31.5 million rubles will be received by Don innovators for the implementation of their projects

The Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation named the winners of the competitions "UMNIK-Electronics", "UMNIK-Sber", "Start-Artificial Intelligence" (2nd stage), "Commercialization" (15th stage) and "Design Centers-REA".
The winners of the competitions within the framework of the "SMART GUY" program will receive 500 thousand rubles each for the implementation of projects.

There are four winners from the Rostov region in the "SMART-Electronics" competition:
- Roman Annenkov, who presented the project "Development of a hardware and software complex for monitoring, control and optimization of the parameters of the heat network based on the domestic ECB - South Russian State Polytechnic University";
- Alexey Bakumenko (project "Development of radar for detecting subsurface objects from aboard a small-sized UAV - SFU");
- Vadim Varganov (project "Development of technology for forming elements of a neuromorphic processor based on memristor crossbars for robotic systems and artificial intelligence systems - SFU";
- Alexey Podkolzin (project "Development of an innovative regulator of the heat load of the boiler unit of the domestic ECB based on the SCADA system - URPU").
Ivan Yurgin won the UMNIK-Sber competition with the project "Development of a container sharing system for cargo transportation using the technology of folding containers - DSTU".
Within the framework of the Start-Artificial Intelligence-1 competition, a grant of 4 million rubles will be received by Donetsk resident Bogdan Odarchenko with the project "Development of an educational platform with an intelligent assistant to support and accelerate high-tech projects".
Also, in addition to competitions within the framework of the federal project "Artificial Intelligence", they were recommended for funding for acceleration (the "Acceleration-Artificial Intelligence" competition, grants up to 800 thousand rubles):
- Andrey Kotlyarov ("Development of a virtual fitting room software package based on a mobile application (iOS and Android) and a web plugin using software algorithms for combining clothes and a mannequin, and machine learning technology for automated generation of a virtual mannequin according to user parameters");
- Nikita Bandurin (project "Ion Air Pon - Development of an intelligent plant development management system with video analytics functions");
- LLC "ICTS "THOUGHT (project "Development of a software and hardware complex for automated visual and measuring control of steel ropes based on computer vision technologies".
In the Design Centers-REA competition, a grant in the amount of 25 million rubles will be received by the Don company ROSTAGROSERVICE LLC with the project "Design and development of electronic modules of the automation control system and monitoring of agricultural machinery based on ISO11783 (ISOBUS) technologies".
In the competition "Commercialization-XV", when additional funds become available, the company "WAT" LLC is recommended for financing in the amount of 25 million rubles with the project: "Development of a hardware and production complex for high-tech production of modern formwork systems".
In total, the winners of these programs will receive 31.5 million rubles from the Innovation Assistance Fund for the implementation of their projects, as well as funding for acceleration.
Read more on the foundation's website https://fasie.ru /.
For more information, please contact ANO "Agency of Innovations of the Rostov Region" by phone +7 (961) 293-46-95 or by mail rostov@fasie.ru .
Read more in the source: https://www.donland.ru/news/16370/

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