03 october, 16:21

Possibilities of participation of small enterprises of Don in annual innovative competitions are expanded

In carrying out annual regional competitions in the sphere of innovations there were changes which will expand possibilities of participation of small enterprises.
26 september, 10:47

In Russia it was succeeded to carry out synthesis of three-dimensional polymer

The next discovery capable to introduce enormous changes in many branches of science and the industries is made. This time it was succeeded to develop the new method allowing to begin synthesis of an ultrafirm fullerit.
19 september, 10:29

Intellectual technologies came to accounts department

The ImBoss online service and the company "Mullen Sistems" specializing on systems of technical sight and artificial intelligence, started implementation of the joint project on creation for ImBoss intellectual business – enterprise models.
19 september, 10:27

International fair of innovations and business of INNOVAWORLD 2014 and International Inventors' Day

In October, 2014 (terms are specified) Brazilian the state of Espiritu Santo Vitoria will pass in the capital the 4th International fair of innovations and business of INNOVAWORLD 2014 at which the integrated Russian exposition will be organized. Together with fair the 7th International festival – International Inventors' Day is held.
12 september, 10:24

The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Don and Regional corporation of development signed the cooperation agreement in IT sphere

On the eve of a professional holiday – Day of the programmer - the ministry of information technologies and communication of Don and JSC Regionalnaya korporation razvitiya signed the cooperation agreement in area of information and communication technologies.
05 september, 10:19

The Pikor device will help rescuers in search of people under fragments of buildings

Emergency situations of natural, technogenic and any other character become complicated that fact that the long time on search of all victims who have appeared in closed space often is required. In that case rescuers should act most quickly, after all every minute can cost life.
05 september, 10:16

Seed Forum Moscow

Investors will have an opportunity to meet heads 10 previously the selected best hi-tech companies from Russia and the European countries which will submit the investment projects at a forum. Each of the presented companies passed selection and Seed Forum trainings.
01 september, 14:48

Information and practical conference "Priorities of development of a scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020: State. Science. Business"

The autonomous non-profit organization "CENTER of INFORMATION and ANALYTICAL AND LEGAL SUPPORT of EXECUTIVE AUTHORITIES AND LAW-ENFORCEMENT STRUCTURES" with support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation holds information and practical conference "Priorities of development of a scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020: State. Science. Business". 
27 august, 14:37

In Moscow the interregional consulting meeting will take place

From September 10 to September 12, 2014 in Moscow the interregional consulting meeting on a subject will take place: "Corporate control system of projects, programs and portfolios of projects. Specifics of management of projects with a high share of research and development.
15 august, 14:29

Investments and management of development of innovative infrastructure will discuss at the Forum "Open innovations"

The international experts, heads of the large infrastructure organizations, businessmen and investors will discuss prospects of innovative development of territories and questions of formation of infrastructure for innovations within the section "Space" of the first day of the III Moscow international forum of innovative development "Open innovations".