Rostov region - leader in the introduction of digital technologies

The agreement on the development of cooperation in the field of digital transformation was signed today, August 28, by the Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev and the Minister of digital development of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadaev.

The document provides for the introduction of a modern feedback platform with the population, training, methodological support for the organization of the work of the regional management center, which in the Rostov region began to create on August 3.

Using new technologies, residents of the region will be able to send an email address on a specific topic, attaching a photo or video. Over the course of processing applications, tracking of their status, applicants will be able to watch online via upsp. Citizens will also be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the service using reviews.

- The main goal of all this work is simple: anyone with their own problems should be able to directly contact various authorities and get an answer or solution to the issue that concerns them as quickly as possible. The vast majority of life issues people will be able to solve through the portal of public services, - said Vasily Golubev.

To ensure the necessary pace of digitalization, the don is already taking the necessary measures. In particular, the regional center for digital transformation has been created, which will take over the work of ensuring interaction between government departments and public institutions in this area.

- Rostov region is one of the leaders in implementing digital technologies in public administration, providing services, and developing the MFC network. Also, the region is one of the first to introduce a modern feedback platform with the population, - said Maksut shadayev.

We remind that all regions must connect to a single digital platform with a feedback mechanism for reviewing citizens ' requests on the basis of the public services portal by December this year.