the technological documentation for the production of constructors have been developed:

1 option. Manufacturer of designer without the use of solder.

Option 2. Production of a constructor based on self-made layout and debugging boards (like Arduino boards).

Both variants were tested at the young technicians station in Volgodonsk, and more than 30 sets of constructors were made using them, which are currently being used by students of the Robotics Association at the young technicians station in Volgodonsk by Yuri Kizeev, a teacher of additional education.

At the competition of innovative projects "technology Leader", it is planned to demonstrate: robot constructor VOLGODONSK-deep, at least ten assembled robots and show the show "robot Football".

Developer contacts: Kizeev Yuri Alexandrovich

Industry: Robotics

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


New safety technology in medicine (innovative laryngeal mask)

Brief description: The laryngeal mask (LM) is a medical device invented by the English anesthesiologist Arche Brain 30 years ago. The first laryngeal mask was disposable, but then Arche Brain managed to make a reusable version(with the possibility of autoclave sterilization using a special soft program) the mask can withstand up to 40 sterilizations, so the amount of garbage is reduced by 40 times!

LM solves the problem of sealing the artificial ventilation System-the patient's lungs during surgery without contacting the glottis.

Developer contacts: Kozhevnikov Mikhail Aleksandrovich

Industry: Medicine

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Silk road

Short description:

Map with interactive navigation to all shopping centers and other interesting places in the country.

Developer contacts: Kolisnichenko Andrey

Industry: Reference books, GIS

Thematics: Information technology


Automated system for maintaining the microclimate in the greenhouse

Brief description: a Greenhouse is a complex object of management, it simultaneously controls and regulates a large number of physical properties necessary for the favorable development of plants, such as:

* soil moisture;

•air humidity;

•soil temperature;

•air temperature;

•the temperature of the water for irrigation;


•water level in the irrigation tank.

For regulation, it is most effective to use microprocessor control. It is worth noting that for large greenhouses there are a huge number of ready-made solutions, but for producers with a small turnover of products, these systems are not available at a price.

In this regard, the goal of our work is to create an inexpensive automated system for maintaining the microclimate parameters in the greenhouse and develop software for this system.

Developer contacts: Kolomatsky Denis Viktorovich PROMITEY14@MAIL.RU

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Development of a highly efficient technology for hardening long-length thin-walled parts, as well as the internal surfaces of hollow parts in devices with a rotating electromagnetic field

Brief description: The relevance of the developed technology is due to the search for ways and methods of finishing and strengthening processing of long thin-walled parts, as well as processing the internal surfaces of hollow parts. These parts include thin-walled pipes, stringers, belts, and spars, which are widely used for the manufacture of aircraft.

Developer contacts: Anatoly Kochubey

Industry: Materials Science

Thematics: Chemical industry


Application of wear-and heat-resistant protective coatings by electroacoustic spraying

Brief description: Our work involves: increasing wear resistance by electroacoustic spraying, reducing resource consumption, increasing strength characteristics, increasing the service life, heat resistance.

Developer contacts: Evgeny Menschikov

Industry: Materials Science

Thematics: Chemical industry


Optical measurement technologies and their applications for studying the processes of defect formation and diagnostics of the state of structural materials

Brief description: The relevance of the development is due to the fact that the results are included in the "Priority areas of science, technology and technology development in the Russian Federation" (p. 2, 3) and " List of critical technologies of the Russian Federation "(p. 11, 13, 16), approved by decree of the President of the Russian Federation of July 07, 2011 N 899 (ed. 16.12.2015).

Designed for high-precision non-contact measurements of small spatial (linear and angular) movements of the surfaces of control objects in the study of defect formation processes in new structural materials and diagnostics of the state of structural materials of power elements of structures in operation, using acoustic methods of non-destructive testing in mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, fuel and energy complex, etc.

Developer contacts: Miroshnichenko Igor Pavlovich

Industry: Optics

Thematics: Industry


Quantum cryptographic network

Brief description: Quantum cryptography has already taken its rightful place among information security tools. The principles of quantum cryptography are implemented in quantum key distribution systems. In contrast to all existing cryptographic algorithms that are based on mathematical statements, quantum cryptography relies on the fundamental properties of quantum physics. The latter provides absolute protection from unauthorized listening.

Developer contacts: Anton Pavlovich Plenkin

Industry: IT

Thematics: Information technology


Technology of cultivation of winter durum wheat

Brief description: The technology of cultivation for hard winter wheat has been developed, which takes into account the best predecessors, optimal terms and depth of sowing, optimal terms and methods of applying mineral fertilizers, basic soil treatment, terms and methods of harvesting, ensuring a stable harvest of high-quality grain.

Developer contacts: Popov Alexey Sergeevich

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Parameters and operating modes of microwave drying of green plant materials with vacuum removal of the released moisture

Brief description: The invention relates to equipment for drying green vegetable mass by removing moisture from it. The combined drying of green plant mass includes the loading hopper with augers feeding and guiding the gear motor and a housing containing interconnected channel and located alternately at least two pairs of sections of convective drying and microwave heating and section of the regulation of the density of plant mass, and in the loading hopper is provided with auxiliary screw, the screw surface is made in the form of Archimedean spiral, the radius of which decreases to the end of the screw, directed towards the guide, the convective drying and microwave heating sections are connected by a channel and do not have flaps between each pair of sections, the convective drying section is first located, and then the microwave heating section, and the microwave heating section includes a fitting connecting its chamber to the vacuum pump. The use of the invention will prevent the destruction of carotene and vitamins contained in the green plant mass during drying, and increase the productivity of the plant by accelerating evaporation and removing water.

Contact developer: Ruhljad Artem Igorevich

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry



Brief description: Filling machine for packaging Shoe covers in polyethylene, for further sale through vending machines, instead of plastic capsules. There is a working prototype and regular customers of the product.

