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Reviews of graduates of the second stream of the program " HR as a business partner"

In this issue, presenter Rita Mitrofanova and Director of the HSE center for scientific and technological forecasting Alexander Chulok discussed how digital technologies have become a part of our lives in 2019, and also predicted how the situation will change in the new year 2020.

Pure Cybernetics today is a control theory in mathematics. The simplest example that everyone always cites is the thermostat, says Mikhail Burtsev, head of the MIPT neural networks and deep learning laboratory, head of the iPavlov NTI project, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences.


Business trends 2019 conference in SKOLKOVO: Technological innovations and economic context 04.02.2019

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New technologies at Skolkovo Robotics 2019 03.05.2019

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Open innovations-2019 in SKOLKOVO. Startups of young engineers 30.10.2019

Five new products from SKOLKOVO 2018 | Review 01.11.2019

Schneider Sergey Borisovich-Vice-President of the chamber of Commerce of the Rostov region. The theme of the video consultation: Support of innovative activities of the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Rostov region.

Brink Ivan Yurievich-President of NP ITC "INTECH-don". The topic of the video consultation: Promotion of innovative entrepreneurship in the Rostov region NP ITC "INTECH-don" and comparative analysis of intellectual property rights protection in Russia and abroad.

Inna Shevchenko-Vice-Rector for organization of scientific, design and innovation activities of the southern Federal University. The theme of the video consultation: Support and development of innovative entrepreneurship of the Rostov region by the Southern Federal University.

Zagoruiko Irina Vladimirovna-Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the V convocation Member of the faction "United Russia". The topic of the video consultation: Regulatory support for innovative business in the Russian Federation and in the Rostov region.

Deputy General Director of NP "ERTSIR RO" Izotov Mikhail Alexandrovich. The topic of the video consultation "Supporting innovators from ERCER RO"

Acting Vice-rector for research and ID DSTU Lukyanov Alexander Dmitrievich. The theme of the video consultation "Innovative infrastructure of DSTU-provided opportunities for use"

Creation and functioning of a small innovative enterprise

General Director of the interregional center of Rospatent A. G. Kravchuk. Topic of the video consultation " issues of patent search organization"







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