Hackathons on artificial intelligence will be held in all regions of Russia until 2024

A large-scale Russian project to create hackathons and popularize artificial intelligence exceeded expectations by one and a half times in terms of the number of participants, federal departments and regions actively joined it. This was announced by the director of the Department of Strategic Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Economic Development Rustam Tikhonov at a press conference in TASS dedicated to the results of the project in 2021.

In the period from June to November, 10 hackathons were held, where 14 cases were delivered, for which 1.5 thousand participants offered 142 AI solutions. This competition is the first and largest AI project in Russia. The organizer was the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the operator is ANO "Russia - the land of opportunities". The organizing partner of the competition was the Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC).

"On the one hand, our goal is to popularize technologies, on the other hand, to give young teams the opportunity to prove themselves, as well as to work with the tasks that federal executive authorities and companies face. From our point of view, this is a unique experience," said Rustam Tikhonov. According to him, the mission of this project is not only the creation of an AI community throughout the country and overcoming the shortage of personnel, but also real assistance to the state in solving social problems.

"Using the example of our project, we see that today many relevant ministries need the help of young specialists in the field of artificial intelligence, data analysis and other highly loaded areas. The figures speak for themselves: out of 14 cases, 8 were delivered by federal agencies. The tasks were very diverse: from fighting poachers and forest fires to protecting rare animals and even saving lives with the help of artificial intelligence," said the director of the Department of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The regions, among others, acted as the case holder. For example, within the framework of the 7th hackathon, the Ministry of Finance of Chuvashia set the task of creating a favorable urban environment. "The fact that within the framework of the seventh hackathon, for the first time, the region acted as a case holder shows the confidence in the project on the part of regional governments," Rustam Tikhonov believes.

In total, 116 hackathons on artificial intelligence are planned to be held within the framework of the project in the period from 2021 to 2024: 85 regional, 24 district and 7 international, as well as 85 lectures from leading domestic AI specialists.

Source: https://economy.gov.ru/material/news/hakatony_po_iskusstvennomu_intellektu_proydut_vo_vseh_regionah_rossii_do_2024_goda.html

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