18 november, 17:45

Consultation on the competitive selection for the provision of state support to leading companies

November 19, 2019 at 10.00 (Moscow time) will be held a consultation on the competitive selection for grants for state support of companies-leaders in the development of products, services and platform solutions based on" end-to-end " digital technologies (in the form of a webinar).
13 november, 17:13

Russia can become one of the global leaders in the field of AI, Putin said

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is capable of becoming one of the global leaders in the field of artificial intelligence. "The most stringent demand is from our departments, corporations, companies with state participation. The most important criterion for their effectiveness is the ability to ensure and strengthen the technological viability of the country. The weight and significance of the work ahead are exceptionally great. We should, I am convinced, be able to become one of the global leaders in the field of artificial intelligence, " Putin said at the artificial intelligence Journey conference.
13 november, 17:13

More than 80 000 applications were submitted for the Olympiad of the NTI Circle movement for schoolchildren

This year, 80,995 pupils of grades 5-11 from all regions of Russia registered for the school track of the Olympiad of the Circle movement of the National technological initiative.
13 november, 17:12

XII St. Petersburg international Innovation Forum to be held in St. Petersburg

The XII St. Petersburg international Innovation Forum will be held in the Northern capital from 13 to 15 November. The Central theme of the event will be synergetic economy.
22 october, 13:02

Study: More than half of Russians are optimistic about robotics, artificial intelligence and drone couriers

Within the framework of the forum "Open innovations" a presentation of the results of the study of RVC and the Institute of national projects devoted to the study of "technological optimism"was held. One of the main objectives of the study was to identify the attitude of Russians to the latest technologies that are being developed within the framework of the National technology initiative (NTI).
22 october, 13:01

Within the framework of the forum "Open innovations" will be held a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners Of the national award "Venture investor" -2019

The national award "Venture investor" is the "Oscar" of the domestic venture industry. For the sixth year in a row, the leaders of the Russian venture market receive awards from the hands of members of the authoritative Expert jury within the framework of the forum "Open innovations". It consists of the heads of the largest development institutions, funds and infrastructure organizations-experts and professionals, whose efforts, without exaggeration, and formed the domestic venture market. Among the jury members are Albina Nikkonen, Executive Director of the Russian venture investment Association, Alexander Povalko, 
22 october, 13:01

The forum "Open innovations" has started its work in Moscow

The main goal of the forum is the development and commercialization of the latest technologies, popularization of global technology brands and creation of new instruments of international cooperation in the field of innovation. The program includes plenary sessions and thematic sessions, an exhibition, educational events, seminars and master classes, innovative shows, business meetings and, of course, informal communication of participants.
14 october, 14:17

Putin signed a decree on artificial intelligence in Russia

The President of the Russian Federation signed a Decree on the development of artificial intelligence. The document approves the "National strategy for AI development until 2030", as well as regulates its implementation, the formation of Federal budgets for the implementation of the decree and obliges all performers to report annually on the progress of work.
14 october, 14:17

RVC launches new support tools under the national program "Digital economy of the Russian Federation"

RVC begins competitive selection of grant recipients for state support of leading research centers (INDIVIDUALS) and leading companies in the development of products, services and platform solutions based on end-to-end digital technologies. The competitive selection was initiated by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation within the framework of the Federal project "Digital technologies" of the national program "Digital economy of the Russian Federation"in 2019.
10 october, 11:01

In 2019, RVC launched an online platform allowing Russian technology companies to access all current RVC support measures in a "one window" format

 Such support measures include grant and investment financing in the amount of up to 500 million rubles, aimed at bringing technology products to foreign markets, launching new business lines, creating prototypes of breakthrough innovative products, developing infrastructure and technology services for companies focused on world markets.