Developer contacts: Sinakin Mikhail Mikhailovich

Industry: Medicine

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Innovative technology for the production of effective cellular heat-insulating glass material with a unique set of properties

Brief description:

The objectives of the project

- development of technology and selection of equipment for industrial production of efficient energy-and resource-saving cellular heat-insulating glass material, which has a unique set of thermal and operational properties, a wide range of applications and a high economic potential for further introduction into production;

- analysis of possible cost reduction develop cellular insulating glass flake material without deterioration of properties due to the optimization of technological modes of production and replacement of costly raw material components of the charge on the aluminosilicate industrial waste Rostov region – ash-and-slag wastes of Novocherkassk GRES;

- physical and chemical studies of ash and slag waste from Novocherkassk GRES to improve the efficiency of their processing and to reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment and resource conservation;

- formation of a technological base for eliminating previously accumulated environmental damage in order to ensure the environmental safety of large energy enterprises in the Rostov region;

- eliminating the lag in the development of domestic construction technologies from the world level, ensuring their competitiveness in global and national markets.

Developer contacts: Smoliy Viktoriya Aleksandrovna

Industry: Construction

Thematics: Construction


Technology for forming elements of a self-learning adaptive neuromorphic processor for creating artificial intelligence systems.

Brief description: Product description:

Technology for forming memristor structures based on ZnO thin films for creating elements of a self-learning adaptive neuromorphic processor. Prototype of a self-learning adaptive neuromorphic processor element based on ZnO nanocrystalline films.

Developer contacts: Tominov Roman Viktorovich

Industry: IT

Thematics: Information technology


Asdk Voskhod

Brief description: Automated remote monitoring system (ASDC) of the rescuer's spatial position and physiological parameters. The Voskhod complex automates the coordination of personnel actions and saving the lives of victims in the emergency zone.

Developer contacts: Yuri Vladimirovich Tsymbalenko

Industry: Ecology

Thematics: Ecology


3D Printer

Brief description: The project is based on the idea of modeling by layer-by-layer deposition. The technology involves creating three-dimensional objects by applying successive layers of material that follow the contours of a digital model. As a rule, thermoplastics supplied in the form of coils of threads or rods are used as printing materials. At this stage, the project involves completing the design and launching the production of a 3D printer. The F300 system is a 3D printer with high positioning accuracy, ease of use, and high build quality. The print area is 220x280x300mm, and the maximum build speed is 120mm/s. The presence of a large TFT display makes it possible to quickly and easily interact with the printer.

Developer contacts: Chapek Sergey Valentinovich

Industry: Materials Science

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Technology of harvesting grain crops by combine combing with the development of a laboratory installation for the study of the process

Brief description: Agricultural enterprises (SHP) began to buy less equipment, especially tractors and combines, which led to a reduction in the quantitative composition of the machine and tractor fleet (MTP), its aging, and, as a result, non-compliance with crop cultivation technology, and an increase in the duration of work. Quite often, in farms, harvesting of grain crops takes 20-30 days instead of 10-12 days, which leads to large losses of grain by shedding and a significant decrease in its quality, and therefore the price for products. In such a situation, it is justified to search for alternative solutions that allow the SHP to resolve the contradictions within the financial capabilities available to it. One of the alternative options is the introduction of OCHA technology that allows to increase the productivity of combine harvesters by 1.5-2.0 times, reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%.

Developer contacts: Chervyakov Ivan Vladimirovich

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agriculture


Technology for restoring the performance characteristics of lead-acid batteries

Brief description: The technology allows you to restore and improve the performance of up to 65% of decommissioned batteries, and 100% restore and increase factory performance on used batteries.

Just imagine-for many years you regenerate the same battery to values of at least 99.9 % of the manufacturer's stated values. And save yourself from buying a new battery.

My hardware package allows you to:

1)INCREASE the design life of the battery up to 4 times;

2) RESTORES the density of the electrolyte

up to 1.27 g / cm3

3) IMPROVES the battery's ability to store power from the mains

4) INCREASES the inrush current to 10 % of the rated value

5) REDUCES charging current and reduces fuel consumption

Developer contacts: Chernousov Pavel Sergeevich

Industry: Chemical

Thematics: Chemical industry


CNC installation for manufacturing parts from foam materials (PENOPLEX, Styrofoam, etc.)

Brief description: The unit is a four-axis CNC system designed for manufacturing parts made of foam and similar materials by cutting with a heated nichrome thread. It works under PC control, using Mastercam (preparation of control programs) and MACH3 (system drive management) applications. It can be used for manufacturing parts of various layouts,

decorative items (letters, shapes, etc.), as well as details of aircraft modeling.

Developer contacts: Yartsev Alexander Sergeevich

Industry: Materials Science

Thematics: Automation/Robotics



Digital and hardware workflow and sales management systems

Short description:

"1) Organizational and managerial:- organization of a single digital environment for interaction between company employees (chat and voice/video communication, news feed, setting and monitoring tasks, cloud storage, internal EDI, etc.)-tools for automating warehouse accounting, sales (wholesale, retail, online store), obtaining statistics and making management decisions based on it.- tools for automating accounting and HR tasks.

2) Marketing:- CRM system for developing the customer base - advertising and service mailing lists (e-mail, sms) and automated customer calls (using TTS modules) - tools for creating a customer card (unlike the classic card that you need to wear, the proposed solution is identified by the client's face) - wifi radars and other systems"

Industry: Consulting and information services.

Thematics: Information technology


Virtual laboratory " microwave devices and Devices"

Brief description: "The created software package made it possible to create a virtual computer laboratory for the study of microwave devices, "equipped" with modern measuring equipment from well-known world manufacturers.

The laboratory consists of computer models of complex measuring devices that repeat with" photographic "accuracy the interface of their real counterparts with "functioning" controls.

The created models of measuring devices can replace modern high-tech expensive imported measuring devices in the educational process. This software product can be used in the implementation of educational programs and support for full-time, correspondence, distance and e-learning."

