Acceleration and educational program Development of innovative ecosystems

Graduate school of innovation management at the Head of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and the Foundation of innovation development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) with the support of the Ministry of innovation, digital development and information and communication technologies of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) developed acceleration program "Development of innovation ecosystems" where the teachers are graduates of the acceleration program for the development of innovation ecosystems Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT REAP (Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program of Massachusets Institute of Technology).

The main goal of the Program is to form regional teams that can provide the necessary conditions for the development of innovative business in the subject of the Russian Federation.

The result of the training Program will be initiated by the team of the region, a well-founded and already implemented project aimed at developing the innovation ecosystem of the region. Successful examples of such initiatives are accelerators, startup competitions, hackathons, the formation of funds for financing innovative companies, a systematic approach to organizing interaction between business angels in the region and innovative startups, coworking and technology parks, joint projects for the development of technological innovations in large corporations in the region, and others. In addition, the regional team will form a Plan for the innovative development of the region.

A distinctive feature of the Program is that the regional teams include representatives of all participants interested in the innovative development of the region: innovative entrepreneurs, authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation, regional innovative organizations, large regional companies, regional financial institutions, regional educational organizations. The number of team members can be from five to eight people.

The structure of the Program consists of six modules, and five inter-periods. Each module involves working with teachers in real time (in full-time and remote formats), as well as team performance of practical tasks.

Contact details for the details of the Program and the order of participation:

- Tatiana Bravina, Project Manager, tel.: +7 (914) 275-74-47, e-mail: Kolganov, Development Director of the Higher School of Innovation Management under the Head of the RS (Ya), tel.: + 7 (915) 081-40-75 –

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