15 april, 12:57

From 22 to 27 April 2019 will be held the international Forum Festival “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY for the FUTURE”

The event is aimed at demonstration and dissemination of the best effective practices in the field of intellectual property, determination of prospects for further development of various areas of intellectual property associated with innovative development of industry, business, education and science.
10 april, 10:43

Clusters open borders. Leaders’ time.

In the period from 16 to 17 may 2019 in St. Petersburg will be held an international conference of clusters "Clusters open borders. Leaders’ time." This year the conference will focus on leaders and best practices in the field of cluster development. 
09 april, 10:16

Educational program «Industrial parks: development and management»

 The Association of clusters and technoparks of Russia together with the Autonomous non-profit organization of additional professional education "Institute of Economics of Knowledge" developed an educational program "Industrial technoparks: creation and management of activities". The program is prepared on the basis of generalization of Russian and world experience of technoparks development.
28 march, 09:30

Openning of the Rostov «Boiling Point»

The government of the Rostov region has launched a project proposed by the Agency for strategic initiatives of the Russian Federation (ASI) to create spaces for collective work – coworking centers of the new formation. They will be called «Boiling Points»and will become platforms for discussions of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, teachers, students and postgraduates, as well as government officials. 
22 march, 09:54

"Bonum" factory shipped the 1,000 th trailer

BONUM for 4 years of work entered the top 4 manufacturers of capacitive equipment in Russia and the CIS. In 2019, the plant is included in the top 100 (out of 32,000) of the companies participants of the national award "Considerable business", and also in the top 20 (out of 3500) of companies in the category of "Real product".
19 march, 09:21

"Business week" in the city of Shakhty

On March 19, the project of the Rostov regional Agency for business support "Business Week" starts in the city of Shakhty. Dates: 19 – 22 March 2019 Place: Shakhty, Shevchenko street, 147, VoIP (DSTU branch) in Shakhty, auditorium 247 With the support: - Ministry of economic development of Rostov region - The city administration of Shakhty
13 march, 12:30

In March 2019, the joint educational program of business schools SKOLKOVO and ESMT "Development of technological partnerships" will be launched

The program consists of three modules, which will be held in Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg. The program is aimed at expanding technological cooperation in the context of the development of one of the main trends – industry 4.0, as well as support for export-oriented and innovative enterprises. 
13 march, 12:29

Rostov-on-don will host a Strategic session on development of the National technology initiative in the Rostov region

On March 19, a strategic session on the development of The national technology initiative (NTI) in the Rostov region will be held, organized by the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI), ANO "innovation Agency of the Rostov region" with the support of the government of the Rostov region. The session will present a regional standard of STI-a collection of recommendations and best practices to create conditions for the growth of the number of high — tech companies-STI projects. 
19 february, 09:19

The innovation assistance Fund has started collecting applications for participation in the competition "International programs", Applications are accepted until 10: 00 (GMT) April 11, 2019

The innovation assistance Fund has started collecting applications for participation in the international programs competition, which is aimed at supporting Russian organizations involved in the implementation of innovative projects in the framework of bilateral and multilateral international cooperation programs, confirmed by agreements and memorandums signed by the Fund.
18 january, 16:48

In the period from February 4 to April 17, 2019 will be held IV Acceleration program of the Fund to support social projects.

The Fund's acceleration programs to support social projects have been conducted at the Federal level for several years. Previous programs covered participants from 49 regions of the Russian Federation.  The accelerator is an Institute of active development of projects: during the previous acceleration programs, the revenue of the participating projects increased by an average of 3 times, the profit growth for the finalists amounted to 90 %.