May 21, 2019 in the Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "Don State Technical University" opens a new format of collective space - "Boiling Point"!

The boiling point of DSTU is the result of the joint work of the supporting University of Rostov region, the Agency for strategic initiatives, the STI Platform and the University community, the product of which will be – the emergence of a place of barrier-free entry for all interested and active people in the University community and the creation of a positive future through the technological development of the region and new educational platforms.

To celebrate the opening of the boiling Point DGTU the opening measures in the form of public lectures and panel discussions (Energinet, Foodnet, Agrante, Nanotehnologii, etc.) with the performance of Federal experts and visionaries, teachers and HSE, Ranepa (Moscow) and the interactive part of the workshops, master classes, business game "the Matrix STI", during which participants will be able to identify key characteristics of the future.

At the visionary lecture "Technological trends and the business of tomorrow" you will learn about the existence of many technological trends that will change the world regardless of our attitude to them. Illustrations of our near future in the field of electricity, transport, industry, health and computer technology, compiled on the basis of modern research and development.

At the public lecture "news neuroscience breakthroughs 2017-2019 years" about the latest breakthroughs in these fields will tell chief editor of the portal Neuronovosti.Ru

Topical issues of changing the structure of demand in agriculture will be discussed at the open lecture "agriculture of the future. Looking at agriculture through the prism of big data analysis". Expert-analyst, technology forecasts of the future will talk about new information, bio-and nanotechnology, significant changes in the value chain, changing preferences and attitudes of consumers, climate change — this is not a complete list of factors that will affect the agricultural sector in Russia and in the world in the near future. The practical part of the lecture will contain a "Cases, the history of the introduction Agrante in Belgorod, Agrante projects that are "stuck" in the region".

At the boiling Point of DSTU will be a Business game "Introduction to the matrix of NTI" Participants (teachers of DSTU, students, entrepreneurs, government and municipal employees) divided into 3-4 teams, will create companies that will operate in the markets of the future - 2025-2035" During the game participants will learn how to look for companies with the "Genome of NTI", determine the key characteristics of the companies of the future, how to get into the NTI community? What will the world be like in 2035? What I am ready to take a place in this new/other world? What technological barriers can hinder the development of companies? How to overcome them? How to get into the NTI community, and what it can give participants?

On the track Energinet will consider the development of the power system in the paradigm of the Internet of energy in the Rostov region.

Also, master classes and workshops on mentoring, development of entrepreneurial initiatives, business modeling and experience management will be held.

Full program available here:

The opening of the "boiling Point of DSTU" will take place at:

Rostov-on-don, Gagarin square, 1 Congress hall DSTU, 4th floor

Start of the program activities from 10:00 to 20:30

Entrance is free, but registration is required.

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