The Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation with the support of Generations has started accepting applications for participation in the hackathon

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, the first federal government body that regularly conducts hackathons to solve digital transformation problems, has started selecting teams that want to participate in Audithon 2021. This four — day hackathon of the Accounting Chamber will be held with the support of GenerationS in an online format from March 25 to 28. Teams of data analysts and developers from any region of Russia will be able to participate in the competition. The winners will receive valuable prizes and new opportunities for business and career development.

Teams participating in Audithon 2021 will be offered real-world tasks on data analytics and visualization from the practice of the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation and its partners in the event — state authorities and large corporations.

Applications for participation in the Accounts Chamber hackathon are open until March 23 inclusive on the official website of the event Teams of both experienced and novice data analysts are invited. The team can include developers and users of software in the field of data analysis, specialists in data search in open sources, designers, journalists, etc.

The official opening of the hackathon will take place on March 25. The teams will work on solving the problems until March 28. Audithon 2021 participants will be offered about two dozen tasks – here are examples of some of them:

* Build a visual diagram of the movement of federal budget funds from the manager to the final recipient within the framework of the federal project " Improving the Volga River";

* Develop a tool for visualizing data on the innovative development of the Russian Federation in comparison with other countries, as well as at the level of individual regions;

* To analyze the budget financing for maintaining the standard condition of roads in the subjects of the Russian Federation;

* Create an interactive visualization of the discrepancies in the amount of public funds provided for solving the housing problem (in the form of a one-time payment) of a soldier and a police officer, all other things being equal.

The list of tasks of the hackathon is published on the official website of Audithon 2021 constantly updated.

The results of the Audit Chamber's hackathon Audithon 2021 will be summed up in four categories:

• Data visualization;

• Data Analytics;

• Software solution;

* Non-standard solution (special nomination).

In each category, up to three winners will receive memorable prizes, as well as the opportunity to continue working on the task together with the Accounting Chamber and its official hackathon partners.

Ekaterina Petrova, director of the corporate accelerator GenerationS: "For GenerationS, Audithon 2021 has already become the second initiative during the project's existence, aimed at solving the digital problems of the state. It is extremely important for us to use various tools aimed at finding interesting solutions that can contribute to the development and growth of the Russian market. The hackathon of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation has become an opportunity for us to work together with one of the key state players and major partners to create a base of valuable solutions that can accelerate digital transformation."

Mikhail Petrov, Director of the Digital Transformation Department of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation: "All the tasks that Audithon 2021 participants will have to solve are completely real data analytics cases that employees of the Accounts Chamber and partner organizations deal with during this hackathon. The development strategy of the Accounting Chamber provides for the use of digital solutions – and we see that technologies are really becoming more and more popular in all areas and areas of control and accounting activities. Ideas and developments resulting from open competitions allow each employee to try out new methods of analytical work with data, which changes the culture of the organization and accelerates transformational processes."

The Audithon 2021 hackathon is the third open data analytics competition held by the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation. In 2019, the DataAudit Accounting Chamber hackathon was held, and in 2020, the DataContest Accounting Chamber competition was held.


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