Sochi will host the Forum "Global technological leadership"

The Central theme of the Forum will be the formation of the state technological policy at the turn of the 2020s and cooperation to achieve Russia's leadership in global markets. The forum is organized by RVC and NTI Platform with the support of the Russian Government.

The agenda of the Forum is focused on the development of cross-cutting technologies-advanced areas that will determine the shape of the world economy and the leadership potential of States in the new decade. Among them are artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, robotics and sensors, distributed registry systems, wireless communication technologies, new production technologies, virtual and augmented reality. The development of end-to-end technologies is a priority of the state programs "Digital economy of the Russian Federation" and the national technology initiative.

The Forum will host "stress tests" and presentations of "roadmaps" for the development of high-tech areas based on end-to-end technologies, strategic sessions with the participation of state corporations, presentations of technology consortia, community events of the National technology initiative. The Forum will be attended by representatives of high-tech companies, investors, research and educational organizations, authorities and development institutions.

Maxim Akimov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Important structural changes are taking place in the world today: the knowledge economy is replacing the industrial model of development, digital technologies are becoming the main factor of socio-economic growth. Russia has all the necessary resources for active inclusion in the global technological agenda. This work requires a major transformation of the system of interaction of all participants in the innovation ecosystem, including large corporations and development institutions. In this sense, the Forum is a strategic platform where new models of state technological policy will be designed.

The forum "Global technological leadership" will be held on December 5-6 In the main media Center of Sochi.

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