We invite you to visit the seminar "Personnel Management: 37 rules of an effective Manager" on October 05, 2018.

The speaker of the event will be Anna Bocharova-business coach, consultant on organizational development. Practical experience in business for more than 17 years. Teacher in leading business schools of Russia: "SRC", "Moscow business school", "Russian school of management". Coach of Federal programs "Business environment", "Business: 3.0", "Regional sessions of practical consulting", "you are an entrepreneur", "Support of Russia".

    In the program of the seminar:

* EVR companies, what they consist of, how it affects the attractiveness of the employer

* Indicators for the analysis of personnel management efficiency

* Personal and organizational motivation

* Turnover management (turnover))

* Forming a team of people with different values and attitudes

* Effective internal communications

Date: 05.10.2018

Time: from 10.00

Venue: Rostov-on - don, Sedova str., 6/3, 1st floor

The event is free!

Registration for the seminar is required!

Additional information can be obtained by phone 8 (863) 308-19-11 (EXT. 313) or by mail hatlamajiyan@rrapp.ru (contact person: Natalia Khatlamadzhiyan).

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