Special representative of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov told Vladimir Putin about the up Great technology competitions

On July 9, during a meeting of the ASI Supervisory Board, Dmitry Peskov, special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for digital and technological development, presented the concept of up Great technology competitions. The competitions were initiated by RVC, ASI and the SKOLKOVO Foundation as part of the National technology initiative.

Up Great technology competitions are a new format for open engineering competitions in Russia, where teams are invited to find breakthrough solutions to the most complex technological problems on a global scale. The winner of the competition receives a large cash prize for demonstrating a clear and repeatable solution to the competition task in front of an expert jury and the General public.

"One of our goals is to overcome technological barriers. For this purpose, a new format was developed — technology competitions with a cash prize. This is when money is not given out for research or R & d, but is a reward for overcoming the technological barrier. If you have invested your own money and overcome the barrier in real time, then you will receive this prize," Dmitry Peskov, special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for digital and technological development, Director of the "Young professionals" direction of the ASI, told the members of the Supervisory Board of the ASI.

He cited the example of the "Winter city" competition, which allowed us to practice technologies and infrastructure for using driverless cars in difficult weather conditions:

"During the competition, an interesting thing happened — the world's first traffic jam of driverless cars. As a result, we had to stop the competition for several hours, since this situation was not predicted by anyone. As long as you have one drone from the same manufacturer on the streets, everything is fine. When there are several of them, then there is a situation that can only be felt live, in battle. This is why the system that we are creating today allows us to formulate new rules and new conditions."

According to Dmitry Peskov, the system of technological competitions will be significantly developed in the future.

"We are currently holding several competitions, in particular, a competition for creating technologies to develop "clean zones" to fight the virus, creating an assistant for a school teacher to check essays using artificial intelligence, " he said.

The first series of up Great technology competitions in the field of unmanned transport and hydrogen energy "Winter city" and "First element" were completed in 2019. The "Winter city" competition allowed to form a professional community of engineers and developers of unmanned transport in Russia. Five participants of the competition demonstrated their readiness to test their self-driving cars in difficult road and weather conditions in Russian cities. As a result of the "First element" competition, the developers were able to achieve close to record indicators of energy intensity of installations on hydrogen fuel cells for small UAVs. Demonstrated developments allow copters to provide five times longer flight time than traditional batteries. In December 2019, we started accepting applications for a new series of contests Up Great PRO / / READING in the field of artificial intelligence with a prize Fund of 200 million rubles.

Source: https://www.rvc.ru/press-service/news/company/156508/

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