2020 - Vasily Golubev: "Center for digital transformation created on Don"

Governor Vasily Golubev announced the creation of an important link in the "digital vertical" - the center for digital transformation – during the opening ceremony of the first hackathon of the all-Russian competition.

The head of the region launched the first hackathon of the semi-final of the all-Russian competition "Digital breakthrough" of the presidential platform "Russia-the land of opportunities".

2020 - Rostov region - leader in the introduction of digital technologies

The agreement on the development of cooperation in the field of digital transformation was signed today, August 28, by the Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev and the Minister of digital development of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadaev.

The document provides for the introduction of a modern feedback platform with the population, training, methodological support for the organization of the work of the regional management center, which in the Rostov region began to create on August 3.