Free webinar " 6 main questions about technology transfer"

Judging by the number of patents issued annually, there are about 100 000 enthusiasts who want to promote their developments both in the Russian and international market.

Predalagem understand what is included in the gradual promotion of scientific and technical development on the market and to develop the necessary tools for this, together with an expert on commercialization of R & d and technology transfer Vladimir Antonets.

July 25 at 19.00 will be a free webinar " 6 main questions about technology transfer"  

On the webinar you will get answers to the following questions: 

Question 1. Technology transfer and its economic meaning. The lost word "innovation".

Question 2. Transfer levels. Turnkey Assembly, localization, re-design, creation of new products.

Question 3. Transfer participants, their goals and mutual expectations. Barriers of mutual understanding and ways of overcoming.

Question 4. Stages and risks of technology transfer. Packaging technology.

Question 5. R & d in technology transfer. Formation of intellectual property.

Question 6. Finding your place in technology transfer. Identification of key competence. 

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