Popular questions about innovation 2020

What is innovation?

An innovation that has been introduced or is being implemented to improve the efficiency of processes and (or) improve the quality of products that are in demand by the market. However, for its implementation, innovation must meet current socio-economic and cultural needs. An example of innovation is the introduction to the market of products (goods and services) with new consumer properties or increasing the efficiency of production of a particular product.

A new or significantly improved product (product, service) or process, a new sales method, or a new organizational method in business practice, workplace organization, or external relations.


What is a venture Fund?

This is an investment Fund focused on managing the monetary resources of private investors who want to invest their assets in promising start-UPS, small and medium-sized enterprises with high growth potential. These investments are characterized as high-risk and high-yield.


What is the role of the state in innovation?

A set of measures taken by state authorities of the Russian Federation and state authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the legislation of constituent entities of the Russian Federation in order to create the necessary legal, economic and organizational conditions, as well as incentives for legal entities and individuals engaged in innovative activities.


How does the Ministry of economic development help innovators?

Since 2010, the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation has been implementing a project to stimulate innovative activities of companies with state participation through the development and implementation of medium - term (for a five-year period) innovation development programs (hereinafter-PIR).

PIR is a comprehensive tool for the development of innovations in companies, their structure includes activities in the following areas

- Development and implementation of innovative projects.

- Improvement of innovation management mechanisms in companies, including in the field of intellectual property.

- Development of the "open innovation" ecosystem through interaction with small and medium-sized companies, organizations of science, higher education and objects of innovative infrastructure (innovation clusters and technology platforms), development of mechanisms for financing and investment in the innovation sphere (including venture funds).

- Independent expert evaluation of PIR and reports on PIR implementation has been organized.

The list of companies implementing PIR, approved by the decision of the Presidium of the presidential Council for economic modernization and innovative development of Russia dated June 24, 2016, includes 56 state corporations, joint-stock companies and FSUE, which account for more than 60% of Russia's GDP. The current PIR is planned to be implemented by the end of 2020.


How do I register a patent for an invention?

According to the Russian legislation, the subjects of patenting are: the utility model, invention and industrial design. A utility model is a technical solution that can be used in any device. Patent law in Russia is regulated by Chapter 72 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. The term of the patent depends on the object of patenting and ranges from 5 to 25 years. In Russia, the relevant state body — Rospatent-is responsible for issuing patents. The term of patent registration depends on the object of patenting and the need to perform related procedures.


Where do they teach you how to work with innovative products?

Higher education institutions of the country develop professional development programs and corporate programs in the field of innovation management, innovation infrastructure and innovative entrepreneurship.