The participants of the "Forum Actions" proposed to create a Digital exchange innovation

The participants of the Forum of the popular front "Russia looking into the future" offered to set up a national Digital exchange of innovations – a centralized web service to search for inventors, business partners, and projects. According to their plan, producers will be able to place questions and problems that require solving and rationalization, and inventors to offer their ideas for implementation. This should dramatically reduce the search time performers, customers, buyers of complete projects.

 "Last year, Armavir plant "Kubanzheldormash" was forced to buy a German laboratory scales, because the plant did not know of the existence of a similar class of device Russian production. This is just one of many examples, when domestic enterprises spend months to ring up specialized research institutes, inventors and innovative firms to find the right solutions, and then just buying the more expensive international option. And somewhere in the vast country, the creators of high-quality and inexpensive Russian counterpart often are desperate to find him some buyers," – said the head of the expert Committee of the Novosibirsk state University Peter Maganov.

According to scientists, representatives of industrial enterprises – participants of the platform, "the economy of the future: digital country", can solve the problem of a centralized web service to search for inventors, business partners, projects and tasks that need to be addressed.

 "What an inventor is easier to guess what the company, or to learn about its real needs and propose the optimal solution? Where inventors preferred to search tasks, the queries that need to perform innovative work? In search engines, on the websites of thousands of businesses? Or on a single digital platform? The answers are obvious", – said Petr Minihanov.

 In addition, this exchange will not only help to implement scientific developments in production, but will also provide the opportunity to confirm the reputation of inventors and manufacturers, to fix the copyright on the proposed solutions, to monitor in real time the fate of applications and to facilitate the solution of many other small technical and legal issues that often complicate the activities of participants in the innovation process in our country. 


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