Rating of innovative economies of the world: Russia has improved its position

   Bloomberg, one of the world's leading economic analysts, has published another rating of the most innovative economies in the world. According to the results of the analysis of 200 economies, 50 leaders were selected. At the end of 2017, Russia took 25th place, one line higher than last year.

   One of the rating parameters is Patent activity (Patent activity). According to Bloomberg's methodology, it is calculated based on the ratio of the number of patents granted and patent applications filed to the population, taking into account GDP and the ratio of the number of patents granted by the country to the total number in the world. According to this indicator, our country consistently maintains a high position in the world. At the end of 2015, we took the 15th place, in 2016 and 2017 — Russia, according to Bloomberg, took the 16th position, the press service of Rospatent.

   It is worth noting that we are ahead of such technologically advanced countries as Switzerland, Israel and the Netherlands in terms of this indicator. Ahead of us — UK (15), Norway (14).

   The greatest influence on the change in Russia's position in the ranking was the parameter Manufacturing value-added (value Added in production), calculated on the basis of the ratio of value added in production to GDP per capita. Compared to 2016, our country has added 15 rating points at once. According to another indicator — High-tech density (Density of high — tech companies) - calculated on the basis of the ratio of high-tech companies to all public companies in the country, we have risen by two lines up.

   Unfortunately, the negative developments with R&D Intensity —expenditures of the country on innovation, funding of innovation activities in relation to GDP, according to Bloomberg, Russia has dropped from 31st position on the 32. Decreased Productivity index (Productivity) — here we are with 42 seats went to 44. Fell and Tertiary efficiency (Additional higher education) — from the third place in the world we moved to the fifth.

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