31 august, 16:46

Mobile Technopark "Quantorium" has been launched to educate rural schoolchildren

On August 28, the Grand opening of the mobile Technopark "Quantorium" took place, which went to the Neklinovsky district on this day. Mobile Technopark "Quantorium" is a mobile complex based on a car station, equipped with high-tech equipment for training in the most modern, key innovative areas.
31 august, 16:46

Don IT companies presented their developments to the head of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadaev

During his working trip to the Rostov region, Maksut shadayev met with representatives of the don it community, was introduced to the best it practices in the region, and in turn, he told the participants about the country's digital transformation and answered their questions.
31 august, 16:45

Rostov region – is a leader in the introduction of digital technologies

The agreement on the development of cooperation in the field of digital transformation was signed today, August 28, by the Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev and the Minister of digital development of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadaev.
31 august, 16:45

The first professional eSports team appeared in the Rostov region

The Meta4Pro team consists of players not only from the Rostov region, but also from Russia and CIS countries. Athletes compete in three disciplines: Dota 2, CS: GO and Fortnite. The youngest members of the new eSports team are only 14 and 15 years old. The guys have their own Youtube channel, where they already have more than 1,500 subscribers.
31 august, 16:44

Winners of the digital breakthrough hackathon were awarded in Rostov

Rostelecom awarded the winners of the regional stage of the all-Russian hackathon "Digital breakthrough". The top three teams were "Cast iron Skorokhod", "Ultra Juni" and Whon, who won 150, 100 and 50 thousand rubles, respectively.
31 august, 16:43

"IT-harvest": results of the regional stage of the competition "Digital breakthrough" are summed up

The results of the regional stage of the all-Russian competition "Digital breakthrough", which was held in the don capital, were summed up. Within 48 hours, 110 teams from all over the country solved complex and at the same time interesting cases from regional authorities, leading Russian organizations, as well as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.
31 august, 16:43

Rostov Governor instructed to ensure the provision of social services in electronic form up to 95%

Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev instructed to ensure the sustainable development of digital technologies in the region. "I will highlight one of the national goals - digital transformation. It includes achieving digital maturity in key sectors of the economy and social sphere, including healthcare, education, and public administration," Golubev said on Wednesday during the announcement of the budget address.
24 august, 13:23

Vasily Golubev: "Center for digital transformation created on don"

Governor Vasily Golubev announced the creation of an important link in the "digital vertical" - the center for digital transformation – during the opening ceremony of the first hackathon of the all-Russian competition. The head of the region launched the first hackathon of the semi-final of the all-Russian competition " Digital breakthrough "of the presidential platform"Russia - the land of opportunities".
20 august, 13:22

Three companies became partners of the southern research and education center

On August 19, an online cooperation agreement was signed between don state technical University, a Russian venture company, the Association of developers and operators of advanced production technologies, and ANO "FIRON". The document concerns the development of the southern scientific and educational center "Digital transformation of the agro-industrial and industrial complex", which is coordinated by DSTU-the main University of the Rostov region.
20 august, 13:22

New unmanned harvester TORUM presented at the exhibition "day of the don field»

Smart new agricultural machinery. The new unmanned harvester " Torum "was first presented at the exhibition"day of the don field". The innovative technology is able to move along a given route with an accuracy of up to 2.5 cm, and can also choose the driving mode, which significantly increases productivity.