Highly-Functional Material World Osaka 2018

International exhibition of functional materials, Japan, Osaka

Time: 09.05.2018 - 11.05.2018

Location: Japan, Osaka

International exhibition of advanced functional materials and innovative components and products are Highly-Functional Material World Osaka 2018.

It is a complex event that includes: - FilmTech Osaka 2018 - exhibition of technologies for production and application of multifunctional films; - Plastic Osaka 2018 - exhibition of highly functional plastics - Ceramics Osaka 2018 - exhibition of ceramic industry; - Metal Osaka 2018 - an exhibition of functional metal; - Joining Osaka 2018 - exhibition adhesives and technology connections; - Coating Osaka 2018 - a new exhibition of highly functional coatings. The visitors will be presented new high-polymeric, functional, intellectual and other chemical materials and products for various industrial sectors, including energy, electronics, information and communication technology, automotive, Bioscience, environmental protection, etc.

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