October 11, 2018 at 10: 00 am Rostov regional Agency for entrepreneurship support invites you to attend the seminar «Brand of an entrepreneur: how to build loyalty to the company and trust in products»

The program of the seminar:

- Trust is a key asset of the company. How to dispose of it correctly?

- Why the brand is the basis and guarantor of the trust of others?

- Triad of brands: company-product-Manager's personality. Save and multiply!

- Stages of building a holistic brand. Mandatory "milestones" of the way.

The workshop participants will receive::

1. A clear understanding of the modern understanding of the personal brand

2. Specific steps to form and develop your own brand identity

3. They are aware of the system of interrelations between the company's brand, products and the Manager's personality

4. Learn how to manage your own brand, to perceive it holistically and congruently (consistent)

5. They will see the prospects for the development of the company's brands, products and individuals in their relationship and interdependence

The speaker will be Marina Demchenko-holistic marketing coach; Ph. D.; full member of the Guild of marketers of Russia; corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Imagology; founder and head of Strategic Marketing Consulting & Coaching Centre (SMCC)»;

international expert on branding of the personality of the international TV channel "Orbit-London"; MBA teacher at the International business school at the Moscow chamber of Commerce; specialist in gamification of business processes, author and developer of business games.

Date: 11.10.2018

Time: from 10.00

Venue: Rostov-on - don, 6/3 Sedova street, 1st floor

The event is free!

Registration for the seminar is required!

Additional information can be obtained by phone 8 (863) 308-19-11 (EXT. 313) or by mail hatlamajiyan@rrapp.ru (contact person: Natalia Khatlamadzhiyan). 

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