Students will be able to participate in the competition Cup Goldberg

From 28 August to 17 September 2017 started on the selection of projects for participation in the Cup of Goldberg – 2017. The application can be submitted by all students, joining the team from two to five people. The competition helps identify and support future engineers who are able to think outside the box and creative approach to solving difficult technical problems. 

To participate you must register on the event website. After registration the team captain will have access to the cloud. It is necessary to load the project and a description of the future Goldberg machine, including number of steps, figures, drawings, 2D and 3D models, video presentation and other data, including estimates of the project. 

Already on September 17 the website of the contest the organizers will publish the ranking teams of the qualifying stage. Among the main criteria – length of chain of transformations by future cars Goldberg, as the description of its work, the selection of text, illustrations and videos. The maximum number of points you can score for the project - 30. The first 10 teams of the ranking will play in the final. 

Until October 15, participants will need to purchase needed for the construction of invented machine makes the materials to build the mechanisms and to bring the car in Sochi. Here in October during the world festival of youth and students held final competition. 

Note that at the stage of design teams will be assisted by experts. Grants to 30 thousand rubles for the purchase of materials will provide the Russian venture company. Shipping cars in Sochi can be compensated separately by decision of the organizers.

In the final, the experts and the judges will evaluate the projects according to the following criteria:

the complexity of the design

reliability and precise machine work

entertainment launch

The winning team will receive the League's Goldberg prize in 50 thousand roubles. The prize Fund second place - 30 thousand rubles, third - 20 thousand rubles. 

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