The 7 projects of young scientists of Rostov region passed selection for the program START

Winners announced on the program of Fund of assistance to innovation "START", which was attended including young innovators don.

The program "Start" aimed to create new and support existing small innovative companies seeking to develop and master the production of new goods, products, technologies or services using the results of own scientific, technical and technological research at an early stage of development and have significant commercialization potential. 

From March 20 to August 15, 2017 the contest received 1346 filings (including 28 applications from Rostov region), of which 1196 applications were not recommended for support based on the results of absentee examination and in-person expert jury. A rigorous selection for the first year of the program START (Start-1) overcame the 7 projects of young scientists of Rostov region.


• Abramenko Anton Alexandrovich (research topic: "Hardware and software complex APOLLO for modeling weather and climate events on the basis of innovative scientific methods»);

• Krasnov, Ivan Nikolaevich ("Development of technology of preparation of seeds of crops to sowing winter crops in dry conditions (the conditions of climate aridization»);

• Booth Artem Yurievich ("instrumentation on the principle of the analysis of the electrical conductivity of flame for power plants on organic fuel»);

• Savchenko Sergey ("Development of methods of obtaining medicinal raw materials, using the technology of progressive crop»);

• Pchelnikova Igor Viktorovich ("Development and design of besifring electrolyzer for water disinfection by direct electrolysis»);

• Zarutsky Svyatoslav Alexandrovich ("Development of analytical modules for the platform for automatic data analysis Chatzilla»);

• Lazorenko George Ivanovich ("Development of technology and organization of production of highly dispersed polymer-reinforcing nanomaterials and composites on their basis for the manufacture of import-substituting eco-friendly packaging and protective coatings with high barrier properties"). 

All winners will receive 2 million rubles for further development of their research.

The Fund for the promotion of innovation announces new applications in programs "Start" and "Business-Start".

Applications will be accepted from January 17 to March 15, 2018. More detailed information can be found on the website

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