To date, a large number of foreign competitors have left the Russian market, which has led to the fact that domestic manufacturers began to fight among themselves for the consumer. Experience shows that this struggle is won only by those who develop their activities on the basis of an innovative approach and set themselves the task of developing a new type of product.

2020 - Risks of automating smart decision-making

Automation allows you to significantly improve the quality of work, speed up and simplify it. In the production and business areas, management processes contain a significant amount of calculations that take a long time and may contain errors during manual calculation. Automation avoids these problems by speeding up the timing and improving the accuracy of these processes.

2020 - How innovations are developing in Russia

Innovation is no longer just a way for companies to compete. At a time when the global economy is slowing down, trade wars are raging, and labor productivity is growing more slowly, innovation is a question of success in the development of the economy as a whole and country leadership, a repeat of the space race of the mid – XX century, but at the level of technology.

Excess money can kill a startup

Sergey Gribov, managing partner of Startup Access and Director of Minerva Capital partners, held a master class at the HSE entitled "the investment search Process: how much money and where to look".

The Don economy will grow according to the cluster principle

The economy of the don region will grow on the cluster principle of industry, energy, and agriculture-a total of 11 priority areas. According to the cluster theory of development, such cooperation should help its participants develop much faster.

It's time to create in Russia united virtual university parks

It is well known that the majority of Russian universities do not constitute a campus, its are located in the city, do not have a free area, green park areas surrounding them, etc. All of this does not allow the territory of one of the university to deploy a traditional university industrial park, or at least the business incubator as is done abroad. There is university technology parks built in the university, in an impressive area are ten or more hectares. In Russia it's impossible.