06 april, 10:52

New conditions for accepting applications for the Start-2 competition

New conditions for accepting applications for the Start-2 competition: grants have become more, co-financing is less! The representative office of the Innovation Assistance Fund in the Rostov Region informs about the new conditions for accepting applications for the Start 2 competition!
24 january, 11:50

Don schoolchildren will take part in the cultural and educational excursion project "Taganrog - the IT capital of Russia"

The project "Taganrog - the IT capital of Russia", created by the Association of Developers of Digital Solutions BRAINHORN, received a high expert assessment and was recognized as one of the winners following the results of the first competitive selection in 2022 conducted by the Presidential Grants Foundation.
24 january, 11:50

An agroclass with innovative learning technologies was opened at the Don Agrarian State University

The agroclass with innovative teaching technologies was opened this year at the Don State Agricultural University on the basis of the Faculty of Biotechnology. Recall that since the end of 2021, the university has started implementing a career guidance project for schoolchildren. The first agroclass opened by the university had a veterinary direction. Currently, the educational project has covered all areas of training and specialties implemented at the university.
24 january, 11:50

In 2021, Don companies and innovators received more than 300 million rubles from the Innovation Assistance Fund

The representative office in the Rostov Region of the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation (FSI) invites young scientists, innovators, start-up entrepreneurs and small innovative companies to participate in competitions for grant support of projects.
20 december, 09:26

Rostov-on-Don will host the final of the "SMART GUY" program of the Innovation Promotion Foundation

On December 17, with the support of the government of the Rostov region, the final of the "SMART GUY" program of the Innovation Promotion Fund will be held in the Don capital. The SMART GUY program is an opportunity for young innovators to realize their innovative project. The participants of the competition are students, postgraduates and young scientists aged 18 to 30 years. The main preference in the competition is given to commercially oriented scientific projects, the creators of which receive a grant of 500 thousand rubles for a period of two years.
13 december, 10:31

On December 13, the Ministry of Education of the Rostov region will hold a regional contest "Thematic Unified State Exam on science and Technology"

The event will be held as part of the Year of Science and Technology.The winners and prize-winners of the municipal stage, which took place in October-November of this year, are invited to participate. These are 182 11th grade students from general education organizations of 46 municipal districts and urban districts of the region.
13 december, 10:30

31.5 million rubles will be received by Don innovators for the implementation of their projects

The Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation named the winners of the competitions "UMNIK-Electronics", "UMNIK-Sber", "Start-Artificial Intelligence" (2nd stage), "Commercialization" (15th stage) and "Design Centers-REA".The winners of the competitions within the framework of the "SMART GUY" program will receive 500 thousand rubles each for the implementation of projects.
13 december, 10:29

Three participants from the Rostov Region won the final of the Digital Breakthrough contest

The final of the third season of the All-Russian Digital Breakthrough Contest, the flagship project of the presidential platform "Russia is a Land of Opportunities", has ended. The operator of the competition is the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC).Among the winners are three participants from the Rostov region, another team was awarded a grant from partners.
06 december, 10:23

Don innovators plan to bring a new model of a heat-protective suit to the market

BVN Engineering LLC produces high-quality clothing with down insulation under the BVN travel brand. In terms of quality characteristics, it corresponds to the best world analogues, but it costs less. Today, the company sews workwear for the oil and gas complex of Russia and conducts research and development work on heat exchange in the "man-environment" system, the creation of new types of insulation and even has a number of patents for manufactured products and technologies. Among the partners are subsidiaries of Gazprom PJSC, LUKOIL PJSC and Rosatom State Corporation.
06 december, 10:23

Registration for the "SHUSTRIK" contest is open - 2021-2022

Registration for the "SHUSTRIK" contest of the 2021-2022 season has started. (abbreviation: A Student Who Knows How To build Innovative Structures). Stages: filling out a form on the registration page, filling out a questionnaire with additional information, studying materials to help you work on the project and posting a video and presentation about your project for further expert evaluation.