Robotization of business processes 2020-Practical conference

The only large-scale conference in Russia, where all the RPA platforms available in the country, cases for all sectors of the domestic economy are presented on one platform, as well as experts who are ready to answer any question "for" and "against" RPA, in particular, and intelligent automation in General.

Subject: Science and innovation, new technologies

Venue: Palmira Business Club Hotel (Moscow, Russia)

Organizers: Open systems, publishing house

Main topics of the conference:

How to start intelligent enterprise automation

Advantages, limitations and future-integrated intelligent automation platforms

How to evaluate the potential of RPA for your company

Secrets of RPA effectiveness

How to transform a business using RPA, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence

Selection of robotics tools and platforms: Automation Anywhere, AntWorks, Blue Prism, electroNeek, Kofax, Kryon, NICE, PIX Robotics, Pegasystems, ROBIN, Softomotive, UiPath, WorkFusion, etc.

What RPA best practices teach: telecommunications, Finance, retail, logistics, industry, oil and gas, construction, insurance, healthcare, transport, energy, public administration, etc.

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