The final of the program "UMNIK" in Rostov-on-don!

10 December 2020 in Rostov-on-don in full-time and remote format Dalexpocentr was the final of the program "UMNIK" Fund of assistance to innovation with the support of the Government of the Rostov region.

The UMNIK program is an opportunity for young innovators to implement their own innovative project. Students, postgraduates and young scientists aged 18 to 30 can take part in the competition. The main preference in the competition is given to commercially-oriented scientific projects, the creators of which receive a grant of 500,000 rubles for a period of 2 years.

During 2020, semi-final selections of innovative projects were held in the region. A total of 162 applications from the Rostov region and other regions were submitted for the competition, and 70 projects passed to the final, where they were reviewed by qualified experts of the competition and evaluated in terms of innovation and prospects for commercialization of the result of research work.

In total, more than 40 experts: representatives of the Executive authorities of the Rostov region and business reviewed competitive applications in 6 areas:

● H1. Digital technologies;

● H2. Medicine and health-saving technologies;

● H3. New materials and chemical technologies;

● H4. New devices and intelligent manufacturing technologies;

● H5. Biotechnologies;

● H6. Resource-saving energy.

The list of 26 projects recommended for support has been submitted to the competition Commission of the innovation promotion Foundation for approval of the winners.

Deputy Minister of economic development of the Rostov region Yevgeny Doroshenko in his greeting to the conference participants noted the high innovative and inventive potential of the region: "the Rostov region follows global trends and priorities for the development of the Russian economy, including the introduction of innovative technologies in business. We are among the TOP 10 regions of Russia in terms of the number of patent applications filed and patents for inventions received. In 2019, 765 patent applications were filed – this is the 1st place in the number and 34 % in the total volume of patent applications in the southern Federal district. To a large extent, we owe these achievements to the existing infrastructure for supporting innovators in the Rostov region – the Rostov region innovation Agency, 6 My business centers, and 6 boiling Points. The innovation Agency successfully works together with The representative office of the innovation promotion Fund. The amount of grant support for don innovators increases annually. In 2018-2019, the amount of funds raised amounted to 421.0 million rubles. In 2020, the amount of grants received is already about 180.0 million rubles. Working with "talents", creating a flow of innovative projects and stimulating demand for them is one of the most important tasks for the implementation of the National technology initiative in the Rostov region."

Sergey Mordasov, Director of the Rostov branch of Rostelecom, Chairman of the regional expert jury of the UMNIK program in the Rostov region, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech: "the fact that Rostov-on-don has been awarded the honorary status of the IT capital of the region indicates a competent strategy for the development of the region on the don. It demonstrates the balance of key growth factors: infrastructure and human capital. A base is being created for the implementation of innovative ideas of digital transformation in the region, which are born just at such competitions as "UMNIK" and "Digital breakthrough". I am sure that together we will have to make many more confident steps to form the digital landscape of our don region."

"The winners of the UMNIK program are selected in the Rostov region, starting in 2007. Over 13 years, 455 young innovators in the region have received grant support totaling more than 190 million rubles. In 2020, the Rostov region organized not only the regional selection under the UMNIK program, but also the selection under the national program "Digital economy of the Russian Federation", demonstrating high activity of young scientists. I am glad that, despite the difficult epidemiological situation, the final selection will be held, according to the results of which the Foundation will provide each winner with grant support in the amount of 500 thousand rubles. for project realization", -said the curator of the program "UMNIK" in Moscow, Yaroslavl region, SFD and FEFD Fund for the promotion of innovation Tatiana Jalapeno.

Inna Sergeevna Shengof, Director of ANO FIRON, told about the new project for our region "don innovation Laboratory": "The main task of the project is to promote innovative projects in obtaining support from development institutions. Since March of this year, 176 applications have been submitted for participation in this project, although we expected only 150. A course of training lectures was prepared for the participants of the Laboratory, which helped to strengthen their applications in case of participation in grant programs. Initially, we planned an offline format, but the fact that we changed it to online allowed us to attract high-class lecturers and practitioners from the state corporations rostec and Gazprom-Neft, the companies Inostudio solutions, the Federal state RESEARCH Institute "SPETSVUZAVTOMATIKA", "Web2print" and others. Lecturers explained to participants how to find value for the consumer, understand competitors and the industry, see competitive advantages, interact with state corporations, and calculate the project economy. Also, it is worth noting that 20 participants of the Laboratory received free training in the Solertia pre-accelerator for grantees of the UMNIK program, which we conduct together with the southern Federal University."

Anna Vitalievna Pushenko, head of the Rostov region Representative office of the innovation promotion Foundation, noted that today the expert Council faces a difficult task: try to imagine projects not as they are now, but as they will become in 3-5 years and answer the question of how likely they, as investors, would then Finance these developments, how good are the project ideas, possible business models and prospects of the developers themselves, future founders of startups. The best projects will receive grants next year, so that, thanks to this initial support, they can "reach" investors and consumers in the future.

Anton Sergeevich Alekseev, adviser To the Governor of the Rostov region, declared the event open: "Innovations and new ideas are an important component of the progress of our society. Obviously, it is necessary to continue to increase the pace of support for young talents. It is pleasant to note that the Rostov region today demonstrates advanced results in attracting Federal funding using the example of the innovation assistance Fund program "UMNIK" - this forms a Foundation for the development of the region and is one of the examples of great work that lead to such positive results as the status of the it capital of Russia for Rostov-on-don received in December this year!".

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