The final of the "UMNIK" program of the innovation promotion Fund will be held in Rostov-on-don

On December 10, 2020, the final of the program "smart GUY" of the innovation promotion Fund in Rostov-on-don will be held with the support of the government of the Rostov region.

The UMNIK program is an opportunity for young innovators to implement their own innovative project. Students, postgraduates and young scientists aged 18 to 30 can take part in the competition. The main preference in the competition is given to commercially-oriented scientific projects, the creators of which receive a grant of 500,000 rubles for a period of 2 years.

- During 2020, the region held nine semi-final selections of innovative projects in the cities of Rostov-on-don, Novocherkassk, Shakhty, Zernograd, Taganrog and the village of Persianovsky. In total, 162 applications were submitted from the Rostov region and other regions – - explained the head of the representative Office in the Rostov region of the innovation promotion Fund Anna Pushenko.

The winners of the semifinals passed a mandatory depersonalized examination procedure in other regions, in which candidates and doctors of science in the relevant disciplines additionally evaluated the scientific novelty of each project.

In the final, applications will be reviewed by qualified experts of the competition and evaluated in terms of innovation and prospects for commercialization of the result of research work.

The event will also include a transfer to the second year of funding for the winners of the UMNIK program in 2019.

In total, more than 45 experts - representatives of the Executive authorities of the Rostov region, representatives of business and the scientific community-will hear 82 reports in six areas:

* H1. Digital technologies;

· H2. Medicine and health-saving technologies;

· H3. New materials and chemical technologies ·

* H4. New devices and intelligent production technologies ·

* H5. Biotechnologies ·

* H6. Resource-saving energy.

To participate in the event will be attended by: the Minister of economic development of the Rostov region M. V. Papushenko, the Director of the Rostov branch of OAO "Rostelecom" S. A. Mordasov, the curator of the program "UMNIK" in Moscow, the Yaroslavl region, the SFD and FEFD, chief specialist of Department of support of projects of the Fund for the promotion of innovation T. M. Alesina, head of representative office in Rostov region Foundation for the promotion of innovation A. V. Pushenko, Director of ANO "FIRON" I. S. Sengi, representatives of the business community and Executive authorities of the region.

The competition will feature an exhibition of projects.

The final will be held in a face-to-face and remote format at the address: 30 M. Nagibin Ave., Rostov-on-don.

If you have any questions about participating as a guest of the event, please call the Foundation's representative Office in the Rostov region: 8 961 293 46 95.

The organizing Committee also invites information partners to participate.

Applications for accreditation are accepted by e-mail of the Foundation's representative office in the Rostov region: The application must specify the name of the media, the full name of the journalist and their contact phone number.

Reference information. The main goal of the "UMNIK" program is to identify young scientists who seek to self-actualize through innovative activities, and to encourage mass participation of young people in scientific, technical and innovative activities through organizational and financial support for innovative projects.

The UMNIK program involves financing the development (to the level of commercial application) of a certain scientific and technical idea for two years. The amount of funding is 500 thousand rubles over two years. Selection for the first and second year of participation in the program is carried out on a competitive basis.

Individuals from 18 to 30 years of age (usually students, postgraduates, young researchers) selected at accredited events of the program can become participants of the program. Every year, from 1000 projects are selected across the country.

The number of prizes is not determined in advance and depends on the quality of each work and the ability of the selection participant to present their project.


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