Vasily Golubev: “The southern SEC will connect the economic potential of our region with science”

On December 5, Governor Vasily Golubev held the first meeting of the Supervisory Board of the southern scientific and educational center. The Executive bodies of the center were approved: the governing Council and seven committees that will develop promising areas of science.

Southern SEC is considered as a leading platform for innovative development of the region, the head of the region stressed.

- The national project "Science", which is being implemented today, is of fundamental importance for the development of the economy of the regions and the country. It is no coincidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin, communicating with the scientific community, focuses on this topic. Today we have taken the first step towards the implementation of the project. The southern REC should connect the economic potential of our region with science. The result of this link will be breakthrough solutions that will consolidate the leading position of the Rostov region in the future, - said Vasily Golubev.

The southern research and education center consists of 12 universities, seven research institutions and 21 industrial partners. The combination of science and industrial enterprises will allow faster introduction of innovative developments of scientists into production.

The Council was presented with proposals of universities for the development of priority areas of UNOC. Among them are biological and medical engineering, genetics in agriculture, digital transformation of the industrial complex and financial processes, and others. The most promising ones will be determined for further work after the expert selection.

The Supervisory Board decided until March 1 to form an application for participation of the southern scientific and educational center in the competitive selection of the Ministry of education and science of Russia for state support in the framework of the national project "Science".