06 august, 13:31

XVI scientific conference "Improving legislation and enforcement practices in the field of legal protection, defense and use of results of intellectual activity" (Moscow)

Since the 10th to the 11th October 2012 will be the XVI Scientific Conference on “Improving legislation and enforcement practices in the field of legal protection, defense and use of results of intellectual activity" in Moscow.
30 july, 15:05

XIII Russian Venture Fair will be held in Irkutsk

We invite you to participate as an exhibitor collective exhibition of Rostov Region in XIII Russian Venture Fair holding in Irkutsk on the 20th – the 21st of September, 2012.
18 july, 09:59

XII International Business Forum will be held on the Don EC "VertolEkspo" platform

The 13th -15th of September, 2012 in related to celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Rostov Region on the EC "VertolEkspo» platform will be XII International Business Forum on the Don.
05 july, 08:30

Legal regulationof innovation of Russian Federation

03 july, 08:23

Informational and consultation Center

22 june, 10:05

The best Don Innovations 2012

Department of investment and entrepreneurship of Rostov Region declares the annual carrying out competition “The best Don Innovations”. The competition is held among the innovation subjects registered and operating on the territory of the Rostov region. The application deadline is the 8th of August, 2012 at Rostov-on-Don, 112 Socialisticheskaya Street, (the building of the Government of the Rostov region), 837. Contact phones are (863) 240-11-90, (863) 240-29-43.
08 june, 10:25

National Youth Forum "Seliger-2012"

Date: since the 1st of July to the 2nd  of August, 2012Location: Lake Seliger, Tver region
10 may, 11:18

Project "The Interactive communicative Internet portal"

International Center of Innovation and Investment (MTSII) offers cooperation in the project "Interactive communicative Internet portal".
19 december, 12:32

Press conference of Director of Investment and Entrepreneurship of Rostov Region, Tatyana Nikolaevna Snitko

    Resolution of the Government of approved long-term program of innovative development of the Rostov region for 2012-2015 gody.Eto our document, in which the policy will be built in the region in innovation for the next 4 years.

Draft program was conducted by the Department since March. The project is available to all on the Internet on the official website of the Rostov region, repeatedly submitted for public hearings, been agreed by all ministries and departments.

The total amount of funding for 2012 2015gody from the regional budget will be more than 336 million rubles. The main goal - to create conditions to ensure the system of economic transition to innovative development and sustainable growth of the gross regional product.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the clusters for the excellent presentation of their priorities.

This year, under the regional authorities have established working groups to introduce innovative products and innovations, formed of representatives from government, the business community and science.

In the end, we held a contest among the subjects of innovation and reward the best of the best prizes. The winners of the title of "Best Innovation of the Don", which they can use the information and promotional purposes.

What awaits us in the new innovation in the near future?

In the next 3 years in the Rostov region will nanotechnology center to be established in cooperation with RUSNANO, Southern Federal University, Russian and foreign investors.

For the commercialization of innovative ideas in the Rostov region will create the first regional technology parks.

Together with JSC "Russian Venture Company" plans to create seed investment fund, Rostov region.

We plan to build a more constructive relationship with the subjects of innovation, and our innovators and inventors.

Traditionally be a contest for companies "Best Innovation of the Don." A new competition, which will also be the annual - for individual inventors and innovators with the award winners of the prizes, which they can use to further promote their inventions.

Innovative potential of the Rostov region will be presented in an innovative direction cancers events in Russia and abroad.

18 december, 12:41

Videos about Rostov Region clusters