The main programs of The Fund for the promotion of innovation

In order to facilitate the development of the Russian scientific and innovative sphere of the state policy of development and support of small enterprises in scientifically-technical sphere at the Federal level, there is the Fund of assistance to development of small forms of enterprises in scientific - technical sphere.

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The program "UMNIK" involves financing the development (to the level of commercial application) of some scientific and technical ideas for two years. The amount of funding is 200 thousand rubles annually. Selection for the first and second year of participation in the program is carried out on a competitive basis.


The main goal of the program "UMNIK" is to identify young scientists who seek to realize themselves through innovative activities, and to stimulate the mass participation of young people in scientific, technical and innovative activities through organizational and financial support for innovative projects.

Participants of the Program can be individuals from 18 to 28 years inclusive (usually students, graduate students, young researchers), selected at accredited events of the program. Every year from 1000 projects are selected across the country.

The number of prizes is not determined in advance and depends on the quality level of each work and the ability of the selection participant to present his project.

The decision to continue participation (transition to the second year) is made by the Expert Council, taking into account the results of the program participant's work during the first year and subject to the fulfillment of all the requirements of the Program.


The "Start" program is primarily aimed at enterprising researchers who want to create a sustainable business based on their innovative ideas.

Projects are financed in the form of grants to legal entities, competitions are held on a regular basis throughout the year. Applications are considered as they are received approximately within 3-4 months from the date of filing.

The purpose of the program is the state support of small innovative enterprises seeking to develop and master the production of new goods, products, technologies or services using the results of their scientific and technological research, which are at the initial stage of development and have a great potential for commercialization.


The Fund of assistance to development of small forms of enterprises in scientific-technical sphere in accordance with the decree of the Russian Government from 25.09.14 No. 981 and the order of the Ministry of economic development dated 27.10.2014 No. 680 is holding a contest "Commercialization", which aims at providing grants in the form of subsidies to Finance costs associated with the implementation of innovative projects, the results of which have the prospect of commercialization, with the exception of the costs of performing research, developmental and technological works.

The purpose of the Competition is to provide financial support to small innovative enterprises that have completed R & d and are planning to create or expand the production of innovative products. As a result of the project, the company should significantly increase the volume of sales of innovative products and increase the number of jobs.

Grants are granted to small innovative enterprises that have passed a competitive selection for the right to receive a grant, in the amount of not more than 15 million rubles, subject to 100% co-financing from own and (or) attracted funds of third parties.

Entrepreneurs without formation of a legal entity and legal entities operating for at least a year, meeting the criteria for classification as a small business entity in accordance with the Federal law of 24.07.2007 No. 209-FZ, who submitted applications with the application of the necessary documents in the information system of the Fund, can participate in the Competition.

Enterprises should have their own scientific, technical and financial history, occupy their niche in the market. Special attention will be paid to enterprises that are the most promising in terms of import substitution and increasing domestic demand.

Evaluation of projects is carried out according to the following criteria: scientific and technical level of the product underlying the project; prospects for implementation, commercial implementation of the created product; socio-economic effect of the project.

The project should be based on a qualified market analysis and a well-developed business plan. Projects should contain a clearly stated scientific and technical component based on intellectual property owned by a small enterprise-the applicant. The project should specify the ways and means of commercialization of scientific ideas, justified the commercial effect of the project.


The purpose of the Program is to involve small businesses to create and / or upgrade high-tech production of large manufacturing companies.

Requirement for Program participants


– the Russian company which operates not less than 1 year and meets criteria of small business according to the Federal law No. 209-FZ of 24.07.2007.


- a Russian company that meets the criteria of a medium-sized enterprise in accordance with Federal law No. 209-FZ of 24.07.2007 and is larger;

- has a sales network for successful commercialization of R&D results;

- has the ability to provide parity financing for the commercialization of R & d results from extrabudgetary sources.

Program implementation

1. The initiator submits an application for the formation of the theme of the lot and the terms of reference for the development of R & d for a period of implementation up to 24 months.

2. The Fund considers the application, approves and announces a competition according to No. 44-FZ of 05.04.2013 for the financing of the Contractor.

3. A competition is held and the Performer is determined.

4. There is a contract for budget financing for a period of not more than two years and in the amount of not more than 20 million rubles. Payments are made in four tranches every six months, subject to the submission of previous reports on R & d and Finance.

5. The initiator provides parity financing in the amount of at least 20 million rubles for the commercialization of the project (equipment, marketing, testing, training of people, certification, etc.all except R & d).

6. The initiator within 5 years after the end of financing under the Program provides a report to the Fund on the status of sales of the developed products. 

Application criteria

The Initiator's application for the formation of the theme of the lot and the technical task for the development of R & d should provide: access to new markets, the possibility of import substitution and / or export potential, and / or modernization of production.

The initiator of the project can simultaneously submit no more than two applications with a technical task for R & d within the Program.

The amount of funding - up to 20 million rubles. the Term of implementation of projects - up to 24 months.

The program is permanent. Applications will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Updated: July 2021