22 september, 10:55

Seminar: "Online tills. From A to z" on 22 September 2017

The speakers explain in detail how to facilitate their work and to comply with the law on the new procedure of use of cash register equipment. Introduce step-by-step instructions for line 54-FZ, and also announce how much it will cost to upgrade and what you can save.
19 september, 10:54

Training: "Generating business ideas" - September 19, 2017

The training is conducted in the framework of the program of training of JSC "Corporation "MSP" for potential and aspiring entrepreneurs, which will take place on 19 September 2017 in the city of Novocherkassk. The main objective of the training is the selection of the most acceptable and viable business ideas.
18 september, 16:49

The results of the meeting of the Commission on granting subsidies to subjects of small and medium enterprises for creation and (or) maintenance of activity of youth innovation creativity centres

The Ministry of economic development of Rostov region (hereinafter - the Ministry) from 14 to 25 August was carried out reception of documents for subsidies to small and medium enterprises for the creation and (or) maintenance of activity of youth innovation creativity centres in accordance with the decree of the Government of the Rostov region from 29.06.2017 No. 475 "On procedure of granting subsidies to subjects of small and medium enterprises for creation and (or) maintenance of activity of youth innovation creativity centres" (hereinafter - Decree).
05 september, 13:16

Extended competitive selection small businesses for placement in Rostov business incubator

The Ministry of economic development of the Rostov region extends competitive selection of subjects of small business for placement in the vacated premises of the Rostov business incubator located at the address: Rostov-on-don, street Dumenko, 1/3, area 12,5M2 , 15m2, 19,1m2, 20m2 , 20,3M2, 24m2, 25m2 29,3M2. Applications for participation in competition are accepted until 15.09.2017 inclusive.
05 september, 13:15

Started receiving applications for participation in the largest in the South of Russia contest of inventions "don Assembly. 2017", which will be held from 24 to 28 October

This year "don Assembly" is published in a new format: the parallel with the competitive program will be held specialized workshops, trainings, foresights and round tables with representatives of the scientific and business community.
04 september, 17:23

National rating of rapidly developing high-tech companies "Techuspech 2017"

RVC announces the start of collection of applications for the formation of the annual national rating of Russian high-growth technology companies "Techuspech — 2017". The application period will run until 30 September 2017. The ranking, organized by RVC, compiled in partnership with PwC, the Association of innovative regions of Russia and National research University "Higher school of Economics". 
04 september, 17:22

Students will be able to participate in the competition Cup Goldberg

From 28 August to 17 September 2017 started on the selection of projects for participation in the Cup of Goldberg – 2017. The application can be submitted by all students, joining the team from two to five people. The competition helps identify and support future engineers who are able to think outside the box and creative approach to solving difficult technical problems. 
01 september, 17:23

The first meeting of the sub-Commission on the digital economy

 On 31 August, the first meeting of the sub-Commission on the digital economy of the Government Commission on using information technologies to improve the quality of life and conditions for doing business, according to the website of the Cabinet. The sub-Commission on the digital economy established by Government resolution of August 15, 2017 No. 969 as a tool to control the implementation of the "Digital economy of the Russian Federation". The work of the sub-Commission headed by the first Deputy Head of the Russian Government Apparatus Maxim Akimov. 
30 august, 17:21

The Cabinet approved a plan to implement the strategy of innovative development of the Russian Federation

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed prepared by the Ministry of economic development Rasierspiegel on ensuring the implementation in 2017-2018 provisions of the Strategy of innovative development of Russia, within the framework of its second phase. The document approved the plan of measures on implementation of provisions of the Strategy in 2017 or 2018, the press service of the Ministry of economic development.
24 august, 16:01

Seminar "Protection of personal data" - August 29, 2017 at 18.00

From 1 July 2017, the legislators toughened the liability for improper handling of personal data. The fines have increased several times. Roskomnadzor have almost complete freedom to carry out inspections. How not to go broke at the upcoming Supervisory checks says experienced expert — Alexander Ilyin, head of the company P-DATA.RU specializing in the protection of personal data, member of the Expert Council of the State Duma on entrepreneurship.