Technoforum 2020-exhibition of equipment and technologies for processing structural materials Russia, Moscow

Technoforum is the only exhibition in Russia that presents the entire range of equipment, devices and tools for processing materials of natural and artificial origin — metal, wood, stone, glass and plastic, etc.

The exhibition is held by Expocenter in partnership with the Russian Association of manufacturers of machine tools "Stankoinstrument".

At the Technoforum exhibition, the largest Russian and foreign manufacturers and distributors, science and high technology centers will present the latest developments in the field of machine tool construction.they will present equipment and technologies for processing structural materials: metal, wood, stone, glass, organic, polymer and composite materials.

1. Complex systems of high-tech high-performance technological equipment for technical re-equipment of production enterprises of the main processing industries.

2. Machine systems and forming equipment for processing metals, stone, wood, composite, polymer and other materials.

3. High-precision processing equipment on the basis of nanotechnology.

4. Complex equipment of machine systems with high-performance cutting and auxiliary tools, technological equipment.

5. Salon " Bearing»

6. Control and measuring equipment, Metrology.

7. Diagnostics, test benches.

8. Energy-saving technological systems and equipment for material processing.

9. control Systems; CNC systems (Numerical software control), mechanical systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

10. Retrofitting: - technology for restoring consumer properties of equipment.

11. Components and products, spare parts.

12. Technology Centers for integrated service of industrial enterprises.

13. Production cooperation. Subcontracting.

13. Information materials and scientific and technical literature.

The exhibition includes the following sections:

- metal processing

- wood processing

- stone processing

- glass processing

- plastic processing

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