XIV national Congress "Modernization of Russian industry: development Priorities”

November 12, 2019 in The office of the President of the Russian Federation GC "President-hotel" (Moscow, Bolshaya Yakimanka str., 24) will be held XIV national Congress " Modernization of Russian industry: development Priorities."

The Congress is an authoritative annual platform for open dialogue between entrepreneurs, government officials and the scientific community. The purpose of the event – the effective interaction of business and government, the formation of the development program taking into account the interests of all parties, the formation of long-term partnerships.

The key theme of the national Congress 2019 is "Global trends in technological leadership". The main task is to promote business initiatives in the development, production and export of high-tech products.

The Congress program includes a Plenary session, Sectoral and thematic Sections devoted to the prospects of development of priority industries, as well as B2B and B20 business meetings, individual professional consultations on legal, legal and financial issues and the conclusion of new partnership agreements.

Also as part of the National Congress will host the annual international energy Forum "Innovations. Infrastructure. Security.» Organizational and technical support of the Congress is provided by ANO center for business support and development "Initiative".

Source: https://www.innoros.ru/news/post/17384/xiv-natsional-nyy-kongress-modernizatsiya-promyshlennosti-rossii-prioritety-razvitiya

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