The task for 2020 to create high-tech industrial sites has already been implemented

   1 February under the chairmanship of Vladimir Putin in Rostov-on-don hosted a meeting of State Council Presidium, devoted to prospects of development of industrial potential of regions of Russia, informs

   In his speech, the head of the Ministry of industry and trade D. Manturov said that the complex interaction with the regions of the Ministry builds in the framework of the law on industrial policy and cooperation agreements, which were signed in a timely manner with all subjects of the Russian Federation.

   "The main direction of our joint work is to increase the inflow of public and private investments in regional projects. At the same time, we aim to synchronize the instruments of industrial development with the subjects of the Federation. To date, 119 Federal and 494 regional support measures in the form of subsidies have been included in the specially created support measures Navigator.

   As part of the President's instructions, we also coordinated sectoral and regional import substitution plans. As a result, 345 billion extra-budgetary funds and 75 billion budgetary funds have been invested in new projects in the regions. And in the next three years, this amount should double.

   Other mechanisms for attracting private investment in medium and small businesses are regional funds for the development of industry. And, thanks to the initiative you supported today to include the industrial block in the model budget of the regions, they can use it to plan expenses that ensure economic growth of the regions. This will make it possible to replenish the regional funds of the industry, and it will help to improve the investment climate.

   The next important area on which our efforts are focused is the development of industrial infrastructure, especially in the field. Over the past five years, with the support of the Federal centre, the number of existing industrial parks and industrial technology parks has increased almost fourfold. Today, there are 157 such high-tech industrial sites across the country, and 76 in the process of creation. Thus, the task set for 2020 has already been implemented.

   Nevertheless, we will continue to support the regions investing in the development of modern industrial infrastructure within the framework of the joint program with the Ministry of Finance. In the Federal budget for these purposes for the next three years laid 11 billion rubles. This will allow the regions to expand the tax base by creating small and medium-sized enterprises on the site of old industrial zones, as well as to solve the problems of single-industry towns.

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