Industry: "72.19 Research and development in the field of natural and technical Sciences other; 62.02 Advisory Activities and work in the field of computer technology; 62.09 Activities related to the use of computer technology and information technology

Thematics: Information technology


Velovod - mobile app with thematic audio tours and navigation on safe routes for cyclists in the city and surrounding area

Brief description: "In the course of working on the project, mechanisms are being developed to study the interests of users, take into account their assessment of the quality of content and attractions, classify the quality of urban roads and infrastructure, to form safe routes, both within the city and outside it, in the surrounding territories. The project has a high potential for scaling and can be quickly launched anywhere in the world,

Today, the problem of Cycling routes and the development of Bicycle infrastructure is very acute both in Russia and in the world - the constant growth of cities leads to an increase in the load on transport - Cycling in many megacities has long been a solution.

Industry: Research and development in the field of Humanities

Thematics: Link


Development of technology for intensive cultivation of fish in an artificially created biocenosis based on a plastic community of microalgae-live food objects

Brief description: "The project is aimed at developing a biotechnology for intensive fish farming based on continuous cultivation of a complex of full-fledged live feeds to provide various valuable fish species at the early stages of development.

New scientific approaches to creating a complex of forage organisms by building a biological chain of enzymes and producers functioning in one artificially created ecosystem are proposed."

Industry: Production and technological(development of new devices and new technologies in relation to industrial aquiculture)

Thematics: Agricultural industry


ECOMIX inlay mixer for complex pre-sowing seed treatment

Brief description: "All existing devices for pre-sowing seed treatment injure and destroy seeds. Seed consumers are forced to spend at least twice as much seed when etching in existing devices.

Currently, in agricultural production, not only are there no machines for pre-sowing seed treatment, the working bodies of which would not injure the seeds, but also there are no mechanical and mathematical models that can adequately describe the process of interaction of seeds with elastic working bodies.

Industry: Industrial and technological: development of new devices for complex pre-treatment of fragile easily injured seeds of field and elite agricultural crops (in particular, beans, potatoes, etc.)

Subject: Agriculture


Development of drugs to increase crop yield and stress resistance

Brief description: The project provides for the development and production of bioenergetic stimulators for agricultural plants that provide for increasing the yield and resistance of crops to high temperatures and low humidity.

Industry: "Technical conditions for the production of the drug" Agrimitin "(winter wheat); certificate of compliance No. 2094426 dated 24.06.2016, products: the drug "AGRIMITIN" serial production, meets the requirements of regulatory documents TU 2472-001-62288112-20

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Software and hardware complex for collecting, analyzing, segmenting and targeting MAC addresses of mobile devices and providing public Wi-Fi services

Brief description: "The" Scan&Targeting Analytics " technology is based on the use of specially programmed Wi-Fi routers that provide access to the Wi-Fi network, as well as scan the space and record the MAC addresses of mobile devices that fall into the scanning zone. The software analysis module developed by S&TA allows sorting and analyzing the collected MAC addresses by a number of parameters, such as: device manufacturer, signal strength, time spent in the scanner's coverage area, frequency of repeated occurrences, and a lot of other statistical data. By uploading MAC addresses to MyTarget and Yandex.Direct electronic platforms, you can get depersonalized statistical data about the owners of these devices based on social network data (distribution by gender, age, areas of interest, level of wealth, etc.), as well as send them anonymized targeted messages on the online services of the above-mentioned electronic platforms. This technology is actively used abroad, and in Russia it has been developing since 2016."

Industry: Marketing, business Analytics, advertising

Thematics: Information technology


DBR machines for balancing flexible rotors

Brief description: Currently, there is a steady trend to reduce the material consumption and increase the working speed of rotating units (rotors) of machines, that is, the transition from traditional rigid rotors to the use of quasi-flexible and flexible ones. Flexible rotors are widely used in power units of power machines, aircraft engines, turbo units, and agricultural machinery. There is a tendency to expand the use of such systems in other areas. The DBR series machines allow for equally efficient balancing of both flexible and rigid rotors.

Industry: Development and production of innovative balancing equipment.

Thematics: Industry


An intelligent video Analytics system for offline establishments with face recognition and user behavior features.

Brief description: The main scope of the product is retail stores and shopping centers with high traffic. The product can also potentially be used in the banking sector in offices that work with the public, and other sites where there is a need to know the client "in person" and optimize the processes associated with its service.

Industry: Image and speech recognition

Thematics: Information technology


Industrial hardware and software complex for additive production of conveyor type

Brief description: 3D printer of the conveyor type, which works completely in automatic mode and allows you to minimize human labor and speed up the production of products. As far as we know, there is only one such printer in the world, but it is not an industrial model.

Industry: Prototypes and cases for devices and mechanisms. Creating and printing busts and decorative elements on a 3D printer. Provision of 3D scanning services.

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Organization of production of a model range of alternative fuel heaters

Brief description: As a result of R & d on the previous stages of the project, an innovative line of industrial heaters of small and medium power (15-200 kW) with automatic control system, as well as with various functional characteristics: with a water circuit and with air cooling was developed, manufactured and certified. The advantages of the manufactured products in comparison with existing analogues make it possible to compete seriously with the available heating equipment of domestic and imported production. The project is aimed at further expanding the production of alternative fuel heaters, which will allow us to take a strong position in the market of industrial heating equipment.

Industry: Industrial heating equipment

Thematics: Energy


Washing machine BESTEQ-WMEG-6000 (VTEP. 102313. 009)

Brief description: The washing machine is used for washing and disinfection (heat treatment) with steam of empty glass containers with a capacity of 0.5 to 3.0 liters before filling it

Industry: Food industry enterprise

Subject: Food industry


Special equipment for national security and defense

Brief description: The developed complex uses domestic CI and materials that provide parameters and characteristics along with imported CI and materials

Industry: Electronic industry

Thematics: Link


Development of industrial air regeneration systems based on an Electromechanical device for suppressing dust fractions

Brief description: "To date, a large number of different devices for blocking dust emissions into the atmosphere have been developed, manufactured and used. They differ in a number of parameters, but most devices are air filtration systems, and they are filtered by depositing dust particles on the structural elements. This cleaning method affects the size of the cleaning device and the energy consumption of the regeneration elements. The industrial air regeneration system, designed as part of this research, implements a non-contact method for blocking fine fraction, in which the capture and deposition of dust fraction on the structural elements is not the main process, but an accompanying one.

