It's time to create in Russia united virtual university parks

It is well known that the majority of Russian universities do not constitute a campus, its are located in the city, do not have a free area, green park areas surrounding them, etc. All of this does not allow the territory of one of the university to deploy a traditional university industrial park, or at least the business incubator as is done abroad. There is university technology parks built in the university, in an impressive area are ten or more hectares. In Russia it's impossible.

We need to take into account that the objective reality that housing Russian universities leaves much to be desired, and it is not attractive in terms of settling in it, for example, foreign scientists and entrepreneurs.

We must not forget that, in some cases, departments, laboratories, research institutes and design schools in the country are located at a considerable distance from each other. In addition, most Russian universities have very limited financial and material resources. These and other constraints are not conducive to the creation of technology parks in the Russian universities Western model.

In view of the above, in Russia by creating a backbone technology parks in universities must be a way of establishing joint virtual university parks, base their activity on the ability of several universities, located not only in a specific city, but also in different regions, and even abroad.

Thus was created in 1990, the first technology park in the country - Tomsk industrial park, which brings together the three largest universities in the city, Tomsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Association of the industrial enterprises of Tomsk region and the regional executive. This path was passed creating the Saratov industrial park "Saratov Volga" and other parks in Russia. But then these combined technology parks were "crumbling" and turn into a local university technology parks, based its activities on the possibility of a weak institution. Practice has shown that this way of university parks was ineffective, leading to the formation of "dwarf" university parks, inferior in all parameters to their foreign counterparts.

The purpose of creating a virtual joint industrial park - improving the efficiency and practical orientation conducted in universities, RD founders, accelerated promotional activity, promotion of private firms and companies established in the direct and indirect involvement of teachers, scientists, engineers and students of universities and research institutes and KB.

Shukshunov V.E. is the President of "Technopark", Honored Science and Technology of Russian Federation, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Senin A.A. is the Expert of the Association "Technopark"