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On the implementation of cluster policy in the Rostov region

The registry of the clusters
The main document regulating the principles, goals, stages of implementation of the cluster policy is the Concept of cluster development of the Rostov region for 2015-2020.
In the Rostov region, 8 clusters and 2 cluster initiatives are developing.

1. Innovation and technology cluster "Southern constellation"
2. Innovative territorial cluster of marine instrumentation "Marine systems"
3. Innovative territorial cluster "Don dairy products"
4. Information and communication technology cluster
5. Territorial cluster "Valley of the Don"
6. National industrial cluster of agricultural engineering
7. Volgodonsk industrial cluster of nuclear engineering
8. Road cluster of the Rostov region

1. Helicopter cluster
2. Volgodonsk furniture cluster of Rostov region

These clusters and initiatives are included in the register approved by the Governor of the Rostov region. The order of formation of the register of clusters, cluster projects and initiatives is defined by the resolution of the government of the Rostov region of 17.07.2015 No. 465.

Also, for a number of territorial clusters of the Rostov region, development strategies for 2016-2020 have been developed (resolution of the government of the Rostov region No. 104 of 18.02.2016).

In order to support and develop the potential of clusters, the center for cluster development of the Rostov region, created with the support Of the government of the Rostov region on the basis of ANO "RRAPP", operates.

Contact details:
344000, Rostov-on-don, • Sedova str., 6/3, Rostov-on-don (office 310, floor 3)
tel.+7(804)333-32-31, +7(863)308-19-11, http://www.rrapp.ru/

Updated: September 2020