Industrial air regeneration system - a device for non-contact air aspiration, the principle of operation of which is based on charging the dust fraction with an electrostatic field and then removing it back to the source of dusting. This circumstance allows the device to be used in technologies for blocking dust emissions, in addition, this is a fundamental difference in the principle of operation of the shutter from other means of blocking."

Industry: the Scope of the system under development is quite extensive, because the bulk of pollutants fall on gaseous substances and fine materials that can travel long distances and accumulate. Most in demand

Thematics: Ecology


Heat-shrinkable five-layer film with modifying additives for group and palletized product packaging

Brief description: "Five-layer shrink film is produced by extrusion. Increasing the number of film layers from the usual three to five significantly increases the strength of the material and allows you to exclude different thicknesses that lead to deterioration of the quality of the packaging material. Industry: Production of consumer and industrial goods.

Thematics: Industry


Ramoy chalk compound, mod. 98.3

Short description: "Development, production and market launch of a universal compound that combines the properties of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

Compounds are artificial multicomponent materials consisting of a base and fillers. Compounds based on calcium carbonate (chalk additive) and polymer filler form important performance characteristics of the finished product:

polyethylene (PE) provides elasticity, polypropylene (PP) – strength.

Instead of two expensive imported compounds, manufacturers of polymer products will be able to use one universal additive of Russian production. Using the RAMOY mod. 98.3 compound allows you to improve performance and reduce the cost of the finished product, as well as ensure stable product quality, due to the ready and balanced combination of polymers in the additive."

Industry: Production of polymer materials markets B2C, B2B

Thematics: Chemical industry



Refrigeration equipment monitoring system

Brief description: "The system involves both retrofitting existing refrigerators and installing new devices. The main functionality: 1. Monitoring the temperature of the refrigerating chamber;

2. Monitoring the number of passes/approaches of people to the refrigerator;

3. Counting the number of openings;

4. Counting download the shelves;

5. Getting photos of product materials (shelf load);

6. Reading the sales representative's tag;

7. Receiving GPS coordinates ;

8. Monitoring the presence of voltage ~220V in the power supply

9. Collecting the specified data and sending it to the server.

Industry: Trade

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Energy audit

Brief description: Hardware and software complex for monitoring, analyzing and forecasting power consumption of machines and mechanisms

Industry: Production

Thematics: Energy

Development of a method for adaptation of meristem medicinal plants in an aeroponic environment

Brief description: "Development of methods for obtaining medicinal raw materials using advanced crop production technologies.

Using the methods of microclonal reproduction, we can get a high-quality planting (medicinal) metarial in the shortest possible time. The method allows you to propagate plants, especially in cases where it is difficult to grow a plant through seeds. Next, micro-plants are planted in aeroponic modules for adaptation and further growth. With the help of Aeroponika cultivation technology, we can increase the productivity of cultivating plants from 140% to 1200%, taking into account the planting density and maturation time. The grown plants will be delivered to companies that accept medicinal raw materials for further processing and extraction. As part of the study, a series of experiments (thermograviometry) will be additionally conducted to recognize useful substances in grown plants."

Industry: Pharmacology, pharmacognosy

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Maps for the collection and storage of biological material "BIOGRAN»

Brief description: The project is aimed at developing and manufacturing systems for collecting, transporting and long-term storage of biological material in a wide temperature range with the preservation of DNA for further molecular genetic research.

Industry: Laboratory molecular genetic research, Biobanking

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Presspack-automation of packing Shoe covers in polyethylene, for subsequent sale through vending machines

Brief description: Development of a machine for automated forming of a new type of plastic packaging. The innovation of packaging is in the concentrically reduced to the center seam. The uniqueness of the machine is fixed in the patent.

Industry: Packing

Thematics: Industry


High-performance catalyst for low-temperature fuel cells

Brief description: The developed method of synthesis makes it possible to obtain electrocatalysts with higher functional characteristics compared to their analogues, due to the combination of the original method of pretreatment of the carbon carrier and optimization of the synthesis conditions. To successfully enter the market, it is necessary to scale this synthesis method and establish the production of a catalyst. The use of Pt/C electrocatalysts developed by us will reduce the platinum content in the catalytic layer of fuel cells without reducing their specific characteristics. The project team has the necessary experience in implementing scientific and technical grants and competencies for the successful implementation of the project.

Industry: Energy

Thematics: Energy


Robotic complex for contact spot welding of glue-welded panels

Brief description: Modernization of the glue welding section by replacing the contact welding equipment with a robotic complex for contact spot welding of glue-welded panels

Industry: aircraft Industry, defense industry

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Construction of an aviation training center

Brief description: Creation of infrastructure to improve the quality of services for training aviation personnel of helicopter buyers in order to meet the requirements of buyers.

Industry: aircraft Industry, defense industry

Thematics: Education


Automated remote control system (ASDC) of the spatial position and physiological indicators of the rescuer "Voskhod"

Brief description: The system provides remote control of basic vital functions with indication of critical conditions, tracking of staff movements and survivors in the emergency area; admission to the emergency headquarters operational visual information with the possibility of generation of reporting documents; equipment wearable device modules to monitor the state of the environment: control of air space for harmful gas, temperature, etc.

Industry: Instrumentation, medicine

Thematics: Communication


Railway carriage scales for weighing in motion art

Brief description: Rail car scales for weighing in motion art are designed for axial measurement of the mass in motion of railway cars and trains from them. Scales consist of one or more cargo receiving devices (GPUs) and a personal computer installed in the weighing room. Each GPU includes a measuring section of the operated track, on which two wheel load meters (ICN), communication cables and an adapter are installed. The principle of operation of the scales is based on the conversion of analog signals of sensors of rail deformation under the influence of wheel load into digital signals, which are processed according to specified algorithms by a special program and the result of weighing according to various parameters of the request is displayed on a PC monitor.

