01 december, 15:05

Don Assembly gathered more than 80 inventors from different regions of Russia

The prize Fund of the V contest-review of inventions and technological innovations was 900,000 rubles The largest annual contest in the South of Russia "don Assembly" has ended. It was held in full-time and part-time format using remote technologies at the site of the don state technical University. Inventors from Rostov-on-don, Krasnodar, Tula, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Armavir, Bratsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg took part in the competition.
30 november, 16:11

Rostov enterprise has patented know-how in the field of instrumentation

Rostov company "Nonelectrolytes" launches mass production of its know-how in the field of instrumentation. The company's own development of engineers can be used in almost any modern electronics, including in the field of solar energy, aircraft construction, electric vehicle construction and others.
30 november, 16:11

Rostov region is among the winners of the final of the all-Russian competition «You are an innovator»

Donetsk residents took first and prize places in the final of the all-Russian competition "You are an innovator", which was held in an online format from November 16 to 20. Ilya Kondrashov became the winner in the category "Energy and nuclear technologies" with the project "alarm Device for protection against falling under step voltage". In the category" Sports, medical and biomedical technologies " Anton Pushkin with the project "non-Invasive diagnostics of malignant glial brain tumors" took second place, and the bronze medalist in the same category was Alexander Skrylev with the project "Therapeutic focusing ultrasound transducer".
30 november, 11:58

Online Convention "Business without borders"

In accordance with the action plan aimed at achieving development results of the National technology initiative (hereinafter - STI), ANO "National Platform technology initiatives" under the "STI of the Month" in the period from 25 November to 9 December 2020 will be held online Convention "Business without borders".
23 november, 11:39

Your vote is important: three Don cities claim to be the IT capital

Three don cities claim to be the "it capital of Russia". The winner is chosen by popular vote on the portal Everyone can support the most worthy city. Voting will last until the second of December this year. Rostov-on-don, Taganrog and Novocherkassk are represented from the Rostov region. Note that the leading positions in the rating are now occupied by Taganrog and Rostov.
23 november, 11:38

The structure of the government of the Rostov region will be supplemented by the Ministry of digital development

The Ministry of digital development will appear in the Rostov region as part of the mass transfer of state and municipal services to electronic format, the press service of the regional Governor reports.
23 november, 11:38

Don team among the winners of the hackathon «Digital breakthrough»

The eighth and final regional stage of the all-Russian Digital breakthrough competition, the flagship project of the presidential platform Russia — land of opportunities, took place in the North — Western Federal district.
23 november, 11:38

Don schoolchildren will be able to train the neural network

From November 23 to December 13, don schoolchildren will join the new stage of the all-Russian educational project "Lesson of numbers". Its theme will be "Neural networks and communications". The event is addressed to students in grades 1-11 and is aimed at developing the key competencies of the digital economy among schoolchildren, as well as their early career guidance in the field of information technology.
16 november, 12:51

The winners from the Rostov region will receive more than 73.6 million rubles from the innovation promotion Fund for the implementation of their projects

The winners of the "UMNIK" competitions of the innovation promotion Fund under the national program "Digital economy", "Development - SOPR", "Development - NTI", "Commercialization"became known. Throughout the year, students, specialists, postgraduates, young scientists, as well as enterprises of the Rostov region presented their projects in order to receive a grant for their innovative developments. 16 applicants from the Rostov region won the UMNIK competition under the national Digital Economy program. each of them will receive a grant of 500,000 rubles.
09 november, 11:11

The semifinal stage of the contest "UMNIK-2020" in the Rostov region has ended

The last semi-final of this year in the Rostov region of the competition "UMNIK-2020" of the innovation promotion Fund was held, where young innovators of the don presented their developments for selection for the next stage. Due to the current epidemiological situation, the semi-final selection was held in an online format. Experts evaluated the projects in terms of their innovation and scientific component. 31 projects in six areas were submitted to the semifinals, 16 projects were selected, which moved to the next stage – depersonalized examination.