25 march, 11:58

From 25 to 29 March 2020, the PALEXPO exhibition complex will host the international exhibition INVENTIONS GENEVA (Switzerland)

The purpose of the event is to promote the development of the intellectual property market; to promote the commercialization of innovations and the meeting of inventors with investors.
02 march, 10:24

The third stream of the educational program "Industrial technoparks: creation and management of activities" has been opened

The Association for the development of clusters and technoparks of Russia, within the framework of the national project "Small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and support for individual entrepreneurial initiative", has opened a set for the third stream of the educational program "Industrial technoparks: creation and management of activities", which will be held from March 2 to March 19, 2020.
18 february, 11:13

The possibility of creating a high-tech Don Technopark is being considered

On Friday, February 14, a round table was held in Taganrog on the topic "Creating a high-tech Technopark in the Rostov region". The event was chaired by Herman Lopatkin, head of the regional Ministry of communications. It was attended by representatives of the Ministry, the public Council, the regional development Corporation, the city administration, it companies, the it Council, and others.
16 february, 11:58

The 12th international middle East invention exhibition IIFME will be held in Kuwait city, Kuwait from 16 to 19 February 2020.

The SIIF international exhibition of inventions IS an international innovative exhibition event organized by the Kuwait Science club in conjunction with the international salon of inventions in Geneva.
02 february, 18:54

International exhibition of intellectual property, inventions, innovations and technologies IPITEX 2020

In the period from 02 to 06 February 2020 in Bangkok (Thailand) will be held the international exhibition of intellectual property, inventions, innovations and technologies IPITEX 2020 in the framework of Invertors Day 2020.
31 january, 09:36

Competition of innovative creativity for schoolchildren

Applications for participation in the contest of children's scientific and technical works "SHUSTRIK" are accepted until March 22, 2020. The competition is organized By the Foundation for promoting innovation, the Association of innovative regions of Russia, the CMIT project office, the SKOLKOVO innovation center, the Lanat Moscow state University science school, and the Moscow state University science Park. The operator in the Rostov region is ANO "FIRON" in partnership with the don state technical University and the Southern Federal University.
17 december, 18:35

Don innovators became the winners of the competition in the field of digital economy

On December 11, at the boiling Point of RSEU RINH, the winners of the "UMNIK" competition of the innovation promotion Fund within the framework of the national project "Digital economy" were awarded. The project is implemented with the support of the government of the Rostov region. In June 2019, eight digital directions of the competition were opened: "UMNIK Neftegaz", "UMNIK Digital metallurgy", "UMNIK Sberbank", "UMNIK MTS", "UMNIK VR", "UMNIK electronics", "UMNIK Digital breakthrough", "UMNIK Digital Russia".
17 december, 18:35

Educational organizations of the don will receive significant funds in 2020

December 12, at a meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region adopted the law "On the regional budget for 2020 and the planning period of 2021 and 2022". Thus, within the framework of the national project "Education" for the development of the industry in 2020, significant funds were attracted from the Federal and regional budgets. More than 228 million rubles are provided for the introduction of digital educational environment in schools and vocational education institutions. Two centers of digital education of children "It-Cuba" in Rostov-on-don and Volgodonsk will start working to teach students programming, network administration, mobile development. More than 13 million rubles will be allocated for these purposes.
17 december, 18:34

The international standard of Smart city indicators was approved with the participation of the Russian Federation

According to the ISO/IEC profile working group on standardization of Smart cities, the first international standard defining the indicators of information and communication systems that underlie the implementation and evaluation of Smart cities projects was approved. Experts of the Russian Federation from the Technical Committee "Cyber-physical systems" on the basis of RVC participated in all stages of its development as co-editors.
11 december, 09:13

VI Annual national exhibition “VUZPROMEXPO-2019”

From 11 to 12 December 2019 in Moscow is held the VI Annual national exhibition "VUZPROMEXPO-2019". The theme of the exhibition – "VUZPROMEXPO-2019 – Science. Education. Economy."