Industry: Enterprises of various industries, agriculture and transport

Thematics: Transport


Development of production technology for double-head nuts OST1 33072-80

Brief description: Development of technology for the production of double-head nuts OST1 33072-80 by turning and cold landing.

Industry: Aircraft Manufacturing

Thematics: Industry


Development of a scalable automatic mobile phyto-lighting system

Brief description: "The developed technology allows you to increase the luminous flux from the light source, without allowing plants to burn, by regularly moving the light sources.

In this way, energy costs are reduced: you can use less powerful artificial lighting to achieve the same level of yield, or you can increase productivity while maintaining electricity consumption at the same level.

For small greenhouses and GrowBox, we produce a boxed version of the "LightMover" device that works with any type of phyto-lamps. Moreover, one device can move several lamps at once.

Within the framework of this project, it is necessary to conduct research and develop a mobile lighting System for large greenhouse complexes."

Industry: Agriculture, agro-and water management, crop production, greenhouses

Thematics: Agricultural industry


VITON direct seeding drills

Brief description: The VITON-1 seeder is designed for farms that are transitioning or already working on the technology of binary seeding in the NO-TILL system (direct seeding). The seeder is an ideal solution for small farms and will allow the cultivation of major crops on an area of up to 400 hectares. The company "Agrorum-tech" in addition to the supply of equipment and performs maintenance of the farms, providing them with consulting services, including research and development. The result of the service is a developed system for improving the sustainability of the economy in the field of crop production. The way to achieve these goals is through new equipment and technologies that reduce production costs, as well as consulting and research.

Industry: Agriculture

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Electronic dispatcher information system"

Brief description: "The software package is designed to improve the efficiency of production and repair work in the preparation of water supply and Sewerage enterprises for the implementation of the "Digital economy of the Russian Federation"program: risk reduction and management of production assets using modern information technologies is one of the main tasks of the "Digital water utility"concept.

Industry: Water supply and Sewerage services (as well as other resource-supplying organizations - gas distribution companies, power supply companies)

Subject matter: UTILITIES SECTOR


Municipal geoinformation system of the city of Rostov-on-don

Brief description: "The municipal geoinformation system (MGIS) is a project implemented jointly by DATUM Group specialists and SPC Kosmos-2 for the city's property and land relations Department. The system is aimed at solving the problem of inconsistency of data on municipal property, land plots and other management objects in the city. MGIS has another important task: to increase the level of cooperation between the city Administration departments. The unified information space that is formed through the exchange of information through the municipal SMEV (system of interdepartmental electronic interaction) between the MGIS and the existing information systems of the Rostov-on-don Administration divisions simplifies and accelerates the interaction of departments.

Industry: Territories management

Thematics: Information technology


Providing "cloud" services. The Project

Brief description: Project these are cloud technologies that provide computer resources to the Internet user as an online service. We have created our own data center, which houses computer facilities that allow us to provide resources to all consumers for rent. Developed a system for providing "cloud" resources for free products, which allowed to reduce the cost of purchasing similar expensive import licenses

Industry: All branches of the national economy

Thematics: Information technology


Medical device for instant radionuclide diagnostics "Gamma detector" for sentinel lymph node biopsy

Brief description: "Recently, in Russia and abroad, a significant development has been achieved in the clinical diagnosis of human diseases by introducing radioisotopes into the body in indicator quantities. In the United States and Europe for the detection of malignant tumors during the operative interventions are actively using radioactive and fluorescent agents. In malignant tumors, cancer cells may enter the lymph node with a current of lymph, which leads to the formation of a new focus, which leads to lymphogenic metastasis. In order to stop the further spread of tumor cells through the body, regional lymphadenectomy is performed — the removal of a group of lymph nodes. During such an operation, the surgeon must remove the "sentinel"lymph nodes that are closest to the detected tumor. Due to the complexity of repeated surgery, the lymph nodes are removed even without checking whether they are affected or not. At the same time, the removal of all lymph nodes is associated with a deterioration in the patient's quality of life, uncontrolled flow of lymph into the anastomosis (lymphorrhea), and a high probability of complications.

Industry: Medicine

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Hardware and software complex "Smart telematics transport insurance" (hereinafter-UTST system).

Brief description: The UTST system is a specialized software and hardware complex that combines high-tech devices for monitoring the condition of the car (engine, other components and assemblies) of the AutoClever series (the marketing name of the system) – two modules M1, W5, and a specialized telematics platform (software) component for evaluating the driving style of drivers of vehicles of all categories, an algorithm for remote accident reconstruction, automated emergency call services for medical and technical assistance, communication with the dispatcher, a comprehensive assessment of the driver's insurance risks and accident analysis.

Industry: Transport

Thematics: Transport


Hardware and software complex for combined, contactless radio, video and biometric identification of people on transport "GEMO-ID AUTO"

Short description: "The project provides for the development of a miniature radio wave device for single or continuous contactless, including hidden biometric identification of a person. Identification of a person is based on remote reading of a three-dimensional image of the face, as well as information about the unique hemodynamic processes taking place in the body of a living person.

In order to expand the functionality of the developed solution, the device performs visual identification of a person's face based on the built-in television system, which allows you to expand the range of applicability by integrating it into existing identification systems based on photo and video images.

The solution is a software and hardware complex consisting of:

- A telematics terminal that includes a radio wave scanner and a video surveillance camera;

- Server software that implements the object identification process and the web interface for system management;

- Databases of identifiable objects;

- Software interface (API) for integrating the solution into other information systems."

