The possibility of creating a high-tech Don Technopark is being considered

On Friday, February 14, a round table was held in Taganrog on the topic "Creating a high-tech Technopark in the Rostov region". The event was chaired by Herman Lopatkin, head of the regional Ministry of communications. It was attended by representatives of the Ministry, the public Council, the regional development Corporation, the city administration, it companies, the it Council, and others.

German Lopatkin stressed that the order to work out the issue of creating a high-tech Technopark in the Rostov region was announced by the Governor of the region at the annual report of the Ministry to the communications industry, which was held on January 29. He recalled that the relevant issue has already been worked out by the Yuzhny it Park, and today participants need to take into account many parameters of the future project.

The Minister also noted that the idea of creating a Technopark in Taganrog is not accidental, since it has historically been a forge of talented it personnel and an advanced municipality in this area.

During the event, proposals from industry representatives were heard. Then the participants visited two possible sites for creating a Technopark, and also talked to potential investors. The first site is located on the territory of the former factory "Crystal" - a large shop in thousands of squares with high ceilings. The theme of creating a Technopark has been actively developing for the second year. The second object is located on the territory of the former "TagAZ". It is a four-story factory services building with more than 1,000 squares on each floor. The project is ready and can be launched approximately within a year, only specific requests from potential resident companies are missing.

Now the it community will have to consider another city for creating a high-tech Technopark – Novocherkassk. In the near future, a meeting will be held there, potential sites will be examined and further plans will be outlined.

"By August 1, we must send specific, detailed proposals to the Governor indicating all its parameters, justifying the necessary costs and sources, the prospects for its development and efficiency for the region's economy," the head of the regional Ministry of communications concluded.


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