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30 april, 14:58

Take part in the Immortal Regiment online campaign.

On May 9, 2021, at 15.00 local time, an online march "Immortal Regiment"will be held in all regions of Russia.
26 april, 08:57

The state subsidizes business to bring innovations to the market

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Innovation Promotion Fund (VEB Group.Russian Federation), the head of the MAYOR Maxim Reshetnikov supported the directions proposed by the council for the selection of projects for financing in 2021. The list of areas includes grant support programs within the framework of the federal projects "Acceleration of Small and Medium-sized Businesses", "Artificial Intelligence", "Digital Technologies" and other state programs.
26 april, 08:56

A digital solution from the Rostov Region won the ASI prize in the CDO AWARD 2021

On Friday, April 16, the results of the CDO Award 2021 were summed up in Moscow. The main goal of the award is to promote the most significant Russian achievements in the field of working with data. This is an industry award for data directors (Chief Data Officer) and managers of similar positions who have demonstrated professionalism and skill in their field.
26 april, 08:56

Don team - among the winners of the hackathon " Digital Breakthrough»

The first hackathon of the All — Russian competition "Digital Breakthrough 2021", the flagship project of the presidential platform "Russia — the Land of Opportunities", was held in Moscow.
19 april, 12:50

The competition of innovative projects of the Rostov region "Smart Startup" has been opened»

The competition of innovative projects "Smart Startup" is organized to identify and support promising innovative projects of the Rostov region.
19 april, 10:58

A new branch of space digital technologies is developing on the Don

On April 15, the forum "Space Industry" was held in Moscow, in the special economic zone "Technopolis Moscow".: focus on the future", dedicated to the anniversary of the first space flight and dedicated to the prospects for the development of the modern space industry in Russia. The forum's experts discussed the development trends of the rocket and space industry, the success of Russian space microelectronics, Russia's place in the global space exploration and private investment in the space industry.
06 april, 17:31

34 innovators of the Rostov Region became the winners of the "UMNIK" program of the Innovation Promotion Fund in 2020

The winners of the regional competition "UMNIK" and the competition "UMNIK-NTI" from the Rostov region of the Fund for the Promotion of Innovation by the end of 2020 became known.
02 april, 11:04

On the Don, the business accelerator of the All-Russian digital breakthrough competition was launched

The team of the Southern IT Park became the operator of the business accelerator of the All-Russian competition "Digital Breakthrough". Accelerator participants will create and develop a product together with mentors and experts to solve real business cases. The work of the business accelerator, the projects and the competition itself were told at a press conference attended by representatives of the government of the Rostov region and the organizers of the "Digital Breakthrough".
31 march, 16:01

Webinar Using crowdinvesting platforms to raise funds

On April 6, at 10.00, the Bank of Russia will hold a webinar for entrepreneurs "Using crowdinvesting platforms to raise funds". If you are looking for new ways to attract financing, if your company is in the early stages of development or you were refused a loan-the webinar will be useful for you.
25 march, 10:02

The Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation with the support of Generations has started accepting applications for participation in the hackathon

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, the first federal government body that regularly conducts hackathons to solve digital transformation problems, has started selecting teams that want to participate in Audithon 2021. This four — day hackathon of the Accounting Chamber will be held with the support of GenerationS in an online format from March 25 to 28. Teams of data analysts and developers from any region of Russia will be able to participate in the competition. The winners will receive valuable prizes and new opportunities for business and career development.