A large-scale educational project "ABC of digital economy" has started

The Russian society "Znanie "together with the scientific and educational center "MIFI Correspondence school" announces the start of a large-scale educational project "ABC of digital economy".

Students at the introductory lesson will get an idea of the meaning of the concept of "digital economy" and the main guidance documents in the field of digital economy of the Russian Federation. As part of the main series of webinars, participants will be thoroughly acquainted with the technologies of the digital economy: artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain technologies, cloud computing, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of things in order to improve their professional level and gain the opportunity to develop in a new innovative field. The Annex to the letter contains topics and announcements of events.

Each webinar is scheduled twice a day (at 10.00 and 16.00 Moscow time) to give the opportunity to participate to people with different employment and living in different time zones of the Russian Federation.

Participation in the project is free for everyone.

The target audience is:

1. employees of municipalities, ministries and departments responsible for the development of digitalization, education, labor market in the region, as well as employees of the project office for the implementation of the program "Digital economy of the Russian Federation»;

2. students of all levels of education (professional orientation and choice of possible future profession);

3. teachers of schools, colleges and universities (professional development in order to expand the content of educational programs and further attract young people to the digital economy of the Russian Federation);

4. unemployed citizens (choice of a new area for development and training for further employment);

5. experts are aging and exposed to automation occupations (choice of the field of improvement of qualification or retraining to maintain the demand on the labour market). 

Those who wish to take part in the project should register here: https://niyau-mifi-e-org.timepad.ru/event/809253/, which will also be available for information about the time of the webinars and additional materials.

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