Industry: Transport

Thematics: Transport


APOLLO hardware and software package for modeling weather and climate phenomena based on innovative scientific methods

Brief description: The project implements the modern it concept of the open architecture "weather as a Service" (WaaS - Weather as a Service), which allows you to easily integrate disparate it services into a single product, such as the weather optimization service for sea transportation routes, Voyage Optimization Service, which uses weather forecasts and climate model data to increase the fuel efficiency of container ships, improve time costs and minimize losses by taking into account wind, ocean and tidal currents, water salinity, the impact of waves and other significant factors. Thus, this project is not only about weather modeling and obtaining predictive materials, but also about end services (in the form of elements of the SOA - service-oriented architecture) and various tools (Tools and SDKs) that allow end customers to directly interact with the generated weather data.

Industry: All branches of the national economy

Thematics: Ecology


Development and testing of basic functionality for managing startups in incubators. UI development, architecture services and database connectivity integration with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika.

Short description:

"A key feature of the Hopox task management service is linking each team task to real data about customer behavior from analytical systems or marketing tools. Now changes in user behavior on the site will be associated with the actions of the team and Vice versa.

The theoretical basis of Hopox is the Lean startup methodology, which promotes conducting experiments on customer demand, getting feedback from customers in numbers, and using short iterations in product development. The relevance of creating a task management service based on a Lean startup has been confirmed by several Russian it incubators (recommendation letters are attached).

Industry: it companies, it incubators, marketing

Thematics: Information technology


Development of an automated complex for dynamic dimensional control of vehicles

Brief description: The developed software and hardware complex is designed for contactless non-stop measurement of the overall dimensions of vehicles moving on public roads. The developed complex is being developed for use at weight and size control posts for large-sized and heavy-duty transport.

Industry: Transport and space systems

Thematics: Transport


Software and hardware complex for direct contactless monitoring of gas turbine operating parameters based on high-temperature microwave vibration sensors

Brief description: The proposed system is a multi-channel tool for monitoring gas turbine installations for various purposes. Thanks to signal processing algorithms, the accuracy of measuring the radial gap and vibrations is 10 microns with a resolution of less than 5 microns. The system is a real-time system with the possibility of post-processing the recorded signal. The user receives data both in the form of tabular data and in the form of graphs. At the same time, the software allows analysis for each sensor and each blade, thus obtaining the value of the radial clearance for each blade and the average value, the resonant frequency, the exact time of passage between individual blades, frequency analysis of vibrations, the trajectory of the rotor itself, etc. The obtained operational data will provide not only an increase in the efficiency and safety of the turbine, but also the ability to build its digital models.

Industry: Turbine Building

Thematics: Industry


Traction and power car-laboratory (TEL) with on-Board measuring and computing complex (IVK)

Brief description: In accordance with the technology of traction support for the transportation process, it is necessary to determine the critical weight standards, composition and energy-efficient modes of driving trains by means of electric and diesel traction. Corresponding to these tasks, the CPI consists of 5 controllers that measure and process signals from 100 to 300 current and voltage converters of locomotive power units (traction motors, Converter unit, main generator, control circuits of auxiliary electric machines, etc.). it Has the ability to measure forces on automatic couplings, liquid fuel consumption, speed, distance traveled, braking parameters of the train, temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. Equipped with modern office equipment, necessary instrument base. The laboratory car is equipped with life support systems for personnel (toilet, kitchen, shower, diesel-electric unit, Autonomous heating system on liquid fuel, air conditioning). Completely domestic development. Use of imported components at the level of 30 %.

Industry: Railway transport

Thematics: Transport


Flame retardant compositions for steel constructions, polymers of acrylic

Brief description: Flame retardants for metal structures with increased strength of foam. Acrylic polymers, including for waterproofing of building structures. Substitution of products from Chinese and European manufacturers.

Industry: Construction

Thematics: Construction


Educational programs using virtual reality technologies

Brief description: Training to work on complex technological equipment using virtual reality technologies. Automatic monitoring of the learning process is enabled

Industry: Educational institutions and technology companies

Thematics: Education


Development of an infrastructure digital platform for wireless automated control and accounting of utility resources (electricity, water, gas, heat, etc.) based on the Russian LPWAN AURA technology (AURA)

Brief description: Wireless technology for automatic collection of objective data, monitoring, analysis and forecasting of water, electricity, gas, and heat consumption. LPWAN AURA radio Controllers are integrated into mercury 206 PNOF06, mercury 234 ART-02 POB.F06 electric meters; water meters of the SVK-15-3-2 LPWAN AURA, Skymeter Vector-T gas meters; Karat-Compact heat Meters. Replaces more expensive GSM technologies and imported LORA analogues, etc.

Industry: housing and utilities, Energy, water Supply, gas Supply, heat supply

Thematics: Housing and utilities


Elevator for loading / unloading autoclave baskets

Brief description: This equipment is designed to speed up and simplify loading and unloading of autoclave baskets. It is a metal structure with a hydraulic lift for lifting the bottom of the autoclave basket.

Industry: Food industry enterprise

Subject: Food industry


BESTEQ-MBC-3000 blowing machine

Brief description: This equipment is designed to remove moisture droplets from sealed containers after washing. It is a free-standing air blower in the case with sets of air knives. The delivery package also includes accessories for installing air knives on the customer's existing conveyor

Industry: Food industry enterprise

Subject: Food industry


Coolant coolant ETM

Brief description: Universal cutting fluid (coolant) ETM is designed for drilling, turning, grinding, milling, etc. on metal-cutting equipment for processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys. The use of ETM coolant leads to an increase in the wear resistance of the cutting tool by 1.5-2 times and the cleanliness of the surface treatment of parts.

Industry: Mechanical Engineering

Thematics: Industry


Implementation of technology for tribochemical modernization of internal combustion engines

Brief description: The technology consists in carrying out tribochemical treatment of internal combustion engines by introducing a soluble package of additives "KOMOL" into the engine oil and running the engine for 1-2 hours. The use of the proposed technology reduces the coefficient of friction and wear of engine parts by an order of magnitude and significantly increases the service life of its operation, due to the formation of a tribopolymer film on the conjugated surfaces.

Industry: motor Transport, river and sea transport, automobile enterprises, road construction and agricultural enterprises.

