18 january, 16:48

In the period from February 4 to April 17, 2019 will be held IV Acceleration program of the Fund to support social projects.

The Fund's acceleration programs to support social projects have been conducted at the Federal level for several years. Previous programs covered participants from 49 regions of the Russian Federation.  The accelerator is an Institute of active development of projects: during the previous acceleration programs, the revenue of the participating projects increased by an average of 3 times, the profit growth for the finalists amounted to 90 %.
24 december, 16:36

National award for entrepreneurs of Russia - applications are welcomed

The national award "Considerable business" will be the main prize of the country for small and medium-sized businesses and will cover entrepreneurs from 85 subjects of the Russian Federation. The first award ceremony will take place on February 6, 2019, then the award will be annual. On the website nominations now open for participants.
20 december, 16:07

62 innovative projects reached the final of the contest "UMNIK"

At the site of the Rostov state University of Economics (RINH) held the final competition-conference program "UMNIK", held on the initiative of the Federal Fund for innovation. The final was held in several directions: digital technologies, medicine and health saving technologies, new materials and chemical technologies, new devices and intelligent production technologies, biotechnology, resource-saving energy.
18 december, 16:06

Rostov-on-don hosted the first strategic foresight session of the Rostov region clusters

The participants were heads of Executive authorities of the region, experts in the field of innovation, representatives of science and education, business support infrastructure, heads of enterprises belonging to the clusters. The purpose of the event is to study the experience of building a cluster policy in Russia, to discuss the prospects of application and development of the "cluster" tool on the regional landscape, to consider cases of successful practices, to establish partnerships in issues of interregional cooperation.
18 december, 16:05

Open selection of specialists in ANO “Innovation Agency of the Rostov region”

December 10, 2018 announced an open competitive selection for the positions of specialists of ANO “Innovation Agency of the Rostov region".
12 december, 09:40

Half a million for the project: Rostov-on-don will host the final of the contest «UMNIK»

December 19, 2018 at 14.00 in Rostov-on-don will be the final competition-conference program "UMNIK" Fund for innovation, where young innovators don will present their developments. The event will be supported by the government of the Rostov region. The main goal is to identify young scientists seeking to self-actualize through innovative activities, to stimulate mass participation of young people in scientific, technical and innovative activities.
10 december, 14:01

Rostov-on-don will host the first strategic foresight session of the Rostov region clusters

December 14, 2018 in Rostov-on-don will be the first strategic foresight session of the clusters of the Rostov region. The event is organized by the center of cluster development of the innovation Agency of the Rostov region (former "ERTSIR of the Rostov region") with the support of the Ministry of economic development of the Rostov region.
06 december, 11:50

Children's Technopark "Kvantorium" will open doors for young Don residents

December 13 at 14.00 at the site of the don state technical University will host the opening ceremony of the children's Technopark "Kvantorium" Rostov region. The event is part of the marathon of discoveries of children's technoparks "Kvantorium" across the country, organized by the FSAU "Fund for new forms of education development" and the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation.
27 november, 14:34

Current competitions for innovative organizations

The Department of strategic development and innovation of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation conducts the following relevant competitive selections: * selection for the right to receive subsidies from the Federal budget by Russian organizations to compensate part of the costs of research and development work in priority areas of the civil industry in the framework of the implementation of such organizations of complex investment projects according to the Rules approved by the government of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2013 № 1312, conducted by the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia from October 22 to December 7, 2018 • ; * international competition of scientific, technical and innovative developments aimed at the development and development of the Arctic and the continental shelf, held with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation from November 1, 2018 to August 1, 2019
26 november, 17:13

Award in the field of innovations "Time of innovations – 2018", 6-8 December, Sochi

In September 2018, the competition for the Eighth Annual award in the field of innovation "time of innovations – 2018" was launched, within the framework of which the annual conference "Innovations– to quality economic growth" is held.