The first meeting of the sub-Commission on the digital economy

 On 31 August, the first meeting of the sub-Commission on the digital economy of the Government Commission on using information technologies to improve the quality of life and conditions for doing business, according to the website of the Cabinet. The sub-Commission on the digital economy established by Government resolution of August 15, 2017 No. 969 as a tool to control the implementation of the "Digital economy of the Russian Federation". The work of the sub-Commission headed by the first Deputy Head of the Russian Government Apparatus Maxim Akimov. 

 The first Subcommittee meeting was devoted to organizational aspects of the programme.

For each area of the program are competence centers and heads of working groups (WG) elected from representatives of the business:

"Regulation": the competence center – the SKOLKOVO Foundation; head of the RG – R. S. Ibragimov ("MTS");

"Talent and education": center of competence – ANO "Agency for strategic initiatives"; the head of WG – B. G. Nuraliev (1C);

 "The formation of research competences and technological groundwork": competence centres – GK "rostec" and state Corporation "Rosatom", the head of the WG – A. B. Povalko (JSC "RVC");

"Information infrastructure": the competence center – PJSC "Rostelecom", head of the WG – A. Serebryakova ("MegaFon");

Information security: the competence center, Sberbank of Russia JSC; head of the WG – N. And.Kasperskaya (InfoWatch).

 They also approved the schedule of preparation of action plans for the implementation of the program. Federal ministries and departments, competence centres, business representatives and experts should jointly prepare the action plans for each area of the program.

As a result of this extensive work, which allotted two months, will identify specific activities of the programme "Digital economy".

 Maxim Akimov drew participants ' attention to the fact that this form of teamwork involves a reduction in formal procedures, including the Federal bodies of Executive power. Responsible person in the ministries and departments will take part in the development of action plans.

To prepare action plans for the implementation of the program took place technologically and effectively, at the first meeting of the sub-Commission considered guidelines for their development. They will be followed by all involved parties.

 All further work on the implementation of the program will be conducted in the framework of the special information system. It needs to create and maintain an Analytical centre for the Government of the Russian Federation, which sets forth the functions of the project office program.


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