Within a month, 400 students from 75 regions of Russia completed the online accelerator program of the Rukami project of the NTI Circle movement

The listening rate was 70% , with an average of 10 to 30% for similar courses.

At the end of June, the online accelerator of The rukami project of the NTI Circle movement for the organizers of technology circles was completed. From may 26 to June 28, more than 200 online sessions, seminars, lectures and individual meetings with experts, trainers and mentors were organized, dedicated to online tools for circles, exchange of best practices, formation of topics for NTI circles, creation and development of technology circles. More than 400 people from 75 regions of Russia took part in the program to transform clubs from offline to online format.

Using the accelerator, participants were able to find a new approach to their activities, taking into account the restrictions faced by all additional education in the spring and summer. A few days after the program, accelerator graduates launch online camps, conduct master classes and marathons online, and develop new educational products. And what is important — they unite in interregional teams and projects to offer their students new formats of interaction and involvement. For example, the Eurikum talent development center from Kirov plans to create online products together with the Kalashnikov Academy from Udmurtia, and also builds joint training tracks with colleagues from Magnitogorsk, Khabarovsk and Yekaterinburg.

The audience had a clear plan of how to act in the coming months.

"The accelerator helped me to look at the organization and work of the internal structure of the circle from a different angle when switching to online," says Anatoly Bragin, Director of the Institute named after academician E. M. Dianov, Republic of Mordovia. — In the next 2-3 months, I plan to implement a lot in my activities — to introduce Analytics, optimization, promotion and packaging in online educational services."

In order for students to quickly and effectively change their business development strategy, the program was designed with three important principles in mind.

First, there was an opportunity for group work and constant contact between participants and experts: specific questions were discussed in groups from the organizers of the circles, and useful practices were discussed from the participants themselves.

Secondly, we managed to put a rich program in a short period of 12 days for 2-3 hours daily. To do this, participants were offered simple, clear steps and a daily incentive to apply their knowledge in practice.

Third, there was individual feedback from mentors and accelerator experts, who at each stage of the program helped students get answers to their questions.

"Over a month, more than 400 people became participants of the accelerator. They joined us to learn how to work online and continue classes with students during the forced closure of the usual sites. We see the results of the course immediately. Many participants have already developed and launched new online products. There are also those who, having met colleagues from other regions, have created joint projects. I am sincerely glad that despite the difficult circumstances of this year, the organizers of the circles were able to find a new vector of development for themselves, — says Natalia smelkova, rukami project Manager and Director of the project support Center for talent development of the National technology initiative (NTI) in RVC JSC. — I also want to thank the experts and mentors of the course — without their help, we would not have been able to organize such a useful course and achieve impressive results!".

Source: https://www.rvc.ru/press-service/news/company/156433/

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