18 july, 10:28

10 innovations which will move heaven and earth by 2020

Rates of development of science and modern technologies sometimes stun. That it was possible to see only in fantastic movies ten years ago, already becomes an integral part of our life. What do scientists promise us in the next decade? The review is devoted to ten most courageous forecasts from experts on the next some years.
11 july, 13:41

Virtual reality or office routine?

Today new technologies of BP are ready to ensure completely to people office functioning in house conditions. In present conditions when innovations in the sphere of BP reached such level of development that allow to dramatize completely any situation, many employers who seek for increase of efficiency of the employees, most likely, will agree that work at home in the conditions of BP can be very effective.
04 july, 13:35

By 2019 Russia will possess the most powerful laser in the world

Works on projecting of the most powerful laser machine are already conducted by the Russian scientists.
01 july, 13:32

Uniform regional center of innovative development of the Rostov region

In November, 2013 at the request of the Governor V. Yu. Golubev in the Rostov region the Rostov region the "Uniform Regional Center of Innovative Development of the Rostov Region" non-profit partnership is created.
27 june, 13:27

Ginger Page – the translator and the teacher

The English grammar often causes difficulties in the Russian-speaking population. This problem will be solved with the new Ginger Page appendix by itself.
25 june, 15:10

For the first time on Don competition of IT projects will take place

For attraction of youth to the Don information and telecommunication sphere and developments of innovative projects in sector of high technologies, the Ministry of information technologies and communication of the Rostov region declares carrying out the first regional competition of IT projects.
18 june, 14:53

High technologies. Innovations. Investments (Hi-Tech)

From March 24 to March 26, 2015 in St. Petersburg the XXI International exhibition congress "High technologies will take place. Innovations. Investments" (HI-TECH-2015).
09 june, 14:46

Exhibition in China and Koreas

From November 19 to November 22, 2014 in the International exhibition center of a zone of introduction of high technologies of Gunshan (China) there will take place the 8th International exhibition of innovations – IEIK 2014 (further – an exhibition).
04 june, 15:02

Works on restoration and preservation of the Rostov cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos and Cathedral square are conducted

The government of the Rostov region together with the Don metropolitanate since 2012 conduct work on restoration and preservation of one of the main sights of our edge - the Rostov cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos and the Cathedral square.
26 may, 14:56

We invite businessmen to take part in polls on an investment portal инвестклимат.рф.

Dear businessmen, we offer you till May 31, 2014 годаответить on a series of questions on realization of actions of road maps of the National enterprise initiative.