V international scientific and practical conference «Science, technology and technology in the context of globalization: paradigmatic properties and problems of integration»

28 October 2019 29 October 2019.

16 information sections.


1. Theoretical and methodological, moral and philosophical dimensions of technical and technological progress.

2. Scientific picture of the world in the context of science interaction.

3. Needs, interests and universal values in the emergence and solution of global problems.

4. Progress of information technologies: vital necessity or economic will.

5. Technocratism as a human-destroying force and a brake on social progress.

6. Space exploration: breakthroughs and challenges.

7. Biosphere, technosphere and noosphere: prospects of interaction.

8. Man-made tenets of co-evolution.

9. Innovative potential of mathematical science in the integration of science, technology and technology.

10. The importance of nano-and biotechnologies in modern society.

11. Physical picture of the world in the technogenic era.

12. Technosphere and sociosphere: cooperation and compatibility.

13. Political and legal bases and economic and financial components of technical and technological spheres.

14. The energy sector: dynamics of growth of the consumers, alternative sources and prospects.

15. Modern technologies in the automotive, railway, shipbuilding and aviation industries.

16. Varia (materials on other directions corresponding to the theme of the conference are accepted).

Official languages of the conference: Russian, English, Uzbek.

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