The pandemic will go away, the search will remain Dmitry Medvedev urged residents of SKOLKOVO to look wider

There are more than 2,000 startups in SKOLKOVO's portfolio to date, and they are showing steady growth: last year, revenue increased by 45 percent to 100 billion rubles. Such data was provided on Thursday by the Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, at a meeting with startup leaders of the SKOLKOVO innovation center.

The dialogue was held via videoconference and focused on the fight against coronavirus and overcoming its consequences. "The pandemic, unfortunately, is far from over," the Deputy head of the security Council stated, and as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, he thanked the participants of the meeting and the teams they lead for their effective participation in the fight against the spread of infection and the creation of means of protection. 

Many tasks, according to Medvedev, had to be solved in a state "close to an emergency", including organizing remote interaction in medicine, education, and information security. The results didn't come by themselves, but they are there. 

There is a drug that is currently being tested for future use. Express tests were created - they were also used by SKOLKOVO residents. There are technologies for remote learning that are particularly relevant now, and a number of other products, Dmitry Medvedev reminded. 

Regulatory procedures for innovative products of the SKOLKOVO center are proposed to be relaxed

The heads of innovative companies "Cromis" (development of a Russian drug for the treatment of COVID-19), "rapid Bio" (development of Express tests), "Anisoprint" (creation of a unique technology for printing three-dimensional parts made of composite materials with mechanical characteristics higher than that of metal) shared their counter-assessments and suggestions), Vision labs (products and solutions in the field of face and object recognition, augmented and virtual reality), Oncodiagnostics Atlas (breast cancer diagnostics based on the analysis of circulating blood DNA), "Intelligent security" (Security Vision, Russian it platform designed for automation of information security), " Big three "(digital platform "waste Management"), and others.

Paying tribute to the residents of SKOLKOVO for their active participation in the fight against the pandemic, Dmitry Medvedev did not fail to remind that this does not detract from the importance and demand for innovative breakthroughs in other areas. The field of scientific and technological search remains as wide as before. 

Responding to one of the direct appeals to him, the Deputy Chairman of the security Council of the Russian Federation promised to apply for easing of regulatory procedures for new products that come out of SKOLKOVO.


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