The Governor has signed an agreement with the leader of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Governor Vasily Golubev and General Director of the Agency's strategic initiatives to promote new projects Andrey Nikitin have signed at the Sochi Investment Forum agreement on cooperation between the regional government and the agency.

The parties have agreed to promote the initiation and promotion of socially significant projects of small and medium enterprises in the region, including in the social sphere, as well as interact with the promotion of initiatives to improve business climate, overcoming barriers to the development of small and medium businesses.

The Parties intend to work together on the projects "Development of individual enterprise in the field of early preschool education." Direction "Young Professionals" and "Global Education"  will be implemented in the area of human resources.

Improving the business climate in the Don region the projects "New Business" and "National business initiative" will be moved.

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