Thematics: Transport


Automatic device for watering indoor plants

Short description:

The goal of the project is to develop an automatic device for watering indoor plants and organize pilot production of such devices. The device consists of the following components:

1) soil moisture Sensors;

2) automatic control Unit, pump and solenoid valves;

3) Container with water and electric pump;

4) automatic irrigation hose System.

The production of soil moisture sensors can be the basis for a separate mass production of souvenir-type sensors and indicators.

Automatic soil irrigation is activated when the sensor installed on each of the indoor plants is triggered.

The validity period of the automatic device is limited by the volume of water in the tank and continues when the tank is replenished.

Industry: Plant and flower growing

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Full-flow universal valve

Brief description: Allows you to separate gas from liquid, and liquid from gas, protects against water hammer. It does not give the effect of sticking the valve, falling efficiency with increasing pipeline diameter and flow rate.

Industry: Hydraulics, Pneumatics, water supply, heating, oil and gas industry, chemical (e.g. ammonia production) industry

Thematics: Industry


Web service "Expertise-personal account of the Applicant»

Brief description:

Fully complies with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of import substitution.

The web service "Examination-personal account of the Applicant" consists of a specialized log of applications of the personal account( LC), an on-screen form of the application card of the LC, and tools for configuring the service.

You can use the web service "Examination-personal account of the Applicant "as an independent solution, or in terms of integration with the AISS"KUPR-Examination".

Industry: Legal entities, individuals, individual entrepreneurs engaged in construction expertise

Thematics: Information technology


Automated state and municipal property management system (as UGMI) and Automated municipal property management system (as UMS)

Brief description:

The solution allows you to improve the efficiency of state and municipal property management. Fully complies with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of import substitution.

Industry: Regional public authorities and local self-government bodies

Thematics: Information technology


A single register of information-analytical system (ARIAS)

Brief description:

Unified register information and analytical system (ERIAS) is a computer program for roiv and OmSU that provides integrated management of industry (property and land relations, economy, trade, housing and utilities, etc.) and intersectoral tasks.

ERIAS within a single database solves any problems of managing arbitrary objects located on the territory of the region and / or municipality, all forms of ownership and purpose. Objects of accounting and management can be land plots, buildings, structures, premises, infrastructure, networks, advertising structures, stationary or non-stationary trade objects, fairs, markets, public catering enterprises, container and playgrounds, legal entities, and much more without limiting the content of information. Fully complies with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of import substitution.

Industry: Regional public authorities and local self-government bodies

Thematics: Information technology


Development of biotechnology for growing don fish (Vimba vimba) for the production of high-quality fish products for super-intensive water management

Brief description: The goal of the project is to introduce a new object to aquaculture - the vimba vimba, a valuable fish species that is a regional delicacy on the don. The created methods and installations are the main technological groundwork for further complete domestication of this type of fish

Industry: fisheries

Subject: Agriculture


Clothing for medical professionals

Brief description: Production of comfortable-to-wear medical clothing from high-quality wear-resistant fabrics (withstanding industrial washing, disinfection up to 80 degrees), production on the territory of Russia, by Russian employees, from Russian-made fabrics

Industry: Medicine, service workers

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Logger of electrical parameters RP-3-9

Brief description: Registration of electrical parameters, galvanic isolation of channels, built-in WEB interface, battery reserve

Industry: Railway transport, energy, automated process control systems

Thematics: Transport


Remote monitoring system for power supply and lighting modules

Brief description: Control of parameters of solar panels, accumulators, lighting devices, intelligent control of lamps

Industry: Autonomous lighting installations powered by solar panels

Thematics: Energy


Design and development of valve-inductor electric motors and electronic control systems.

Brief description: Development of high-performance, compact and cost-effective drive systems. The growing degree of integration in microprocessor technology and the transition from microprocessors to microcontrollers with a built-in set of specialized peripherals have made irreversible the trend of mass replacement of analog drive control systems with direct digital control systems. Using the Russian elementon configuration.

The main advantages of the product:

* simple design and high reliability.

• high processability and low material consumption;

• high performance of a fully charged ferromagnetic stator and rotor system;

* precise torque control;

* energy savings of 25% or more.

* High repairability non-contact, smooth, dual-zone speed control over a wide range. high efficiency factor.

Industry: mechanical engineering, robotics, etc.

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Construction of a class a logistics terminal for storing and processing products to serve the process of product distribution in the regional consumer market of the South of Russia, using the latest innovative technologies

Brief description: Construction of a class a logistics terminal for product storage and processing to serve the process of product movement in the regional consumer market of the South of Russia, using the latest innovative technologies in the field of logistics, ensuring the level of cargo handling-3PLi: a full range of services for responsible storage, in-depth processing and transportation of goods, additional services and operations in the system of regional product movement.

Industry: Warehousing and storage activities

Thematics: Transport


Development of a cloud service based on artificial intelligence and a distributed registry for legally significant electronic document management

Brief description: The project is dedicated to the development of technology for legally significant exchange of electronic documents.

The service must provide the ability to sign any electronic documents without the personal presence of the parties.

Industry: Digital technologies, image and speech recognition

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Development of a hybrid wind-solar generator for domestic and municipal needs

Brief description: The goal of the project is to create a research and development base and production base on the territory of the Russian Federation for the development and manufacture of intelligent unified control systems for complex power plants and their stations with the possibility of using renewable sources based on wind power stations and solar panels.

Industry: resource-Saving energy

Thematics: Energy


Development of an intelligent seed management system for precision seed drills

Brief description: Project objective – development of a system for quality control of technological process of seeding row crops that enhance the performance of precision seeders, the identification of regularities between the parameters of implement with automated intelligent control and management of quality seed and quality indicators of the process of seeding the development of design methods of automated control systems, seeding quality management using modern information technologies and development of methods and tools for conducting research and testing of a new seeder with the QMS system in laboratory and field conditions.

