Russia can become one of the global leaders in the field of AI, Putin said

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is capable of becoming one of the global leaders in the field of artificial intelligence.

"The most stringent demand is from our departments, corporations, companies with state participation. The most important criterion for their effectiveness is the ability to ensure and strengthen the technological viability of the country. The weight and significance of the work ahead are exceptionally great. We should, I am convinced, be able to become one of the global leaders in the field of artificial intelligence, " Putin said at the artificial intelligence Journey conference.

According to the President, this is a question of the future of the country, its place in the world.

"And we are really able to do this, bearing in mind our national schools in mathematics, physics, other exact Sciences, and in the humanitarian sphere too," the Russian leader said.

He called for a multiple increase in the training of programmers, mathematicians, computer linguists who will be able to fully use the potential of artificial intelligence.

"I want to reiterate, artificial intelligence systems can only be created and capitalized by well — trained, intellectually well-trained people," Putin said.

He added that the creation of learning opportunities is a key factor, so domestic universities and colleges should take a leading position in the field of artificial intelligence.

Freedom for startups

The President compared the development of artificial intelligence with a step into the unknown and going into space.

According to him, this is a bold challenge for talented and passionate people.

"We must ensure maximum freedom for creativity, business initiative, create better conditions, favorable, friendly space for everyone who launches startups, takes risks, brings breakthrough products to the market," the Russian leader stressed.

He said that these people should be sure that they are needed and will receive support in Russia.

Find a balance

Putin also drew attention to the fact that the development of artificial intelligence need to remove unnecessary restrictions.

"For artificial intelligence, real food, fuel."..> are data, arrays of information. <..."We need to give artificial intelligence more data, consistently remove far-fetched barriers to their use," he said.

At the same time, it is necessary to observe the safety of citizens, the President of Russia is sure.

"The line is very thin, we need to find this balance," the head of state said.

To create a set of rules

The Russian leader also proposed to think about the formation of a set of ethical rules for the interaction of artificial intelligence with humans.

He explained that this technology is becoming a new factor of social development, which has an increasing impact on people's daily lives.

"There is a global debate about the social aspects and implications of artificial intelligence. This is a very important topic. It is an obvious fact, " Putin said.

Get rid of bureaucracy

The President expressed confidence that artificial intelligence technologies will help to get rid of the "clumsiness of the bureaucratic machine" and increase the transparency of administrative activities.

"Because only in this case people will see what and how the government does," he said.

The head of state also called to focus the capabilities of artificial intelligence on solving the problems of a particular person, and ultimately to change the whole appearance of the system of public administration.

"Comfortable and safe cities, affordable and high-quality medicine, education, modern logistics and reliable transport system, space exploration, oceans, and finally, the country's defense capability-the development of all these areas largely depends on our success in the field of artificial intelligence now, in the near future," he concluded.

The international forum AI Journey takes place on November 8-9 in Moscow. Its participants will discuss the implementation of the National strategy for the development of artificial intelligence, approved by the President of Russia.