Rostelecom awarded the finalists of the online course "Digital Education"

On December 23, Rostov hosted an online award ceremony for participants of the first season of the course "Digital Education" from Rostelecom. Its main goal is to broaden the horizons and form important professional competencies of the participants.

Over 3 months, more than 800 students of technical and humanitarian specialties attended lectures on 11 topics relevant to the digital economy. Classes were held in a special mobile application "Digital RTK", and experts of Rostelecom acted as lecturers.

Participants scored points for their activity and solving practical cases from Rostelecom and partner companies: Tele2, HeadHunter and Center-Invest Bank.

The finalists were 15 students from SFU, DSTU, MTUCI and Rostov College of Communications and Informatics. According to the director of the Rostov branch of Rostelecom, Sergey Mordasov, each of the winners took part in the award ceremony, received technological prizes and a certificate of completion of the course. In addition, all finalists were invited to an internship at Rostelecom and Center-invest with the possibility of subsequent employment.

- Today, in addition to knowledge, communication and the right experience are important, so we have focused on networking. Participants communicated with each other and directly with employers, had the opportunity to prove themselves in the future. All finalists can already consider themselves winners, because they have received valuable experience and attention from leading companies and the government of the region — " said Sergey Mordasov.

He added that in 2021, the company plans to expand the geography of the project to the entire South of Russia. The educational initiative has already been supported by the Government of the Rostov region.


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