Industry: New devices and intelligent production technologies, support systems for "precision" farming

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Development of a model of surgical hemostasis in an experiment

Brief description: This research will improve the results of treatment of patients with obstetric bleeding by optimizing surgical hemostasis, preserving their reproductive function. Research on this topic will allow us to offer an optimal algorithm for the actions of an obstetrician-gynecologist in obstetric bleeding and implement it in clinical practice.

Industry: Medicine, health-saving technologies

Subject: Health, physical education and social security


Development of a jet system for mixing livestock runoff and mineral fertilizers for fertilizing irrigation

Brief description: According to data published on the website of the Federal state statistics service for 2016, there are 136,500 farms engaged in raising livestock in Russia. Manure storage leads to nitrate and microbial contamination of soils and water sources. Due to the danger of storage and storage of animal waste in 2014, the State Duma considered and adopted the Federal Law " on amendments to the Federal law "on production and consumption waste from 29.12.2014 N 458-FZ, which regulates the activities of farms for the disposal of animal waste and measures provided for non-compliance with the law.

Industry: New devices and intelligent manufacturing technologies

Thematics: Agricultural industry


Development of mobile information technology support for plant irrigation

Brief description: The product is designed to: provide mobile information technology support for tasks related to the preparation and conduct of plant irrigation; to provide an assessment of soil, climate, hydrological and other possible conditions for irrigation; to determine the operational terms and standards of their implementation; to select tools and technologies for their implementation.

Quick search for information about recommended irrigation technologies for plants of interest to the user contained in the Application databases.

Operational search for information about existing technical means that provide irrigation (as well as their designs, advantages, disadvantages, recommended application schemes, cost, etc.).

Industry: Digital technologies

Thematics: Information technology


Construction of the logistics level of cargo handling-3PLi: a full range of services for responsible storage, advanced processing and transportation of goods, additional services and operations in the regional commodity distribution system.

Brief description: Construction of a new terminal using "green" warehouse equipment with zero emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, fully electronic internal warehouse document management, work with cargo at heights from 15 m to 20 m. The main innovative component is software based on the SCLP's own developments, protected by copyright Certificates

Industry: Transport and logistics

Thematics: Transport


Development and development of production of Russian all-weather readers for vehicle identification using RFID tags

Brief description: The project is aimed at creating a line of Russian readers (and antennas for them) for identifying vehicles using RFID tags operating in the frequency ranges of 0.9 and 2.4 GHz. 3. import Substitution is ensured by the widest possible use of domestic element base (including microcontrollers), which will allow these readers to be included in the unified state register of domestic radio-electronic products (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 878 of 10.07.2019).

Industry: Electronics in transport, ensuring the operation of transport infrastructure, logistics systems

Thematics: Transport


Data transmission system using the NB-IoT Protocol (LTE Cat NB1).

Brief description: Organize the development and production of systems for automatically taking readings from sensors and transmitting them through the existing structure of mobile operators according to NBIoT standards (LTE Cat NB1) through the use of standardized protocols and data exchange formats to a top-level system that receives, processes, stores and outputs data at the request of users in a form suitable for further use.

Industry: housing and utilities, agriculture, animal husbandry, security systems, etc.

Thematics: Information technology



Vintellion-a Digital platform for intelligent credit risk assessment based on an on-line video stream

Brief description: In the era of digital transformation, banks are faced with the task of automating credit risk assessment processes, so it is important to develop solutions that will increase their profits using modern technologies.

Industry: Digital platforms, image and speech recognition

Thematics: Information technology


Development of an environmentally oriented technology and creation of a prototype complex for the recovery of precious metals of small fractions from technogenic waste (tailings dumps) of gold processing plants

Brief description: Currently, there is a need to update issues related to improving the efficiency of the gold mining industry and, in particular, the recovery of gold from man-made waste with the introduction of "clean" technologies that improve the environmental situation of existing landfills.

Industry: Ecology, metals

Thematics: Chemical industry


Modernization and expansion of high-tech production of import-substituting line of electrocardiographs with maximum infocommunication capabilities

Brief description: The goal of the project is to organize production for import substitution of upgraded electrocardiographs with maximum infocommunication capabilities: wired and wireless connection to a computer, hospital network and ECG transmission via GSM channels and with an interactive ECG management and processing system.

Industry: Devices for medical diagnostics and treatment

Thematics: Health, physical education and social security


Development of SmartBox transformer container for optimization of transport and logistics services market in urban environment

Brief description: Smartbox smart container transformer is a hardware and software package designed to optimize the market of transport and logistics services in an urban environment.

For the Russian market, the smart transformer container is unique and has no analogues. The scientific novelty of SmartBox, which is equipped with an information system for remote administration, scenario management and mobile applications, consists in the ability to identify the customer and the cargo being moved by mass-volume characteristics, including tracking its location in space and time, creating conditions for caravan traffic in an urban environment, reducing time and reducing the share of empty vehicle runs, organizing online orders and settlements with consumers of transport and logistics services.

Industry: Product, transport, AutoNet

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Development of a vehicle safety system at railway crossings "ZAGRADITEL-T" using intelligent analysis of the road scene based on methods of structural adaptation of traffic models

Brief description: The project's pragmatic goal is to develop a vehicle safety system at railway crossings, as well as special software for analyzing the road scene using traditional approaches and advanced achievements of fundamental science in terms of solving problems of secondary processing of measurement information in conditions of non-deterministic dynamics of changes in the road situation and lack of computing resources.

Industry: Machine vision, intelligent transport management systems

Thematics: Automation/Robotics


Construction of a high-tech full-cycle plant for the production of innovative inverter welding machines and power supplies in the Rostov region

Brief description: Construction of a high-tech full-cycle plant for the production of 24 models of innovative inverter welding machines and power supplies in the Rostov region, increasing labor productivity through the introduction of modern equipment, reducing the cost of production and increasing the competitiveness of products in the context of import substitution. Russian manufacturers of inverter welding equipment occupy no more than 7% of their own market share. The construction of the plant will increase the share of Russian equipment in the domestic market and the near abroad.

Industry: Energetica

Thematics: Energy