The Ministry of economic development shall develop a legislative Foundation for the "Digital economy"

In the years 2018-2019 will be developed 53 of a package of legislative measures. The government Commission on using information technologies to improve the quality of life and conditions of conducting business activities under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the plan of actions for regulatory programs. The document was presented by Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin.

The plan was prepared jointly with the SKOLKOVO Foundation, expert and business community. The work involved over 400 experts and business representatives.

"A large number of proposals from business were received on the subject of forming a unified digital environment of trust is the facilitation of identification of persons, the possibility of smart contracts, determination of conditions for recognition of the legal force of electronic documents", - said Maxim Oreshkin.

Another significant theme of the plan - regulation of the turnover data. You need to improve the existing regimes for data protection and consent to their processing, to create transparent rules of access to public data and to determine the status of data-generating devices in the "Internet of things".

In addition, one of the most important topics for the use of innovative technologies in the financial market, which implies a new regulation for the financial market concepts - cryptocurrency, digital eavesdropping, and others. It is also necessary on the basis of experimental regulatory sites to determine the technology requirements of mining and distributed register (blockchain).

The plan also includes supporting companies that will drive the development of the digital economy. This in particular is proposed to introduce a lower taxation of income from disposal of rights to results of intellectual activity, simplification of obtaining Russian tax residency for individuals, highly qualified specialists, the introduction of tax deductions for personal income tax for business angels.

In the next two years should be developed more than 50 packages of legislative measures. 27 will be developed in 2018, the other in 2019.

Program "Digital economy" was approved by decree of the RF Government of July 28, 2017. To manage the program identified five basic areas: regulatory, HR and education, formation of research competences and technical foundations, information infrastructure, information security. For the implementation of two directions – "regulation" and "talent and education" responsible Ministry of economic development of Russia.

The "road map" for regulators was prepared by the Ministry of economic development jointly with the expert and business community a platform for discussion was organized by the competence center – the SKOLKOVO Foundation. In the work took part more than 400 experts and business representatives. The plan provides for changes in a whole array of legislation – more than 50 packages of legislative measures should be developed in 2018-2019.


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